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May 9th 2008 : We have a no!no! winner!


Have you longed for the no!no!? Perhaps, you’ve read all the reviews and really, really want the no!no! but for some reason or another you haven’t been able to get that lovely, hair reduction tool into your hands. What if I were to tell you that one lucky reader will be the owner of a new no!no! – maybe that reader is you!

Here’s how you can enter to win the No!No!:

  • In the comments section, tell us your funniest hair removal story.
  • We will need your email address – we’ll use it only to contact you if you’re the winner of the contest. Enter your email address in the box provided ( your email address is kept private and will not be visible to others).

Contest ends Wednesday May 7th 2008 (11:59PM EST), at which time the comments section will be closed, so hurry up and get your story in for a chance to win the No!No!.

You may want to subscribe via RSS or EMail. to get the latest information on the winner when she/he is announced.

The details: No!No! retail value: $250. Winner will be announced on Friday May 9th 2008. An email will be sent to the winner and a corresponding blog post will be made announcing the winner. The No!No! will be sent to the winner from Berhman PR. Contest limited to USA only. If we are unable to make contact with the winner within five business days of the first attempt at contact we will contact the runner-up and she/he will be announced as the winner.

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No!No! trivia of interest: Celebrities who love their no!no!: Melissa Rivers, Hillary and Haylie Duff, and Usher.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Monday, 21 April 2008

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    Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA Says:

    […] to tell you that one lucky reader will be the owner of a new no!no! – maybe that reader is you! The Sephora No!No! contest is […]

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    graciala Says:

    I was sick of shaving my legs. They are really hairy and it made getting ready for the beach an ugly, long task. One day I was shopping and saw a french depilatory cream that was supposed to be easy to apply and easy to remove. It had liek a plastic blade and it looked like regular shaving.

    I followed the instructions, applied the cream from my thighs to my ankles. I waited the 2 minutes and then bent down to remove the cream with the plastic blade tool. The hair did come off and quite easily too. No nicks, no miseed areas. it was looking real good.

    Jumped into the shower to rinse off, legs looked smooth but as I was looking down I notice huge clumps of hair swirling by the drain. What the heck? My legs were hairy but not anywhere near that long and…that’s when I realized – and looked down to my lady bits. There were missing spots of hair all over the place.

    When I had bent down to remove the depilatory cream from my calves and thighs I picked up the cream in areas I didn’t want touched. Long story short, I had to shave that whole area and that was a NIGHTMARE. I spent the next two weeks of my life in itch hell and apply cortizone to the raised bumps to deal with the terrible itching. By the way, didn’t make it the beach that day :(

    Easy hair removal turned out to be too easy! Back then it was far from funny but I can now laugh about it.
    Of course I have sworn off any depilatories – don’t want a replay of that day.

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    K Bell Says:

    After years of tweezing and waxing my eyebrows, I decided to utilize one of those vibrating, pen shaped razors you see on those wonderful infomercials. It sounded great! Just a few seconds a day and you’ll achieve beautifully shaped brows! No pain and it can be used on other more discreet areas……well, I bought it hook, line and sinker. After my first usage I was very pleased, until during my makeup application I realized that while I had removed my unwanted stray brows, I had also removed half of the length of my eyelashes! Seems the blade should be a tad more compact….and I can tell you from experience, no amount of mascara can make stubbly eyelashes look even close to normal.

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    dani Says:

    A few years ago my husband gifted me a spa day (mani/pedi/facial and massage). When I got to the spa I was talked into a full leg waxing. I was scheduled for a wax in just a few days (at another salon) but thought ” why not, i’m here now and…”.

    The lady who waxed me must have been in training, she dropped very hot wax on my legs, somehow got the muslin strips stuck – something I never thought possible and when she yanked the strip I swear upon my first born she took the very top layer of skin. I screamed so loud that two other spa techs came running in to see what the commotion was all about. I was in tears and I could hear them chattering about what had just happened.

    I thought for sure they would dismiss her and replace her with a knowledgable tech – my mistake. They let her go on without even asking me if it was okay. Thankfully, her method improved and after that terrible episode and I was spared further pain.

    After she was done she applied some lotion to my legs to calm the redness and told me I was ready. I donned my black pants on as fast as I could and bolted. I just wanted to get out of there.

    Later that evening, I walk into the bedroom, take off my pants and proceed toward the dresser when I hear my husband gasping. “Honey, your legs are spotted black and there’s green stuff on the back of your thighs”. I ran to the mirror and horror of horrors, there’s black stains and fibers dotting my legs. Attached to my legs were clumps of wax! The green stuff appeared to be the lotion the wax tech used to calm the post-wax redness. And the black – well that was from my pants mixed in with the wax.

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    J.D. Says:

    Hairy Fun- Not!!~~

    So usually a normal woman thinks she has a lot of hair when it’s light blond and really fine and simply coats her legs every 14 days.

    It’s unheard of to find a woman who’s young and as hairy as a guy in his 30’s with raging hormones… nonetheless that’s what a California esthetician ran into a little while back when I came in to rid myself of an overactive and high ranking testosterone cursed blanket of hair covering my body. The comments I got ranged from the serious to the silly- in the endeavor to find out how such a woman could produce so much hair!

    It’s simple I said- ” Women are just now finding out so much more about a little known- factoid.. PCOS(Polycystic ovarian syndrome).”

    To their utter amazement after about 2 1/2 hours of the sheer torture of waxing, plucking, sweating and screaming for both technicians and myself- the caveman leg look was a thing of the past-I looked normal for about 72 hours of my wedding & honeymoon timeframe.

    The real surprise was our wedding night- Let’s just say it went smoothly… which was a memorable treasure, because it’s been more than prickly since!

    They keep my story with before and after photos for the blonde women who scream during a brazilian bikini wax- so they really have something to scream about!

    Meanwhile – I cry – during the movie FUR- with Nicole Kidman- and Robert Downey JR. I might have played Robert Downey’s character with a tad bit more realistic fervor!!

    Yours in Hirsutism~

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    Stacie Says:

    When I was little I saw my mother going into the bathroom with some supplies. She had a pot and some pieces of cloth. My sister and I were not sure what going on, so we promptly camped out in front of the bathroom door and started the round of questioning…Mooooooom what are you doingggggggg…..leave me alone i’m busy…But what are you dooooooing….leave me alone i’m …. EEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When we heard her scream we rushed in to see her hopping around the bathroom naked from the waist down fanning herself. Then she jumped in the the bathtub, turned on the water and started splashing her crotch. We were laughing hysterically and she was yelling GET OOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTT!!! Apparently she had heated the wax to lava and promptly applied it to her bikini area. This has obviously scarred me for life as I always cringe when I hear about a bikini wax.

  7. 7

    Aurea Says:

    I was sick of paying for someone else to turn my eyebrow into two and decided I would take matters into my own hands. I decided to buy a do-it-yourself microwaveable wax kit. I definitely did not think things through, it was a complete disaster.

    I first off started by using my microwave DOWNSTAIRS to warm the wax and to do the waxing upstairs. I microwaved the wax for the amount of time on the box, ran upstairs to find it was not melted enough. Let’s just say that after I got it melted I burned off many calories running up and down the stairs to keep it melted.

    I found out quickly that I should have cut the large strips into smaller ones as I thought I could just reuse the large one. After I pushed up the strip to use the unused section, rubbed, and then pulled, I felt some of the hair on my head ripped out too. When I had pushed the used strip up, the previously attached wax pulled some of my hair out.

    Then, I thought that flipping the strip to use the unused side would be a better idea. I quickly realized how stupid that was as soon as I went to glide my finger on the strip and ended up realizing you can’t glide a finger well on wax from the previous application.

    You would think an intelligent woman like myself would have stopped there, but with only one eyebrow done I proceeded to do the other one. I was sick of running up and down the stairs, the wax was a little too cool to use, and I could just feel my skin and hair pulling/tugging with every application. With my eyes tearing up with the pain, I couldn’t really see what I was doing. I took a glob of wax that was too big it dropped on my eyelashes and I ended up with my eyelashes sticking together. I panicked looking for the solution to take the wax off and was desperately in fear of opening my eye as I new I would rip my eyelashes off. I am happy to report that the solution provided actually worked and I did not have to apply fake eyelashes. I did however get wax on a part of my eyebrow I did not intend to and had to redraw some eyebrow in with liner in hopes no one would notice.

    The counter and mirror had wax all over. I ended up using most of the removal solution to clean the counter tops.

    A few days later, my work of art eyebrows started to peel horribly from burning them and pulling the top layer of skin off. It was beautiful, drawn in eyebrows with bright red flaking skin.

    Moral of the story: Pay someone to do the waxing for you if you don’t want to redraw your eyebrows, clean up a huge wax mess, and not fear you are about to have your eyelashes ripped out.

