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I’ve decided to order the Zeno MD even though it was extremely pricey at $200. I read quite a few reviews and the Zeno does sound like it is effective. I hope that it does work for me too. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that all the reviews I found were so wonderful. There were several unhappy Zeno users that didn’t respond to the treatment but they were able to return the Zeno back within thirty days of purchase. So if the Zeno doesn’t work for me I will only be out my shipping fees (both ways I guess) but I am optimistic that this acne treatment will work for me :)

The main reason I decided to give it try was that I wanted to be able to spot treat up and coming blemishes without having to use more chemicals because my skin is already sensitive enough from using the Retin-A Micro. My concern with aging skin should also be addressed by this product since it doesn’t have any negative side-effects like using Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide.

Here’s some information from the manufacturer for those of you who haven’t heard about the Zeno. Essentially it’s an electronic acne clearing device, which works by

[…]harnessing one of the fundamental principles of medicine – using heat to treat bacteria. Tyrell’s proprietary ClearPoint(TM) technology is imbedded in a treatment tip that heats up to 118.5 degrees Fahrenheit for two-and-a-half minutes, and is applied directly to an individual acne pimple. This application generates a heat shock response in the p. acnes bacteria – the form of bacterium that causes most acne outbreaks – killing it and clearing the affected area. In an FDA-reviewed clinical trial, 90 percent of the pimples treated demonstrated improvement or resolution within 24 hours. ( read more about P Ances )

My main problem is hormonally caused cystic acne and before I plunked down $200 of my very hard-earned dollars – I wanted to know if the Zeno could work for me (the Zeno literature specifically states that it isn’t for cystic acne – but I figured someone had to have tried it out). I clicked my way over to Google and did a blog search for Zeno and I quickly found a few blogs that had reviewed the efficacy of the Zeno on hormonal cyst type acne and the reviews were good. One blogger wrote:

I’ve undergone three treatments with the ZENO Acne Clearing Device – Original over the last 30 hours and I’ve found that it does reduce the size of the blemish or better said it prevents the blemish from exploding into an all out angry, ugly red bump. Here’s the short update: two blemishes disappeared, two barely there and then there’s one blemish that doesn’t seem to be responding. (more Zeno review )

A Gadgeteer reviewer wrote:

My experience with the Zeno has been pretty good so far. As I mentioned, I had a angry red bump manifest after receiving the Zeno. The minute I realized I was getting a painful zit, I did the first treatment. I could feel heat from the applicator tip, but it did not feel like it was overly hot or like I was being burned. Instead it was a concentrated warmth more than anything. […]Not long after the second treatment, I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, the bump was now just a red spot. The next day it was gone – with no indication that it had ever been there. GONE!!!!!!!! (more Zeno review)

I am expecting the Zeno some time next week. I’m quite excited and look forward to trying out this product, actually I’m really hoping that it helps clear up my skin. I don’t expect perfect model skin but even a 25% improvement would be wonderful. As soon as I get the Zeno MD I will begin my review and let you know how it works for me.

UPDATE: December 28th 2006 – the Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device product review is now available.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Tuesday, 17 October 2006


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    Kelvin Says:

    So after a month of receiving your Zeno MD? What you think of the product? Did it work for you? I am considering getting 1 myself so I need more feedback before I plonked $200 onto Zeno. Let me know asap thanks!

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    December Skin Care Product Reviews at distressedDERMA Says:

    […] December Skin Care Product Reviews December 28th, 2006 12:15 am written byMs. Distressed Derma and posted in Adult Acne, Reviews The MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser is a creamy cleanser which is extremely gentle and effective. I used the MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser while I was using Retin-A. My skin was extremely sensitive due to the daily use of Retin-A and I dreaded putting any products on my skin – specially cleansers that contained cleansing agents that would cause burning and stinging which eventually would cause my skin to look visibly red and raw. MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser proved to be just the perfect cleanser for me to use while undergoing treatment with Retin-A. (read more: MD Formulations Non-Glycolic Cleanser review ) Many distressedDERMA readers have been emailing me anxiously awaiting my review of the Zeno MD. The overwhelming majority want to know if the Zeno is yet another over-hyped product that really doesn’t work or if it’s the miracle product they’ve been desperately seeking. You can decide if the Zeno MD is for you after you read my December Skin Care Product Review : The Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device has been widely promoted as a powerful tool against acne blemishes. In October I decided to take the plunge and pay the $200 for the Zeno MD. The primary reason I decided to give it a try was that my skin was an absolute mess and I was desperate to clear it up without further damaging it by using irritating products like Retin-A or Benzoyl Peroxide. My hormones were out of wack again (i’ll spare you the female problem side of this story) and toward the end of September and the beginning of October my skin freaked out in a big way. I had awful, really awful clusters of two to three blemishes. Some where little pimples, others were the terribly painful csytic acne variety and they were popping up everywhere. […]

