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Acne Care Insanity

I wanted to scream after reading an email sent to me by a reader. He was looking for information on dealing with acne and came across an acne information site that contained horribly erroneous information. Thank goodness he did further research and quickly came to the conclusion that that particular site was dishing out a bunch of garbage that may actually lead to more acne and breakouts. In case you run into that site or any site that contains any of the following information – I suggest you click back FAST.

Here’s the worst offenders from this alleged “source” for acne information:

Wash your face several times a day with an acne cleanser or mild, perfume free soap. Use a pad or cloth and gently scrub your skin. A gentle rubbing ensures that your skins natural oils are not removed. Over rubbing can actually aggravate pimples causing them to become more inflamed and even redder.

NO!!!!!NO!!!!and NO!!! Never ever scrub your skin, gently or otherwise. Scrubbing acne prone skin is a recipe for disaster. Also washing your skin twice or three times a day is good enough. You can exceed that number if you are working out and need to clean the sweat and dirt but other than that it will only aggravate your skin and cause further acne lesions. If you need to wash your skin more than three times a day then do not I REPEAT do not use an acne cleanser – use a non-glycolic cleanser and at the other normal cleansing times use a gentle glycolic cleanser in lieu of an acne cleanser which tends to be irritating and drying. The glycolic cleanser used twice daily will help slough off the dead skin cells which clog and plug your acne prone pores.

The above was the most egregious but the following are quite bad too:

For another quickie pimple fighter, you can reduce swelling, redness, inflammation and irritation by pressing a cotton ball with a little lemon juice on it, or a wet tea bag, for 5 or 6 minutes.

And for another, put a small amount of toothpaste right on the pimple in the morning and before bedtime. The menthol in the toothpaste will help dry pimples out and reduce their redness. Make sure it’s the white paste variety.

The above “cheap at home remedies” are like Old Wives Tales – interesting, promising and completely ineffective (- at least these are). First don’t put lemon or lime or any citrus juice on your skin. These citrus fruit juices will dry your skin out – now with that out of the way lets get down to debunking the myths inherent in these home remedies. First lemon juice will not reduce redness it may actually cause more redness in those with skin sensitivities. Secondly there is no clinical evidence that proves that lemon juice, toothpaste, ice cubes or a wet teabag will help reduce swelling due to acne. The swelling is caused by the P. Acnes bateria as it feast on the sebum and cellular gunk in a clogged pore. So unless those home remedies can push themselves down into the pore then you can forget about killing the bacteria – and without destroying the bacteria the swelling will not be reduced. Oh and while I’m at this debunking business – don’t let anyone tell you that rubbing garlic on your acne will make it better. Trust me I’ve seen that little acne cure gem being pandied about on the internet and I can only imagine the number of poor acne plagued souls who not only have acne to deal with but now smell like pungent garlic.
When you’re searching for acne solutions or acne cures on the internet please take care and don’t fall victim to websites that are selling bad information or crazy untested products like snail slime. If you read something that sounds too good to be true it probably is and you should hit that back button as fast as you can.

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Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 27 September 2007


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    Donald Says:


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    Jessica Says:

    I just wanted to say that the quality of your site is exceptional. On top of all that it really complements the content that is provided by your site….

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    Sharon Says:

    Hi, First of all, I´ve been reading all, aaall your posts, I think they are great!
    Second I was reading about your skin problems, pimples, breakouts, etc., my skin was the same until I tried the phototherapy acne with IPL, INCREDIBLE, my skin is cleaner than ever with just 2 sessions, it kills the bacteria and reduce blemishes in one session, it is really great, its no that cheap (at least here in Spain) but it really works, and you only need few sessions.

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    Krissy Says:

    If you think you have the best acne treatment by washing your face then your wrong. it is good to wash your face twice a day but not more than that because it will just cause more problems. Using soaps and other products with different kinds of chemical more than what should be use is like putting yourself in the place you don’t want to be in. Better consult your dermatologist for the best acne product for your skin rather than use anything that you see from advertisement.

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    Skin health nut Says:

    My acne improved a little when i started washing with moisturiser cream instead of soap… Maybe I had dry skin which was being damaged by too much detergent in the soap.