  8. 8

    Adiel Says:

    Let me start off by telling you that I’m a pretty hair girl. By hairy I mean the boys in school used to pull my arm hair and call me teen wolf. This is something that I find rather amusing in my adult years, yet I still find myself wishing I didn’t have to deal with this particular problem.

    Last summer I was going on a trip to Lake Powell and didn’t want to have to worry about hair removal while I was there. I stocked up on cold wax strips and some delapitory cream and got to work. This was my first time using cold wax strips and was actually quite surprised with how well they worked and how tolerable the pain was. I started with my arms first. I felt like I was doing pretty well at first, but then I started to notice not all the hair was coming up and I was growing little blood droplets all over my arms. After I “finished” waxing, I still had hair all over and did a combo of plucking and shaving to remove the rest. Next up with the wax, my upper lip and the bikini line. Didn’t go off quite as planned, but I survived. Then the delapitory cream for my under arms and legs.

    The next day, I woke up to a bunch of tiny whiteheads on my upper lip and red bumps on my bikini line. Not exactly a success. The hair removed with the delapitory cream grew back just as quickly as if I had shaved it. So pretty much all that work put me worse off than if I had just left it alone and did what I normally do. I laugh at myself for putting so much work into it and getting no results.

  9. 9

    celeste meely Says:

    okay well im chinese canadian lady and i have the most thick hair!! it is like a Porcupine. no joke it sticks up if my hair is short!! but anyways i thought this was funny and dumb. but one day i was staying at my girlfriends house and while i was in the washroom I looked at this comb looking little thing and i thought i needed to comb my eyebrows. well i did and wow my hair was combed off my face!! well i had one eyebrown wacked and one good!! then i asked my friend what this was…and she said it was a trimer for your eyebrows!! so i had to do some creactivity with what i had. i thought to myself..dont touch!!

  10. 10

    Lydia Says:

    I don’t really know if this counts as funny lol but I tried to use Sally Hansen hair remover lotion on my legs without doing a test patch first. My legs started burning like hell and blood started coming out of my pores. It was so horrible. I jumped in the shower to wash it off right away but that made it burn worse. I still have a little scar on my shin because I was covered in burns on my legs for like 3 weeks.

  11. 11

    Susan Says:

    Imagine this…a sunny day at the park…my boyfriend planned a picnic date. We had the blanket to sit on, laughter of playing children filled the air and ducks were swimming in the lake. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun and feeling the moment. That was when it happened…he said, “Did you know, you have a lot of facial hair?”
    Ouch. Moment gone…enjoyment gone. I sadly remembered how sunshine makes hair more visible. I said, “Well, yeah, but it is blond–everyone has hair on their face. What can I say…I have a hairy family!”
    He realized that it wasn’t the smartest thing to say, however true it was. He appologized.
    That was one situation that helped confirm my desire to have smooth, hairless skin.
    So, I began my journey…my face wasn’t the biggest problem; my legs were. I tried several products with results less than desired–shaving, the stuff that disolves the hair (scary chemical), and waxing. They either hurt too much, didn’t last long enough or were too expensive to try.
    Shaving is now my stand by…I have to shave my legs in the morning and am prickly by 5:00p.m. I always wear pajama pants to bed to avoid scratching my hubby’s legs when he snuggles next to me! I should shave at night, too, but I am not committed enough to shave my legs two times a day!
    Little did I know that as I aged, the problem would get worse. Horrors. It wasn’t just a problem for my legs, but now more hair on my face. Yes, I saw the little old ladies at the retirement home with whiskers, but that wasn’t going to happen to me. Denial. Denial! Now I fear it may be my fate. I am now facing the dreaded possiblity of needing to “take care” of the hair on my upper lip. It seems to have gotten thicker and darker as I have aged. I don’t know how that happened.
    So, if you are wondering about the guy in at the lake, we did get married and have been together now almost 20 years…seems a little extra facial hair and prickly legs from shaving are not a big deal to him. What a guy!
    Still, I would like to bask in the sun without fear of anyone noticing my facial hair and not have a 5:00 shadow on my legs. :)

  12. 12

    YooJin Says:

    My asian hair is so coarse and thick, that right after shaving, even if it feels smooth to touch, you can still see the black hair roots under the skin on my legs!! It is so disappointing after having tried waxing, shaving, creams, even laser hair removal!! I just can’t afford the treatment anymore. Anyway, one night, I was expecting my boyfriend. Then I realized my legs weren’t shaved!! So in that 15 minute frame before he gets here, I ran to the shower and began shaving. While shaving, I cut myself here and there, since I was in such a hurry, but I didn’t see any bleeding so I thought it was little scratshes and nothing more. After the quick shave+shower, I came out all happy and began drying myself. It was all fine until then. When I slapped on lotion on my legs and my arms, I saw BLOODY hands!! omg…I don’t think I was ever more shocked. On both my legs, I was bleeding like a horror movie, at least on four different spots on each legs!
    That’s when it began to hurt and this burning sensation was crazy. I was sure my boyfriend was almost here and I panicked! I jumped back in the shower to get the blood off my entire body (at least where the lotion has been). I came out again, cautiously got dressed as I kept on bleeding. I just didn’t seem to stop bleeding! I don’t know why..
    In the end I had to put band-aid on 8 different places.

    My boyfriend and I ended up laughing at my legs all night and I still have the nicks and bumps on my legs after 1 week! I did have quite deep cuts. Now I have to shave around those scars and it isn’t easy.
    Now I’m afraid of shaving!!!!

  13. 13

    Katie Says:

    I have had many different horrible experiences with hair removal. From dry shaving in my bedroom for the first time when I was 14 to the horrors of the torturous Epilady at age 16 and the rash I got on my legs from Nair when I was 20. I’m now 24 and still the hairiest female I know. The combo of fair skin and dark hair is just so pleasant.

    I finally decided to go for it, make the jump, and get waxed. I had been hesitant about waxing because of the obvious, imminent, and what I was sure would be, debilitating pain. So on my first trip to get waxed I walked into a nail salon and was whisked into a back room where I was told to disrobe and lay on the table. The woman walked into the room and started going at it…Did I mention that I chose my bikini as my first waxing experience?

    Well apparently not only was this MY first waxing experience, but I’m pretty sure it was hers too. She began to rip the wax away from my skin. I then became introduced to the most horrible pain ever experienced. But I bit my lip and took deep breathes. The woman chuckled every time she ripped off a strip as if mocking my pain. I thought, ‘this must be what it’s like,’ and didn’t say anything to the woman. I looked up at her and noticed she was sweating profusely as if she was running a marathon. After about 35 minutes of torture it was finally over. I drove home defeated and upset that not only had I spent $40 but feared being unable to sit for the next few days due to the pain. But this being my first waxing experience, I didn’t know any different. That is until later when I went to take a shower. The area I had waxed was bruised as if someone had beat me up and was literally missing large pieces of skin. But that’s not the funny part. Here it comes…About 4 days later I had a doctor’s appointment. You know…the regular one that women get once a year. As the doctor started the exam she immediately looked up at me and said ‘what happened to you?!” I told her that those bruises and now scabs were the result of a waxing experience from a few days ago. She finished the exam and then she did something that had never happened to me. She excused herself and told me she would be right back. About 5 minutes later she came in with another person. She introduced her ‘this is Dr. X, she’s a therapist and if there is anything you need to tell her she is here for you.’ Apparently my waxing story was not convincing because the bruises and wounds were so great.

    I guess this story wasn’t as much funny as it was horrifying…But it was the one that came to mind. Needless to say… the No!No! sounds like a miracle device.

  14. 14

    maxine keough Says:

    So many stories, but this one is my favorite.
    When I was a freshman in high school- young, brave and totally headstrong- I decided that I would walk myself over to our local Aveda spa and get myself a snazzy new bikini wax. My family was leaving for a beach vacation, and I thought I would be terribly clever and save myself the hassle of shaving every day. I’d been getting waxed elsewhere for years- eyebrows, legs, no big deal. I figured the bikini area was a logical progression.
    I walked in feeling confident that I would leave a
    smooth, supple goddess.
    Of course, when the receptionist asked me what KIND of bikini wax I wanted, I paused. There are different…kinds…?I thought to myself.
    Not wanting to risk looking like a novice teenager, I smiled and said “What’s your most popular?”
    The girl looked me up and down, and then responded in a challenging kind of drawl, “Weeellll…most women are just getting the Brazilian now.” She snapped her gum, staring at me as if daring me to ask what exactly a Brazilian was.
    Not to be outdone, I gave her a self-satisfied kind of laugh. “Oh, of course” I drawled right back, “The Brazilian.”
    I had no idea what either of us were talking about.
    I had the faint idea that Brazil was one of those sexy, beachy countries where tanning was an actual profession. Those Brazilians must know what they’re doing, I thought to myself; a “Brazilian” bikini wax must be for people who are go to the beach a lot!
    The counter-girl was still staring unabashedly at me, probably waiting for me to bolt out of the spa, screaming. I flipped my hair behind my shoulder, reached into my purse for my wallet, and boldly took out a handful of twenties. My face might have blanced a little when she took three of them, but I pretended as though I was used to these sort of exorbitant fees. I cocked my eyebrow and gave her a look that I hoped said “Lead me to my waxer.”
    She scoffed into her frappaccino. “You’re in room 5. With Gerta.”
    As I flounced away, she called out after me- “Go ahead and get undressed, she’ll be with you in 10.”

