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Winter Care for Aging Acne Prone Skin

Unlike most women who either have to concern themselves with aging skin or blemished skin we have been dealt a double-whammy: Aging Skin AND Blemished Skin. Aging skin has different needs than blemished skin but when you are confronted with both problems aging and blemishes you need to take a different approach than your peers with “normal” skin.

I’ve personally found that a skin care regimen that includes cleansing with a gentle (non-oil stripping ) cleanser, daily or every second day chemical exfoliation (glycolic acid) and using a non-oil based moisturizer (with SPF 30) on the acne prone areas and a richer moisturizers chock full of anti-oxidants and peptides on my eyes, around my lips and on those drier areas that are starting to line has done wonders to minimize skin aging and nasty acne breakouts. I also use an oil absorbing cream (and sometimes blotting papers) to keep the oil on the surface of my skin to a minimum – I’ve found that REALLY helps minimizes the acne breakouts because the P Acnes bacteria is starved of the sebum it loves to feast on.

The key thing to remember this winter is to avoid using any heavy creams on areas that are blemish prone. Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Exfoliate – get rid of dead skin cells DAILY! I use a gentle Alpha/Beta Hydroxy in the shower and then every other day I follow the cleansing with a 10% Glycolic Peel. Exfoliation is a critical step you need to take , otherwise your pores will get clogged and the acne bumps will appear. Oh! and don’t forget sunscreen – that’s the best anti-aging cream in your beauty bag.

Nourish your skin with topical anti-oxidants and vitamins ( I like SkinCeuticals C E and Neova Anti-Oxidant Serum) – but don’t forget to also eat foods that have high nutrition value such as Salmon which is full of Omega 3. Omega 3 vitamins are also an option if you don’t like fish. My experience has proven over and over again that Omega 3 has improved the overall condition of my skin, both with regards to aging/wrinkles and blemishes. So I make sure that I get my daily dosage.

I also would recommend upping your water intake (I drink about 70 oz of water a day) and decreasing your caffeine intake. Trust me I know cutting back on caffeine is hard – I have a permanent table at Starbucks but the simple act of cutting back on the caffeine has contributed to the improvement in the condition, tone and texture of my skin. I’ve learned to substitute Green Tea (decaf) for that third, fourth or fifth cup of coffee. The Green Tea has natural anti-inflammatory agents that help boost your skin’s appearance.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Wednesday, 27 December 2006

5 Responses to “Winter Care for Aging Acne Prone Skin”

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    Denise Hunter Says:

    You have given an excellent information and tips regarding skin care.Thanks for your
    information.I want to give some information regarding skin care and acne-skin-care
    I hope this will help you for some extent.

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    Nicole Says:

    The article is great, lots of useful information! I would also like to add that a teaspoon of col liver oil daily in the winter will benefit any skin!

  3. 3

    Deb Says:

    Very interesting article. I also found omega 3 tremendously helped my skin (I also take borage oil). Good advice about water. Some say teas are dehydrating. I developed Nummular Eczema and it was nightmare. I haven’t tried exfoliating. I think I got a bad rash when I scrubbed my body very hard using epsom salts in bath.


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    Skin health nut Says:

    In winter i have to moisturise a whole lot more otherwise my skin health is shocking, too much moisture lost.

    I have been told I may have a mild form of eczema, but it goes ok if I don’t wash too vigorously.

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    Tratamento Espinhas Says:

    The article is high, lots of useful info! I would also like to add that a containerful of col liver oil regular in the season leave goodness any injure!