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    Lane Says:

    Just wanted to share my feedback on the Zeno acne device. It is expensive, time consuming and I am underwhelmed. The marketing info doesn’t highlight it, but the literature that comes with the device specifies that Zeno is only for a certain type of acne and isn’t effective on blackheads, whiteheads, cystic acne, etc. I’ve found that there are some MINOR improvements, but I have to zap the zit a lot and then the tip attachment (which is around $35) runs out pretty quickly. I recommend ordering directly from the My Zeno website, as it’s cheaper than other places where I’ve seen it sold.

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    Ms. Distressed Derma Says:

    Hi Lane,

    Thank you for your feedback. I think it’s important that those interested in the Zeno get all the facts. Here is my review:http://distressedderma.com/site-content/product-treatment-reviews/skin-care-products-d-i-y/zeno-md/

    The Zeno definately doesn’t work on whiteheads or blackheads. My personal experience is that it does work on the cystic type of acne as long as I catch it early if not the Zeno is much less effective.

    The other day I had a bump on my chin just under the skin, a few hours after using the Zeno (one application) the bump was gone. By the same token I had a bump develop on my cheek and I ignored it – which was entirely stupid. By the time I applied the Zeno treatment it was too late the bump was an ugly cystic bump.

    I have written in the past that the Zeno is not for individuals who have a serious case of acne but for those of us who have occasional breakouts (from mild to moderate) then the Zeno is a viable option. It is expensive financially and if it doesn’t work it’s devastating but if it does work (as in my case) it’s worth every penny because there is no price I can put on having the confidence to face the world with clear skin – specially at my age.

    You should be able to return your Zeno (if it didn’t meet your needs) if you are within the 30 day window – check with the store you purchased from they should be able to handle the return – if not I’d try contacting the Zeno manufacturer directly as they may be able to help you.

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    Lucy Moore Says:

    Dear Ms. Distressed Derma,

    My name is Lucy Moore and I am with the public relations agency GolinHarris in Los Angeles. We work with a company called Therative who has just introduced a new acne fighting device called ThermaClear. I’m contacting you because I’ve been reading distressedderma.com and I know that you use Zeno regularly, so I thought you might be interested in learning about this innovative product, which is really a competitor. Like Zeno, ThermaClear is an FDA-cleared hand-held device that heals pimples two to four times faster. You apply the tip of the device directly to your skin and it delivers a controlled burst of heat that neutralizes the bacteria causing the pimple. It only takes two seconds twice a day, and it shortens the life of the pimple. (As you know, Zeno takes longer – there are other differences too but I’d rather share them with more space.)

    If you’re interested in learning more and/or sampling ThermaClear, please contact me at the email above or my number is 213-438-8762. I hope to hear from you.

  6. 6

    Marie Aims Says:

    It is interesting that someone from ThermaClear is writing on this blog trying to make it sound like their device works better than Zeno. I was intrigued when I first heard about ThermaClear, so I bought one and tried it. The only thing I can say is that it HURT SO BAD I could NOT hold it on my skin. It felt like someone had “hit me in the face”! I sent it back immediately and had problems with my return. After my experience, I did some research on this device and found out that the temperature it heats up to is 200+ degrees, which is high enough to do serious damage to the skin! Therative is not being honest with consumers by failing to publish this information about how hot it actually gets. The only way I found out how hot ThermaClear gets was by reading a newspaper article. After my experience with ThermaClear, I can say with certainty that Zeno is the best choice.

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    Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device| distressedDERMA Says:

    […] Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device has been widely promoted as a powerful tool against acne blemishes. In October I decided to take the plunge and pay the $200 for the Zeno MD. The primary reason I decided to give […]

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    alex Says:

    You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.

  9. 9

    Stacy Says:

    Marie Aims is right. The reason ThermaClear takes less time is because it uses a higher temperature then ZENO. There might be more cost for Zeno, but it’s more efficient and changing out the tips (which is an added cost) only helps maintain your product by regulating temperature more effectively. Which means bye bye pesky zit!

    I would highly recommend ZENO over ThermaClear!


  10. 10

    Emily Says:

    A week after I started using the ThermaClear, I developed rosacea. This may have been completely coincidental, but I am concerned that the ThermaClear’s intense heat bursts were a trigger. Curious whether anyone else has experienced something similar, I have started a blog:

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