    I stepped into the warm, sweet-smelling closet of a room, greeted by the flickering light of candles and some kind of strange, tribal chanting cd. In front of me stood a typical spa-table, on which lay….a towel.
    It was at this point I began to panic.
    Did I take off all my clothes, and wrap the towel around me, toga-style? Did I leave on my top, and wrap the towel around my bottom-half? Did I strip completely naked and sit on the towel as if this was a Brazilian beach?
    There were not, I observed, any specific directions.
    I decided to play it safe, and removed my shoes and my pants, leaving rest of my clothes on. I hopped up onto the table, and attempted to look both poised and relaxed. A few minutes later, there was a soft knock at the door. I let out a strangled “come in!” and sort of draped the towel over my legs as an afterthought, realizing with a pang of mortification that I was still wearing my hello kitty socks.
    Gerta- who resembled my grandmother in such a way that was neither amusing nor comforting- took one look at my semi-clothed state and frowned. “Brazilian, yes?” She asked, somewhat skeptical.
    I twisted the towel between my fists. “Yep! That’s me, uh-huh..” I sort of trailed of, and hoped Gerta would have the decency not to laugh at my socks.
    She shrugged, and- in one quick motion- pulled the towel off my skinny frame and left me struggling to cover my cotton briefs in a way that was both casual and dignified. I failed at both.
    Gerta motioned for me to lie down, and turned her back to stir a pot of wax with one of the giant tongue depressors I had grown to know and loathe. I lay there, staring at the taupe ceiling, biting the inside of my cheeks, and it wasn’t until she had turned back to me, wax in hand, that Gerta acknowledged my clothes. “Take. Off.” She motioned towards my lower-half, and for a second I thought she meant she wanted me to remove my socks. OH. I thought. A bikini wax, right- I should probably…um…ok…well…
    And blushing so hard I could have sworn the whole room’s temperature raised a few degrees, I slid my underwear down and laughed- a kind of high pitched, desperate cackle.
    It was not until I felt Gerta’s strong, eastern-european hands pushing my legs apart that I began to cry silently. Though I had, of course, anticipated that a bikini wax would involve my bikini area, the shock and terror of the whole situation struck me dumb and senseless.
    Gerta remained focused on my trembling, spastic nether regions, and- after a brief inspection of the territory ahead of her, dipped her wooden stick into the pot of molten wax between us.
    When the first bit of hot wax touched my lap, I released a yell so immediate, so involuntary, that both Greta and I jumped up off the table, scattering wooden tongue depressors all over the floor. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry– I, Oh-, I have- I forgot, I can’t, I mean, I have to go– I just remembered I have this–” I stammered nonsense as Greta watched, frozen, the waxy-stick still in her hand. I toppled over, naked, and hot wax spilled onto the floor. Grabbing madly for my clothes, I stuffed my underwear into my purse and half-tumbled towards the door, struggling into my pants (backward) on the way.I emerged, shoving my feet into their respective shoes, and practically fell into the stark white waiting area.

    Of course, the waiting room itself was full of women, who- in perfect, mind-numbing synchronization, all looked up at the same, perfect moment.
    I bolted to the door.
    Yelling something about Coming Back Later to the bemused receptionist, I pretty much ran through the parking lot, hair streaming, pants falling off, backwards, my feet tripping over themselves as I traipsed through the afternoon sun, mortified.

    Five days later, my family and I left for our vacation.
    It was not until my sophomore year that I learned what exactly a Brazilian wax was.
    I laugh now, thinking about Greta’s horrified face as she stood, rooted to the spot, and watched me tear out of her waxing room, half naked.

    I’ve been successfully getting bikini waxes for 5 years, now.

  15. 15

    jean Says:

    I decided to invest in some laser hair removal because I was tired of getting ingrown hairs in the bikini area. Finally saved up enough money a couple of months ago and bought a package of 5 sessions as the aesthetician told me I would need at least five treatments and that the package deal was cheaper per session. i have never had a professional bikini wax or anything else of that sort and had pretty much used home waxing kits or epilators up until that point. I was a little nervous and uncomfortable when I arrived for my first session. I took of my pants and laid down on the table so that I could get zapped as quickly as possible. The aesthestician strongly recommended removing my underwear so she could zap the hairs more easily. I wasn’t really up for that but also didn’t want to waste my money because she couldn’t zap me as effectively w/ my underwear on. So 5 minutes felt like an eternity as I was sitting in a room w/ fluorescent lights with what felt like shards of glass stabbing me repeatedly. When she was finally done, I hurriedly put my clothes on and ran out the door and boy, was my crotch on fire! I got in the car and started to drive and then realized I left so quickly that I didn’t put my underwear back on!!! Who does that?! I was so embarrassed but decided to let it go…hopefully they wouldn’t know whose it was and would just throw it out. I did return in about a week to have my underarms zapped and was relieved that no one mentioned anything. As I was leaving, the aesthetician asked me if I had left anything behind in my last session. I didn’t know what to say and just stood there and said “um, maybe, I can’t remember.” She handed me a ziploc bag w/ my underwear and I was mortified. I have 3 more sessions which I’ve already paid for and I REALLY don’t want to go back…

  16. 16

    Mia Says:

    Thanks for the review! I googled the no!no! to see if people have successfully used this and I thank you for your honesty! I don’t have a funny story, but I just wanted to thank you for being everyone’s guinea pig.

  17. 17

    Mikayla Says:

    I generally have a pretty awful memory but this was indelibly marked on my psyche so I unfortunately remember every detail with terrifying accuracy. I was 16 when I had my first waxing experience. I was going off to a local archeological dig for school and shorts were seemingly part of the uniform so I thought that it was high time I had a full leg and bikini wax, just in the event that there was a cute boy who may have wanted to go swimming at night under the stars.
    I was recommended to a nice woman named Susanna, she worked out of her basement (perhaps first alarm bell should have gone off) and was very cheap, but very good so said a friend of my mothers.
    When we arrived at Susanna’s house I was much too mature (embarrassed) to have my mom accompany me so rolled my eyes when she offered to hold my hand.
    “It hurts a lot, I mean a lot a lot. I ran out half naked screaming for mercy my first time.”
    “Mom I have a very high pain tolerance, I will be fine.”
    “Ooookay! You’ve been warned, have fun! I’ll go buy some calamine lotion”

    So I shooed her off into the car and rang the doorbell of a seemingly innocuous suburban house.
    I heard a bit of crashing behind the door and a booming
    After what seemed like an eternity the door opened. Standing before me was a blond, giant she had no eyebrows save for two squiggly brown lines, her hands could have encompassed my whole horrified face. She said
    “Ah! You the new girl, you never have before yes? Okay, come downstairs and take off pants.”
    As I stepped inside I was greeted by a throng of eyelashed porcelain kitties and terrifying glass dolls, perhaps she took my confusion as awe and told me that I could “visit with her friends later”. (Second warning bell)
    So with thoughts of sunny days dusting off bones with my ruggedly handsome soon-to-be sweetheart in my head; I walked down the stairs into the waxing room. It was very much like I had expected, save for an enormous gold and porcelain crucifix, hanging right above the table which for the duration of my session would stare down at me judgingly. I nervously obliged while my hulking friend puttered around flipping switches stirring things and cutting long strips from a t-shirt. As I mentioned before this was my first time so I had no idea if all of this was normal. I came to the conclusion that it was not, very, very quickly.
    I had worn a thong as I was only getting a bikini wax and thought that that would be most appropriate Susanna took one look at my tiny cotton underpants sent an evil look my direction and said
    “Devils panties, young boys can see strings and will think you are a whore! You should not wear these things” (1000 warning bells)
    I turned about a 100 different shaded of red whimpered some form of acknowledgement looked guilty as I knew that Jesus was watching me in my “devil panties” and clamped my eyes shut as she turned to face the wax.
    I will never forget the searing pain of searing hot forest green wax being dolloped on my upper thigh. squeezing back tears I felt her spread the molten goo in a large oblong shape, I open my eyes just long enough to watch her place a long strip of white T-SHIRT(!) on my leg, before I could even register my absolutely confusion I felt what is still perhaps the most painful sensation of my life. In one swift motion she had managed to wax a good 17 inch strip from my upper thigh down to below my knee…all at once, with a t-shirt. My poor skin turned an angry crimson colour.
    Perhaps she could see the tears streaming down my face or the abject fear in my eyes but she then told me.
    “oh darlingk is nothing, in Ukraine pain is for breakfast we must always look pure and beautiful.”
    She then proceeded to slide her hands under my neck and knees and in some feet of super human strength/speed completely flip me over and cover the back of my very red and tender leg with some more wax before I could protest.
    I endured (out of stubbornness and fear) a good hour of being flipped, burned and torn at before she pronounced that she was going to finish the job with some evil looking rusty tweezers. I glanced down at my legs to see what look like an abstract painting of hardened green wax, very red skin, some blood here and there and about 1000 stray hairs. Needless to say I declined her offer and took about 20 painful minutes to put my pants on.
    I called my mom assuring her that I was just fine and that it hadn’t hurt a bit, she picked me up and watched suspiciously as I walked very bow-legged to the car. After taking about 10 minutes to actually sit down she took one look at my wearied face and burst into laughter.
    When I finally got home after an excruciatingly bumpy car ride I decided I would take look at my battle wounds. However, when I tried to take off my jeans I found that for some reason they were firmly glued to my ass…
    It seems like Susanna missed a spot and hesitated to tell me I had a saucer sized chunk of wax hardened on my ass, which the heated seats in our car had actually fused to my jeans. After a long (jeans-on) soak in the tub, and finally resorting to pair of scissors all whilst my mother was laughing hysterically I was free.
    I never did meet my Indiana Jones and my hair grew in a few days later but I had a newfound, pathological fear of waxing that still remains to this day.

