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Clarisonic Skincare Brush Review

Monday, 24 Aug, 2009

The Clarisonic Skin Care Brush promised to deliver amazing results – glowing and healthy skin because it is able to clean deep using a brush that oscillates at about …

Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion Formula 3

Monday, 24 Aug, 2009

According to the Mary Kay product website the Oil Control Lotion Formula 3 was formulated for oily or acne prone skin, and is capable of helping prevent oil breakthrough and shine for up to eight …

Do I Have Blemish Prone Aging Skin?

Sunday, 23 Aug, 2009

I got this email message recently, “How can my skin be aging, sagging and wrinkling if it’s oily and acne prone? It doesn’t make sense; shouldn’t the oil (lots of it ) keep …

Pumpkin Mask Peel MD

Monday, 28 Jul, 2008

The professional/medical level Pumpkin Mask Peel is administered by a professional aesthecian or dermatologist. It is normally part of a regular facial that is scheduled every six to eight weeks.
The pumpkin mask which smells and …

Aging Skin and Adult Acne

Thursday, 24 Jul, 2008

As an adult woman with acne your skin care concerns are dramatically different than that of a teenager. Adult acne coupled with aging skin means that women need to find specific treatments that will address …

Wrinkle Busting & Acne Clearing Skincare: distressedDERMA Favorites

Thursday, 17 Jul, 2008

{Anti Aging and Clear Skin Products I love }

Derma Doctor Calm, Cool and Corrected has a soothing, calming property that helps reduce the inflamation and redness caused by acne and roscea. Derma Doctor Calm, Cool …

Stressed Skin? Learn to let go and relax.

Friday, 27 Jun, 2008

Your skin is one of the first indicators that something is not quite right with your life. Whether it’s overwhelming pressure at home, the strain of of being overworked by a tyrannical boss or being …

3 Best Waterproof Foundations

Wednesday, 28 May, 2008

It’s swimming weather and once you hit the beach or pool your everyday foundation simply won’t hold up – unless it’s sweat-proof and water-proof. We tried five different waterproof foundations and only three made …

Pretty Skin On Your Wedding Day

Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

Wedding planning is difficult enough without having to fret that your big day will be marred by acne. I’ve compiled a list of six things you can do before your wedding date to get your …

5 Best Cleansers for Oily, Blemished, Aging Skin

Tuesday, 13 May, 2008

There are literally hundreds of facial cleansers on the market. Some of them are great, others leave quite a bit to be desired, but how are you to know which ones are effective? After …