  18. 18

    Michelle Campbell Says:

    My harrowing experience happened a few years ago, a couple of months after I moved in with my boyfriend. I decided to try an at-home waxing kit for the first time, since I was sick of shaving every day and none of my other options (nair, etc.) had worked very well. Standing in the drugstore, I decided on a Sally Hansen kit that came with some analgesic after-waxing lotion. I’d gotten my eyebrows done professionally every three weeks since I was 16, so I know that the lotion they apply afterward feels terrific. The box promised results that lasted up to eight weeks, so I was incredibly excited to get home and try it out. I’d never been hairless for longer than a day, so eight weeks sounded almost unbelieveable. I started first with my eyebrows using the included shaping kit. Aside from bits of left over wax that needed to be scrubbed/tweased away, I was quite impressed with the results. I decided then to try it on my legs. Scooping some of the previously microwaved goo out of the tub and spreading it onto a large portion of my leg, I started to feel quite hesitant about my conquest. I pressed on, however, placing a strip of the sheet over the wax and rubbed it in to be certain it grabbed every last bit of hair. I waited a few seconds before taking a deep breath and -rip!- pulling at the sheet with all my strength. Pain. Overwhelming pain seared through my body and a horrifying scream burst from deep within my lungs. I looked down, noting that I hadn’t even removed the entire strip but only a tiny portion, less than half an inch. Defeated, I slumped back against the wall as my boyfriend rushed in, panicked. I explained to him what I was trying to do and he shuffled through the box, retrieving the analgesic lotion. I slathered it onto the section that I’d ‘waxed’ but no relief ever came. I begged him to pull it off the rest of the way and finally, he gave in. I braced myself and just as he went to pull it off, I screamed, begging him not to. He decided that we should first try to remove it without pulling, and busted out the hairdryer. After five minutes on high heat, the wax hadn’t even began to melt, so we decided to drape a hot rag over it, but that was a no-go as well. Eventually, we both gave up on trying to remove it peacefully and he gave it a yank, removing the first strip. Unfortunately, I’d put three more strips on, so after giving me a rest, he pulled each one off. Large chunks of wax remained, but I decided to put off trying to remove it until the next day. We liberally applied the lotion to my beet-red skin and decided to call it a night. The next morning as scoured the rest of the wax chunks off, I swore to never wax my legs again!

  19. 19

    Rosanne Says:

    Bikini waxing is expensive so sometimes I buy SurgiWax bikini wax. One day I decided to wax all of my private parts. My hands and nails and bathroom were stuck with wax. Not only that my private parts had wax stuck to them. I tried unsuccessfully to get the wax off. The wax worked though. For days would find that more hair would be stuck to my panties with the wax. Now I try to follow directions more.

  20. 20

    Lauren Says:

    I am Italian, and so it must be expected and understood that I have terrible, horrible, thick, black leg and underarm hair. I was (and still am!) the girl who must shave twice a day when in a bathing suit. This I might add is quite painful when at the beach because the salt water stings your legs so badly that you randomly yelp while strangers wade around you.

    During my sophomore year of college my girlfriends and I took a class field trip to the Cleveland Art Museum for our Art History class. We started chit-chatting and the conversation took a turn from cute summer attire to hair removal methods. Mine were basic, depilatories (which always burned and sometimes caused me to bleed) and shaving. Our chich, European trained professor heard our complaints and told us how European women use epilators and how she’d been using one for years. Apparently it just rips the hair out and you can use it whenever! Without much surprise, this became my new obsession; I had to have one ASAP. My hair problems would be gone. Finally hair would be ripped out for weeks and my legs, bikini line and underarms would be as smooth as a baby’s butt! I would no longer have to shave twice a day when at the beach! When arriving back at the dorms, I immediately went online and ordered the first one I saw on target.com.

    My epilator arrived 2 weeks later and I eagerly ripped open the package. After hastily reading the directions, I was ready to go. I locked my dorm room door, put on some music and stripped down to my bra and panties-I was ready for hair free, care free days to begin. My professor said the process was virtually painless, so I thought “What the hell,” and gingerly put the device on my bikini area and flipped the switch to on. Immediately I began to scream-I had never experienced pain like this. Like many women, I thought “No pain, no gain, and continued to move the epilator over my bikini line all while letting out shrieks and yells. I figured the that my background music was hiding my shrieks so continuing was safe. Boy was I wrong.

    My roommate, Emily, was coming back from class and heard the shrieking coming from our room. She saw the boy’s floor Resident Assistant (my crush, Dan) patroling the hall and grabbed him for help. Emily unlocked the door and they both stood in the doorway. There I was, in my panties and bra, shrieking while moving the epilator along my bikini line. I didn’t even notice them standing there until Emily turned off the music; I was too busy trying to rip the hairs out of my skin. Finally, I looked up and saw them standing there. I. WANTED. TO. DIE. After trying to explain what I was doing Emily cleverly suggested that I keep the screaming down next time. Dan snickered and walked out the the room-thankfully he never mentioned the incident again.

    Since then, I have used the epilator randomly. I forge through the pain for special occasions only but I’ve learned to warn my family of my shrieking side effects while using the evil device. Don’t want to get caught again screaming, with my pants down while gliding some scary device around my bikini area!!!

  21. 21

    Janie McManious Says:

    No!-No! Hair Removal Story. While I have a story above my experiences with hair removal, it may not be funny but rather pathetic. I began shaving around the age of 16 (mother wouldn’t let me start sooner). I had an electric razor. I thought that was the cat’s meow. I went along shaving about once a week for quite a few years with having lots of stubble and ingrown hairs in the bikini area. I then had back surgery from scoliosis (ultimately had 10 operations in all) and wanted the easiest way to shave as it was difficult for me to get into the proper position with rods in my back. At that time I changed to a disposable shaver because it gave me a closer shave. The problem was that I ended up with more razor cuts than you can imagine. Remember seeing your dad or brother cut themselves shaving and putting a piece of toilet paper on the cut until it stopped bleeding? Well, I had so many cuts, I would just spray my leg and basically wrap it with TP and you could see little red drops seeping through and it looked like I had chicken pox on my legs only. What was I going to do? Either I cut myself up or I fell in the shower trying to get into the proper position. I turned to alternatives – NADS – hot wax – any depilatory creams and all I did was add burns to my cuts. I decided to look into other contraptions (I couldn’t afford professional lazer treatments). I started using emjoi product where it basically tweezes the hair from your legs. I have to lay down on the couch or bed to get the best lighting and become a contortionist twisting my legs and tightening the skin to achieve the best results. That worked a little better; however I began to get ingrown hairs and then had to use either needles or a pair of tweezers to try to remove them and then all I got was scabby legs! I then ordered a finally free electrolysis system and when I received it I was so disappointed when I realized the amount of time and positions I would have to use to tweeze every hair on my legs. By the time I finished whatever system I chose to use I was exhausted and marked for life! Now I see the No!-No! product and would love to give it a try. I just would like to be able to use a hair removal system that doesn’t require so many side affects – would love to either win this product or be able to do a similar reporting of it being given to me and I could report on my (hopefully) very successful use for those of us who do have physical handicaps preventing us just from lifting our legs in the shower and using a razor without falling down. Thank you~

  22. 22

    Dena Fulks Says:

    I was preparing for my 10th anniversary weekend. I decided to wax my bikini line so I could wear some sexy lingerie for hubby. I successfully waxed the right and left sides while standing in front of the full-length mirror in the bathroom. After finishing and thinking, “That wasn’t so bad” I decided to “take a little off the top”. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop to think about the fact that hot wax does not have any gravity-defying properties and before I could put the muslin strip over the wax it had dripped down and I was covered in wax. Of course, this hadn’t mattered on the sides as I was removing all of the hair. I spend the next two hours soaking in a hot bath and slowly cutting out clumps of wax until I could get the hair short enough (and wax free enough) to just shave it all off. Of course, hubby had to laugh at me the whole time (how’s that for a romantic evening). When he asked me how I had made such a mess, my reply was “It was an accident” to which he quickly responded, “No, that was a waxident!”

  23. 23

    Nina Says:

    My funniest hair removal experience happened in the winter. There aren’t a lot of perks to the cold winter, but one is that you don’t have to worry about shaving, as much. I have coarse, dark leg hair, so its a relief to wear jeans everyday and not have to worry about what my legs look like, unlike during the summer when shaving is a daily method. Taking advantage of the winter weather, my legs hadn’t been shaved for probably four weeks. I had let them grow, and they resembled the legs of a well-matured man. I was with some friends and one decided it would be fun to go hottubing at her boyfriends house. He had a couple friends over too, so we thought it would be a good time. But as soon as we got there and were changing into our suits, I had slipped off my jeans and forgot about my oh-so hairy leg situation! My friends were impatiently waiting outside the bathroom already in their suits, so I told them to go and I’d be out in five minutes. I panicked, and whipped open the shower curtain, thinking maybe there was a razor I could “borrow”. Sure enough, there was, and I snatched it as I looked for a bar of soap or some type of lubrication so my legs didn’t get too badly razor burned. There was nothing, no shampoo or conditioner, no bar of soap, no nothing. I looked to the sink and saw foam hand wash and thought, well, it’s better than nothing! I splashed some water on my legs then started lathering the faomy soap on. I was in such a rush I took the razor, and slid it up my foamy leg. Excruciating pain followed as I let out a little yelp. I took a close look at the disposable razor and realized it should have been thrown out a long, long time ago. I tried letting warm water run down my legs for a bit, thinking it would soften up the hair a little, but that did nothing. As I attempted to shave again, the razor seemed to have cut more of my skin than my hair! Defeated, I cleaned off the evil razor and placed it where I had found it in the shower. I looked at my legs and they appeared to be in even worse shape than before I had started! There was still a digusting amount of hair, and on top of that, there were cuts with dried blood and pores that looked like they were on the verge of bleeding. You could of probably guessed that there was no hottubing for me that night!

  24. 24

    Felicia Chen Says:

    I have no funny story, I AM a funny story; my life a calamitous collection of failed attempts at femininity (Dita von Teese I am not).
    I was born half-Sasquatch, but with the bad luck of living in the city, without the luck of living in a cave, perhaps under a rock. Riddled with pores too big for sense to comprehend, the illogicality results in MULTIPLE hairs per pore or black debris left over from a pore too lonely without its other half, its Batman to Robin, a diabolical duo more zero than hero. (Sometimes the pores get wise to me and form little cozy domes, even producing a milky bath to cushion the curling, newborn hair inside.)
    I’m cruelly surrounded by people with smooth, poreless slabs of alabaster for flesh. My mother, sister, grandmothers, friends are utterly hairless. (A friend of mine is bewildered at this “hair shaving business”. Blinking at me as if I were a different species, she once queried, “shaving? I never do that.” Even her BROTHERS are less hairy than me. “Can you BRAID yours?” I once challenged them. “Can you warm an igloo? Drop a hair ladder down to a drowning man? Win a hair-growing competition?!? MAKE COMPOST????” I blazed and taunted. “NO, you can’t! Hah!”
    Sometimes the removal of so much organic matter really does seem like a waste down the drain or in the dumpster.
    My “I have only six of the finest, most transparent gossamar-like armpit hairs so ephemeral they might as we be shadows of hair even after the onset of puberty” sister is CURIOUS about my hair growth. Inconceivable. She confronts me sometimes, standing there in nice sundresses or tank tops, shorts or tees, unconsciously cruel to my predicament.

    I buy tank tops to look at, not to wear.
    When temptation proves too much to bear,
    I wear them for a moment in the house;
    Like poor little Charlie Bucket languishing
    once-a-year candy bar – is tormenting.

    Will no!no! be my Willy Wonka?

    She whines, “C’mon, lemme see! I don’t know what it looks like!”
    She does not know what she asks. I once, out of spite, shoved a used wax strip in her face and innocence crumbled when confronted with the thick, spine-tingling image of an Amazon of hair, dots of blood, and clots of baby powder clinging wretchedly, dangling perilously.
    “Ewww…is that real!?” she screeched.
    Eyes too wide for their sockets, her expression was ten kinds of disgust and horror.
    Sometimes she tries to help. Once it resulted in a case of folliculitis so bad my doctor thought I had a blood disease. Calmly lancing and draining the puss from vengeful follicles, I could only cackle helplessly at myself and my delusions of effortless smoothness. I was the picture of derangement. My despaired mother sat beside me wondering, “how did this happen??” I shrugged, bereft of feeling to my cureless plague.

  25. 25

    rishi Says:

    I never understood why girls always complained about how waxing hurt so much. I was hanging out with one of my female friends in college and we were sitting in her dorm room debating about waxing. She got fed up and said I couldn’t really talk about the pain unless I had actually gone through it. I agreed to let her wax my feet (yes, I have a lot of hair on the top of my feet) so I could see for myself whether or not it was worth complaining about. She waxed one foot, and it did REALLY hurt like crazy. I’m thinking I should have trimmed the hair first…but, needless, to say, I wouldn’t let her touch the other foot. No big deal, I would just let the hair on the other foot grow back eventually. I went on a date later that week with a girl I had been into for a while, and we ended up going back to my room to watch a movie. Forgetting about my one waxed foot, I slipped off my shoes, popped in the movie, and sat on the couch. She was acting a bit weird throughout the night and then the day after, I had a feeling she really wasn’t into me anymore. I was confused because I thought the night had started off well and it was her idea to go back and watch a movie together. Only later did I find out she was totally weirded by my hairless foot and that’s why she was so aloof. She could’ve just asked…I would have gladly explained!

  26. 26

    Michael Medina Says:

    The week before my wedding, my soon to be wife convinced me to get a manicure and pedicure with her, which I can admit, I enjoyed. Getting into the spirit of things, I decided it might be nice to wax my chest to be smooth for our honeymoon. Luckily for me, there was a salon right around the corner from my apartment.
    I went in and asked to get my chest waxed. The women there were very nice to me, realizing that I had no idea of the pain I was about to face. I have more respect for women who wax now after that experience! I ended up walking out looking like I had a serious skin condition! Red dots all over…luckily it went away before the honeymoon!!! I haven’t been waxed since!

  27. 27

    Mahisha Makan Says:

    Before I had even started shaving my legs my mom had bought an epilator. She thought using an epilator would be easier than spending time waxing. Well, she never used it! Years later I went to live in the dorms away from the luxury of visiting a salon to get waxed. I had packed my mom’s barely used epilator with me. My roommate was fascinated with the device and loved the results. She hated shaving after that! My roommate had just finished her legs and needed to sanitize the device because we were both using the same one. The company had gone through many different model changed since this particular one was purchased, and we loved this one more than any others. She left the epilator on, turned her head to grab the bottle of rubbing alcohol and felt something pull the hair. The epilator is caught in her hair right at the scalp! She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “help! Mahisha, help me!!” I dash up the stairs to see what happened to her and see that she has the epilator dangling from her forehead. I started laughing hysterically, thinking that this could only happen to her. We had to cut her hair to get the epilator loose. And gave her some great bangs before bangs became a fashion trend again. My other roommate and I start taking pictures of her to document her mishap. Since that day she stopped waxing at home and using the dreaded epilator.

  28. 28

    Lisa Says:

    When I was little I had a fascination with all the crazy stuff adults would do and when I was three I was taken to hospital after putting nail varnish in my eyes (turns out red really wasn’t my color). So my parents were pretty careful about letting me know what kids do and what’s just for grown ups. They didn’t really figure shaving into this whole learning process as it was a dad thing but alas, I loved the idea and proceeded to cover not only my chin but my entire face and hair in foam. I started just shaving off bits of hair/eyebrows/face left, right and centre until my older brother came in in hysterics. My mom wasn’t so happy. She cried. She’s over it now but sadly, I’ll never live it down.

  29. 29

    amanda Says:

    When I was 12 I was very self-concious about my hairy arms. Before heading to camp that summer i decided to shave them. Little did I know they would grow back stubbier and darker. My older sister noticed my plight and came to my rescue. I was very shy to talk about it but she told me we could wax them instead. I had no idea of the pain involved in waxing and as she was taking the first few rips with wax I made such a fuss that my dad came in to see what was the problem. I was mortified, but instead of making fun of me my dad offered to go through the torture with me. So there we sat like a regular bunch of gals at the salon, my dad and I getting our arms waxed together.

  30. 30

    Cathy Hamilton Says:

    When I was 14 and my sister was 12, we were on summer break from school and home alone as both parents worked. We decided that growing up in sunny Miami, we needed hairless legs. We got our allowance money pooled together and rode our bikes up to the corner drugstore to purchase a home wax kit. We had no idea what we were getting into. We got home, and read the instructions (sort of). We decided that my sister would be first. We heated the wax and applied it to her shins. We forgot the part about putting baby powder on first before the hot wax. Needless to say, when we were trying to pull off the wax during her blood curdling screams, our Dad called to see how we were doing. He heard the screaming and started yelling back, “DO I NEED TO COME HOME NOW?” Well, we told him no and eventually got the wax off her legs. The scars healed nicely and 33 years later are hardly notiable at all. We know that we added to his gray hairs that day. To this day, I still smile when thinking about it, even with our father fighting cancer and is weak from the chemo and raidation, he still laughs about that as well. There are just some memories that will stay with you all your life and this is one of them for my father, sister and myself.

  31. 31

    Rebecca Says:

    When I was five and my older brother was seven, my mom left us alone for the first time. She needed to go get a few groceries and figured (foolishly) “What’s the harm in being gone for thirty minutes?”

    Well, my brother and I decided to play barber. Rather, he decided we were going to play barber, and I was coming along for the ride whether I liked it or not. We were super careful: I changed into a day-old, dirty shirt so I wouldn’t get hair on a clean shirt, I sat in the bathtub so the hair wouldn’t go everywhere, and he even wrapped a towel around my shoulders to be extra-careful we didn’t make a mess.

    He then plugged in my dad’s beard trimmer.

    And there I sat, happy as a clam (because how often did my older brother bother to pay attention to me?) as he took my dad’s beard trimmer and turned it on. And began to ‘play barber.’

    Shaving a line, right down the middle of my head.

    That’s about the point my mom came home and grabbed my brother’s hand, and took stock of the situation.

    The one thing that was successful was our desire to be clean – the hair didn’t get all over the place. I basically had a reverse-mohawk: a strip of short, short, short (short!) super-short buzzed hair running from the center of my forehead all the way to the top of my neck. The woman at the salon who had cut my hair in the past just laughed when we walked in and threw up her hands.

    In the end, and because I threw a major fit in the salon, I got a buzz cut; all my locks falling to the floor like rain. But even then, the beard-trimmer-trimmed section was shorter, and still very visible on my naked little scalp. And I didn’t look even sort of normal for almost a year (and then still looked like a boy for months).

    My brother and I never managed to get in quite that much trouble again…and I’ve always given a little more forethought as to what to do with my hair (be it on my head or anywhere else on my body).

  32. 32

    Amie Says:

    Back in grammer school we were all sitting on our desks playing 7-up. (dating myself here!! lol) I was wearing a pair of yellow nylons that matched perfectly with my black leggings attached to a multi-colored, polka dot, ruffly top and Sam&Libby shoes! yeah, it was the 80’s alright! As I sat with my legs curled up next to me on the desk, one of the most popular boys in class looks down and says, “Your mom doesn’t let you shave yet huh?” I had never though of it! I looked down and to my surprise, through my yellow nylons you could see all of my long hair mashed underneath!! I was mortified and tried to hide my legs for the rest of the school day! Later that day after running home so no one could see, I demanded that my mom show me how to shave. I have been shaving, waxing, tweezing, and using every other hair remover on the market since, painful or not!!

  33. 33

    Emily Gordon Says:

    Living in Hawaii sense I was twelve I haven’t much choice in terms of leg ware, it’s shorts, skirts or die a slow sweaty death. Being of the sasquatch variety female, I have often especially in high school opted for the slow sweaty death. Though I have tried many razors, double triple and quadro, they don’t seem to deliver that smooth leg look my blonder sister enjoys. In other words I have a five 0’clock shadow by noon. Waxing was a painful and expensive route I took for a while until it seemed every hair was in grown and the redness lasted until the hair came back. Tired of the trouble I rebelled for a period of time and went all natural :) hiding under jeans and a moist smile. That’s when our family got a visit from some friends from the mainland and their son, whom it seems the years had been VERY kind to. Imagine Patrick Dempsey meets Ewan McGregor. Anyway, of coarse, we are all gonna go snorkeling. Doubting I was fashion savvy enough to pull off the snorkel pants ploy I ran to the shower. “Just gotta get ready quick” I said but “yeah, I wanna go”. I’d been in the shower for what I was trying to figure was not too long when I heard a knock at the door, “Em, you ok?” It was my dad, evidently the natives were restless, ready and waiting. I tried to wrap it up shaving away the tuffs of hair trying to make sure I hadn’t missed any. I had to go over several times to get down to the skin. It was like shaving off a winter coat. When I finally emerged from the steam filled bathroom, young blue eyes was standing right in front of me “..uh, sorry I took so long” I stammered…”Oh, no problem” he said understandingly “sometimes you just want to have a long shower”…When I returned to my room I realized to my mortification that I had been in the shower for almost 2 HOURS! Even with all the time spent I still ended up with little red bumps so once we arrived at the beach I tried keep a good 5ft between me and the TDH (tall dark and hot) poster boy. I pulled of my cover up and jumped in the water without waiting. Since we spent so much time talking he probably wondered what the heck was up. Maybe snorkel pants WILL be the next thing to hit Milan :)

  34. 34

    emily buckler Says:

    When I was younger, my mother told me that we would be going to Mexico with our family for a week over the summer. I had just lost some weight so I decided to go out and get myself a two piece bathing suit instead of wearing the same once piece I had been for years. The bathing suit that I found looked fabulous on me but showed off more of my inner thigh than the old one did. I was trying it on at home when I noticed that it looked there were small bushes coming out of my swimsuit. Luckily (or so I thought) my mother had some nair under her sink. I didn’t read the directions and slathered it all over my legs. Apparently I am allergic to nair…. I spent the entire vacation with a sarong over my legs to hide the redness.

  35. 35

    Abby Says:

    My mother never said a word to me about shaving, so I always figured I wasn’t old enough. After being made fun of for being one of the hairier girls, I’d just wear pants year-round so no one would ever know.

    When I reached junior high, I joined the school’s band. I loved it! My favorite part was marching in the parades and playing for football and basketball games.

    This was until it came time for the Fourth of July parade–black shorts was part of the uniform!!

    I panicked; I couldn’t march in the parade looking like a bear! So the morning of the parade, not really knowing any better, I put on my shorts, grabbed one of my mother’s razors from the bathroom, went back to my room and began shaving away at any visible part of my leg–without any kind of cream or gel.

    I achieved silky-smooth legs for the first time, and was proud of it! I grabbed my flute and headed down to the start of the parade. This left enough time for my skin to finish reacting to what I’d just done, and by the start of the parade, I realized I’d saved myself from looking like a bear–but now I look like a red-spotted leopard and I couldn’t do anything about it.

    Not only that–Flutists marched in the front row, and as I was one of the better marchers, I was placed on the corner to help keep the marchers in the middle in line–this meant I was closest to one side of the audience.

    I was stuck displaying my red, blotchy legs in the largest Fourth of July parade in my area, and had all of my bandmates asking what the heck happened to me.

    When my mom found out, she advised me to use shaving cream next time!

    As it turns out, my legs just can’t handle being shaved–I’ve tried every kind of razor, cream, gel, and lotion since then, I ALWAYS end up red and blotchy, sometimes very itchy as well. I get a similar reaction to depilatories, and I’ve heard too many horror stories about waxing to want to try it.

    Needless to say, I’m now into my 20s and I don’t own a pair of shorts, nor will you ever find me near a beach!

  36. 36

    Nicole Says:

    OK, so here is my story… Not quite as long as all the rest, but well worth trying to win a NO!NO! for.
    So since I have dark hair, it’s seems like I was shaving every day and I was complaining about this to the lady for who I was baby sitting for, so she suggested that I try waxing. She said that she wax all the time and it was a lot better than shaving and that she would help me. So one afternoon I show up with everything she recommended and we get started! WOW! that wasn’t quite what I expected! So painful!! I almost thru up after the first strip… I tried to stay compose, thinking that tones of woman do this everyday, if they can do it, so can I. So I thought!! When she rip off the second and third strip I literally passed out!! So embarrassing, I have not tried waxing again. I was so mortified that I avoided her calls for weeks.
    I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was horrified.

  37. 37

    mary Says:

    I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have my husband ( not trained and not qualified!)wax my “bikini” area. We set up on the kitchen table with high hopes. After almost two hours, much pain and horrible results we were not even done. We had to stop because we were meeting friends for dinner, thank goodness, as I could not stand the pain any longer! I had no time to waste so I hastily dressed and we ran out the door. The rest of the evening was a sticky, tender and sore event. I will say after a couple of glasses of wine the story unfolded and we all had a great laugh at my expense. To realize the comedy of this you have to know my husband. He is a truck driver who is a “good old boy”. No one could believe he would wax me, let alone spend so much time and effort on it! Now that’s what I call love!!

  38. 38

    Margot Says:

    I, too, have the pale skin and coarse dark hair that leaves black hair (or the black spots) under the skin after shaving. I can list many, many horror stories about hair removal, but as for funny – only this one. My boyfriend (now hubby) was helping me wax my arms. To make it more fun, he sat me on a chair with a bright light in the kitchen. He then looked at me with hot wax on a stick shouting “Where are the rebel bases located?!?” I cried “I’ll never tell you!” He applied the wax. He then grabbed the end of the muslin strip and sneered “Where are they?” I replied “you’ll never make me talk.” He pulled the strip. I released a cry of agony and the “torture” continued.

    Needless to say, this continued with some lurid suggestions of how he could “torture” me in other ways. So we kissed a little and my roommate walks in (back door into kitchen) and sees us kissing with a pile of hairy, waxy muslin strips next to us. She rolled her eyes and said we had the strangest foreplay. Now this is a constant joke amongst some of our friends and we can’t even hold hands in public without someone asking if we need some wax.

  39. 39

    RV Says:

    I have been a victim of every fad in the hair removal movement. I have pale skin and dark hair so it is a real issue for me. To top it off I have really sensitive skin so harsh chemicals leave me red and bumpy.

    I remember this product coming out some years back called NADS. The claim was that is was a toltally natural product, so natural in fact, you can eat it. It was not harsh and was a great option for those sensitve to waxing. The stuff was like honey, I mean sticky and goopy I had a hard time using it without making a huge mess. My girlfriend swore by this product and loved the results so she offered to take care of me. We drank some wine and she did my bikini area then said my eyebrows needed some clean up. I was a little reluctant about it but thought what the heck. As I mentioned the stuff is goopy and it seems as though it melted over more of my brow than I would have liked to remove. When she tore away the cloth strip my brow was gone. This stuff must have melted to cover my whole brow area.

    This was devistating, how was I ever going to go out in public again? Needless to say I had to get bangs cut to cover my brow area and since I have dark course hair that grows quickly, it did not take an etirnity to grow back.

    Whenever we see someone now with overwaxed or drawn on eyebrows, we call then a NAD.

  40. 40

    Carrie Says:

    “Remembering the Epilady”

    Jolted from the soothing claims of ease by the spinning spring.
    All this for the insignificant gain of a week or less of not bowing to the Trak II razor.

  41. 41

    Brandi B Says:

    I was getting a Brazilian. All the salons I normally used were booked up and I was going away on holidays so I ended up going to a seedy salon in a bad part of town. The woman doing it made me get completely naked, and didn’t give me anything to cover up with. It was so uncomfortable and she was talking way too much. She made me spread my legs and I kid you not, she told me that she needed to “move my flower” and proceeded to touch my very personal parts and pushed everything to the side. Worst of all, she was not even wearing rubber gloves. It was seriously horrifying.

  42. 42

    Lisa Says:

    I hate shaving everyday, so when I heard about Nair I was excited and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I bought it and I decided I would use it the next morning. I thought it would be the perfect time to try it since I was going to be going to the beach to meet a guy I hadn’t seen in years. I can’t begin to tell you how anxious I was! I wanted to make a good impression, and I wanted everything to run smoothly. Well, it didn’t exactly work out that way.

    I started my day early. I wanted to take my time and look my best that day. I took a shower, put my makeup on, and did my hair. Then I moved on to the task of removing the hair from my legs. On the bottle of Nair the directions say to apply “a generous amount to the area”. I took generous amount to a new level, I used the whole bottle all over my legs. (It smelled awful!) At first there wasn’t any issues, aside from that stuff dripping all over the place and the awkward spread eagle position I had to assume in order to not get that stuff where I didn’t want it.

    But then everything changed. My legs started burning intensely. I stuck it out for a few more minutes, but it was an unbelievable sensation of being on fire and having your skin melt away from the bones. I turned the water in the shower on and jumped in as quickly as I could. I was so worried about getting that stuff off of my legs that I didn’t even notice I was getting my hair soaking wet again and all my makeup was being washed away. I started feverishly wiping that stuff off of my legs. But it didn’t stop burning. Finally I got it all off and got out of the shower. My legs were completely covered, (including my bikini line) with a fiery red rash.

    Now I didn’t have much time to get ready, and there was no way I was going to be able to bear my legs that day at the beach. I put my bathing suit on, and covered my legs with a light pair of beach pants. It was unbearably hot that day and the whole time I was with my date at the beach my legs were on fire. I made excuses and said I wasn’t hot when he commented on the pants. I thought it would be ok as long as we didn’t get in the water. Then we decided to go back to his place, and I thought I was home free. Wrong!

    He thought it would be a good idea if we took a dip in the hot tub. There was no getting out of it. I had to just get over it and explain it to him. Well, I took my pants off and his mouth dropped. I saw the stunned look on his face and explained the events of the morning. Even after I told him what happened he treated me like a leper. He wouldn’t come close and the conversation really seemed to die off. He took me home that evening and we never spoke again.

    I didn’t think it was terribly funny then. I wasn’t too upset about him not calling me again. But the pain of my legs lasted for days! I have not touched the stuff since then, and I never will!

  43. 43

    Rachel Says:

    After many years of shaving my hair started to get really thick, especially on my lower legs. I ordered this at home electrolysis machine. I had to put these electrodes on my leg and for areas with sparce hair you were supposed to put this tweezer shaped electrode on the individual hairs. I would sit there for hours looking like an idiot. It didn’t work at all. I even tried nair which burned my legs and only got a few hairs out. One time while applying the nair in the bathtub I slipped on the foam and while falling down grabbed the shower curtain (like that would hold me up) and the whole thing came crashing down.

  44. 44

    Tina Says:

    The Day I Glued my Wee Wha Shut.

    Yes I have a very hairy wee wha. So the night before I am about to go on the (time to move past 2nd base) date with the new boyfriend I decide it’s time to join the ranks of wee wha waxers!

    Bikini line done! painful but bearable I breath a sigh of relief and lift my leg to reveal the next patch of unwanted hair stretching from under my leg to the black hole of calcutta YIKES!

    On goes the wax, there goes the phone, but thats ok I have had the good sense to bring it in with me, it’s just sitting over on the window sill…just outta reach. So I quickly lower my leg and reach the extra few inches to grab the phone..it’s my (always there for you) best friend calling to see what I am wearing tonight. I explain I will have to call her back as I am in the middle of something and I hangup. Now on with the job at hand! Lift leg and apply cloth strip. But my leg wont lift, I try again but quickly realise my pain threshhold and my fondness of my wee wha wont allow me to continue.

    So there I stood with my wee wha glued shut wondering if I was ever going to get past 2nd base again. The instructions I thought may have the answer. They did!! To remove excess wax use wax remover (NOT INCLUDED!) Not to be too easily beaten I decided that running hot water over the wax may work, hmmm the pain threshhold issue raises its ugly head again.

    Starting to feel a little panicked I decide it’s time to call my (always there for you) best friend. I bend over to pickup the phone off the floor and now I have a toilet roll attached to my wee wha!

    20 Minutes later my best friend is at the door wax remover in hand. And as soon as she could pick herself up off the floor and stop laughing enough to regain her composure she unglued my wee wha. And that is why we all need an (always there for you) best friend!

  45. 45

    Nikki Says:

    My story starts out as 14-year-old girl. I was always trying to find new and better ways to remove or hide hair. I used to steal my mothers hair bleach and sneak to the bathroom to try to bleach my mustache which worked great but not knowing much about hair bleach I ended up with a small amount on one of my eyebrows and bleached out the center. I soon learned what brow pencils were but not before I had to go to school the next day looking like I had tried to white-out my eyebrow. I blamed it on my mom. My quest for less hairiness continues into adulthood. I was hired as a state police officer and had to stay at a training facility for six months. I was the only woman out of seventeen other trainees. Obviously I was yearning for a little femininity after having to “man-up” everyday. We had a lot of free time in the evenings and I have now found that boredom can be dangerous outlet for creativity. I was going home that weekend to see my fiancé and wanted to surprise him with a sexy smooth bikini line. I always had stubble and the annoying little red bumps from shaving but I didn’t know of any other way. I had never had a bikini wax before and I had seen ads for at home waxing products. I figured if I could get my eyebrows waxed then why couldn’t I do this. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the first home waxing kit I found. I didn’t have a microwave so I had to get the cold kit. I have never had experience in waxing anything by my self. I’m not even good at plucking my eyebrows. I was excited! Thinking about the fun weekend ahead and not having to worry about stubble! Situations work out better in my mind than they do in life. I was in my room alone and started applying the wax. It was way messier than I had expected. I applied a huge swath. I put the strip on and waited for the time to pull it off. When it was time to pull the strip, I took a big breath and pulled the strip! Nothing. The wax did not adhere to the strip. I had a huge chunk of wax stuck to me and full of all those little deeply rooted hairs. I had to get it off some how and I new I was in trouble. This became one of the most excruciating moments in my life. I could not scream as I slowly picked at a corner of the wax because all of the guys rooms were in the same hallway as mine. If they heard me scream they might come to check on me and I REALLY didn’t need their help with this. It took me a good 45 minutes to get that wax off. I had to pull a little at a time, go pee, then do some more, then take a breather and repeat. Halfway through I thought about going back to Wal-Mart to find some kind of solvent to try to dissolve the wax. I decided I didn’t want that near my girly parts. I finished peeling and peeing and went back to my razor and shave cream. I threw the rest of it away.
    My last and most recent hair scare was the day before my wedding. Once again wanting that sexy smooth bikini line to impress my man I was looking for something other than shaving. I obviously dismissed the at home wax and called a spa for an appointment to have one done professionally. They said I may be to sore from the way to have fun on my wedding night if I did it that day. Still refusing to shave I trekked to Wal-Mart to pick a hair removal cream. I chose Nair…banana scented. Of course it says do not use near gentiles but who listens to that. I went through the directions and applied it to my bikini area. The smell was nauseating, I didn’t know banana smelled like that. With that area having coarse hair I decided using a washcloth to help scrub it away. I never paid mind to the burning sensation I had the whole time I was letting it sit. When it was time I scrubbed away the hair and Nair to find spots of hair still there and patches of skin missing. The Nair had dissolved the skin from three areas and they were anywhere in size from a quarter to a half dollar. It was so painful! Needless to say my wedding night was not much fun and I was embarrassed do to the big red painful scabs I was sporting. My husband thought it was funny and says he’ll never understand why women do these things. I still wonder that myself. No more creams or wax and until I can afford laser treatment…its me and the razor.

  46. 46

    Stephanie Says:

    I had seen these “magic hair remover pads” in the drug store several years ago and decided to try them out. I was so excited that I whipped them out right away and started using it in the car (I was not driving). I was only slightly concerned when the “magic pads” turned out to be glorified sandpaper and decided to try them anyway. Big mistake! After just a few swipes, my leg started burning and bleeding. The area ended up infected within a day or so. So, in the middle of summer, I had to walk around with this terrible scraped up, oozing rash down my leg with hair poking out. The area was way to sensitive to shave. Word of advice – steer clear of any $0.99 miracle hair removers!

  47. 47

    Siobhan Says:

    So being of the furry Italian descent that I am, I have tried everything from nair to waxing to shaving and am currently saving for laser hair removal or attempting, I’ve done a lot of stupid thing to my skin in the name of beauty and lack of fur… for example
    My best friend and I decided not only to give ourselves at home Brazilians but also to do it with the ready to use wax strips!! Well in the end we determined that females had balls of steel and that we will never buy at home “brazillian” kits again as half way through pulling off one of the strips it tore and could not be removed for the life of me… slightly awkward… the worst part was I lost a layer of skin and my friend bruised her goods… eekk…

  48. 48

    Kathryn Says:

    At the time, my older sister was a model (insert the word perfect here). We were both in our teens and I had never had my eyebrows plucked. Miss Perfection had been bugging me for some time to let her tame the mass that was growing above my eyes.

    I knew something had to be done because it was bordering on a mix between a middle-eastern Llama salesman and the hairy creature known as Sasquatch reported to exist in the northwestern United States and western Canada. From the looks of my one and only eyebrow, this elusive creature and I could have been related. People had been making plaster molds of the footprints supposedly left by this missing link primate to prove its existence for decades, but all they had to do was take one look at my eyebrow and know this thing was definitely out there. It had obviously mated with one of my ancestors during a wild camping party and the resulting out-of-control eyebrow gene was planted firmly in my DNA. Of course this trait had bypassed my sister, the Model of Perfection, because her eyebrows were, well, perfect.

    She got out the tweezers. I laid down and immediately felt dread. I thought about all the times we had fought… THE HAND-ME-DOWN CLOTHING WARS, THE SHARING A BEDROOM BATTLES (I through MCMXCVII) and being siblings, having to actually share parents (god forbid!). I wondered if she was now going to take out years of pent-up frustration on my unibrow. It was either let her have free reign on the acre of hair above my eyes or go through adolescense with no dates, being a reclusive bookworm, and living vicariously through SEVENTEEN magazine, so I bit the bullet.

    I told her, “Karen, don’t pluck too much because I don’t want them as thin as yours.” She plucked and plucked and plucked – and that was only on one brow. I should have had a hand mirror from the word go, but thought I could trust her. She finished with my right brow and told me to take a look. I went to the mirror and nearly died. It was PENCIL-THIN, I had to strain to see any hairs that were left and it had an arch that made me look like a very shocked Joan Collins. I was mortified. It was too late to turn back because now she had to make my other one just as hollywood-drastic. I didn’t want the two sides of my face to look like a “before” and “after” shot. So in the end I went from looking like the The Bride of Bigfoot to “fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride” just trying to follow the pattern of my two newly-formed arches, not to mention the fact that you had to squint to see any eyebrows whatsoever.

    I got her back though. One night in her sleep I cut her bangs. I know she wouldn’t categorize that as one of HER “funniest hair removal stories” but it being the conclusion of mine makes this story just perfect.

  49. 49

    Lisa Says:

    I will start by saying that I, too, have had to deal with “body hair issues” all of my adult life. I never understood it – I’m not Italian, was a blond-haired child and have very light, fine hair on my arms and upper legs. The lower half of my legs (I also get the 5:00 shadow after shaving in the a.m.), along with my underarms are what have driven me to try multiple products over the years. Creams (which are no better than shaving), home waxing (which leaves on more wax than actually takes off any hair), and the Epilady.

    Lately I have treated myself to a salon wax of my underarms before vacations but, unfortunately, that only lasts about a week. This is how I found out that, apparently, I have about 4 hairs growing out of each follicle. Lucky me!!!! My solution for the lower leg has been the Epilady which is, yes, a bit painful. Ah, yes, the EpiLady, which leads to my somewhat embarrassing story.

    I live in a townhouse which has soundproof walls which is great because I don’t hear my neighbors – no loud music, no dogs barking, etc. What I hadn’t realized when I first moved in was that, although you can’t hear through the walls, when the windows are open, you can hear every sound outside and, apparently, people outside can also hear in. I learned this the hard way.

    So the first time using the EpiLady in my new house, I had my windows wide open. Well, for those of you who have used the EpiLady, you know that is makes this buzzing/vibrating sound while in use. When I was done, I walked over to the window and, to my dismay, saw this woman standing outside staring at my house with a horrified look on her face. Now, I can’t say exactly what she thought I might be doing in there, but she had a look of shock on her face and quickly turned and walked away when she saw me. I can only imagine what must have been going through her head!

    Fortunately I have not seen her again. And, needless to say, I now make sure to securely close my windows whenever I epilady. I even turn on the bathroom fan to mute the sound!!!

  50. 50

    vija Says:

    I have historically hosted foreign exchange students from all over. This one summer, a 19 yr old, lovely young woman from Portugal… was our summer guest. Maria was a dark haired, dark skinned beauty! Her english was minimal, yet we always made the best of it, translating words… using hand gestures, and facial expressions. I knew no portuguese.
    One saturday, in the pharmacy… she approached me with a home waxing kit. In our limited ability to communicate, I indicated that the process would be messy. Through hand signals, and nods, and smiles… Maria indicated that she done it in Portugal, and insisted on buying it.
    That evening…. she came to me… in a robe…sobbing uncontrollably.. jabbering in portuguese, pointing to the wax box, and her bikini area.
    Ummm… apparently she was not as familiar with self waxing as she’d claimed!!!, as she had completely waxed her privates SHUT!
    Now it wasnt funny at the time…. but I’ve had many a chuckle over that nite, since…
    I had Maria spend the next 8 hrs… soaking in the tub… replacing the water with warm, as it cooled… and by the next morning… she was free of her problem! It took a whole night to dissolve!
    Needless to say…. she shaved for the rest of her stay!
    (still chuckling!)

  51. 51

    Robert Says:

    Ok I have been married for over 16 years and around year 14 I discoverd my wife and I shared a common taste, neither of us like hairy boobs. (Hey, if It causes more excitement and action I am willing to do anything). So I am excited I finally found something extrat that turned my wife on so I went ot the store and bought some type of spray on hair remover. I got in the shower put it all over my chest and stomach (all) and i waited. Needless to say I did not read the directions, it’s a man thing, I was just waiting for the hair to fall out.

    Quickly I discovered that there is a reason for caution labels, however I wish that they had a large picture of a nipple with a big x through it so that I might have paid attention.
    Nipples do not do well when covered with hair removers–they blister,swell, peel and bleed.

    Now here is the funny part, everyone reading this should picture your pastor, billy graham ect… as the one who did this. This is the story I have told to several parishoners that attend my church.