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May 9th 2008 : We have a no!no! winner!


Have you longed for the no!no!? Perhaps, you’ve read all the reviews and really, really want the no!no! but for some reason or another you haven’t been able to get that lovely, hair reduction tool into your hands. What if I were to tell you that one lucky reader will be the owner of a new no!no! – maybe that reader is you!

Here’s how you can enter to win the No!No!:

  • In the comments section, tell us your funniest hair removal story.
  • We will need your email address – we’ll use it only to contact you if you’re the winner of the contest. Enter your email address in the box provided ( your email address is kept private and will not be visible to others).

Contest ends Wednesday May 7th 2008 (11:59PM EST), at which time the comments section will be closed, so hurry up and get your story in for a chance to win the No!No!.

You may want to subscribe via RSS or EMail. to get the latest information on the winner when she/he is announced.

The details: No!No! retail value: $250. Winner will be announced on Friday May 9th 2008. An email will be sent to the winner and a corresponding blog post will be made announcing the winner. The No!No! will be sent to the winner from Berhman PR. Contest limited to USA only. If we are unable to make contact with the winner within five business days of the first attempt at contact we will contact the runner-up and she/he will be announced as the winner.

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No!No! trivia of interest: Celebrities who love their no!no!: Melissa Rivers, Hillary and Haylie Duff, and Usher.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Monday, 21 April 2008

51 Responses to “Win A No!No! Contest”

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  1. 41

    Brandi B Says:

    I was getting a Brazilian. All the salons I normally used were booked up and I was going away on holidays so I ended up going to a seedy salon in a bad part of town. The woman doing it made me get completely naked, and didn’t give me anything to cover up with. It was so uncomfortable and she was talking way too much. She made me spread my legs and I kid you not, she told me that she needed to “move my flower” and proceeded to touch my very personal parts and pushed everything to the side. Worst of all, she was not even wearing rubber gloves. It was seriously horrifying.

  2. 42

    Lisa Says:

    I hate shaving everyday, so when I heard about Nair I was excited and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I bought it and I decided I would use it the next morning. I thought it would be the perfect time to try it since I was going to be going to the beach to meet a guy I hadn’t seen in years. I can’t begin to tell you how anxious I was! I wanted to make a good impression, and I wanted everything to run smoothly. Well, it didn’t exactly work out that way.

    I started my day early. I wanted to take my time and look my best that day. I took a shower, put my makeup on, and did my hair. Then I moved on to the task of removing the hair from my legs. On the bottle of Nair the directions say to apply “a generous amount to the area”. I took generous amount to a new level, I used the whole bottle all over my legs. (It smelled awful!) At first there wasn’t any issues, aside from that stuff dripping all over the place and the awkward spread eagle position I had to assume in order to not get that stuff where I didn’t want it.

    But then everything changed. My legs started burning intensely. I stuck it out for a few more minutes, but it was an unbelievable sensation of being on fire and having your skin melt away from the bones. I turned the water in the shower on and jumped in as quickly as I could. I was so worried about getting that stuff off of my legs that I didn’t even notice I was getting my hair soaking wet again and all my makeup was being washed away. I started feverishly wiping that stuff off of my legs. But it didn’t stop burning. Finally I got it all off and got out of the shower. My legs were completely covered, (including my bikini line) with a fiery red rash.

    Now I didn’t have much time to get ready, and there was no way I was going to be able to bear my legs that day at the beach. I put my bathing suit on, and covered my legs with a light pair of beach pants. It was unbearably hot that day and the whole time I was with my date at the beach my legs were on fire. I made excuses and said I wasn’t hot when he commented on the pants. I thought it would be ok as long as we didn’t get in the water. Then we decided to go back to his place, and I thought I was home free. Wrong!

    He thought it would be a good idea if we took a dip in the hot tub. There was no getting out of it. I had to just get over it and explain it to him. Well, I took my pants off and his mouth dropped. I saw the stunned look on his face and explained the events of the morning. Even after I told him what happened he treated me like a leper. He wouldn’t come close and the conversation really seemed to die off. He took me home that evening and we never spoke again.

    I didn’t think it was terribly funny then. I wasn’t too upset about him not calling me again. But the pain of my legs lasted for days! I have not touched the stuff since then, and I never will!

  3. 43

    Rachel Says:

    After many years of shaving my hair started to get really thick, especially on my lower legs. I ordered this at home electrolysis machine. I had to put these electrodes on my leg and for areas with sparce hair you were supposed to put this tweezer shaped electrode on the individual hairs. I would sit there for hours looking like an idiot. It didn’t work at all. I even tried nair which burned my legs and only got a few hairs out. One time while applying the nair in the bathtub I slipped on the foam and while falling down grabbed the shower curtain (like that would hold me up) and the whole thing came crashing down.

  4. 44

    Tina Says:

    The Day I Glued my Wee Wha Shut.

    Yes I have a very hairy wee wha. So the night before I am about to go on the (time to move past 2nd base) date with the new boyfriend I decide it’s time to join the ranks of wee wha waxers!

    Bikini line done! painful but bearable I breath a sigh of relief and lift my leg to reveal the next patch of unwanted hair stretching from under my leg to the black hole of calcutta YIKES!

    On goes the wax, there goes the phone, but thats ok I have had the good sense to bring it in with me, it’s just sitting over on the window sill…just outta reach. So I quickly lower my leg and reach the extra few inches to grab the phone..it’s my (always there for you) best friend calling to see what I am wearing tonight. I explain I will have to call her back as I am in the middle of something and I hangup. Now on with the job at hand! Lift leg and apply cloth strip. But my leg wont lift, I try again but quickly realise my pain threshhold and my fondness of my wee wha wont allow me to continue.

    So there I stood with my wee wha glued shut wondering if I was ever going to get past 2nd base again. The instructions I thought may have the answer. They did!! To remove excess wax use wax remover (NOT INCLUDED!) Not to be too easily beaten I decided that running hot water over the wax may work, hmmm the pain threshhold issue raises its ugly head again.

    Starting to feel a little panicked I decide it’s time to call my (always there for you) best friend. I bend over to pickup the phone off the floor and now I have a toilet roll attached to my wee wha!

    20 Minutes later my best friend is at the door wax remover in hand. And as soon as she could pick herself up off the floor and stop laughing enough to regain her composure she unglued my wee wha. And that is why we all need an (always there for you) best friend!

  5. 45

    Nikki Says:

    My story starts out as 14-year-old girl. I was always trying to find new and better ways to remove or hide hair. I used to steal my mothers hair bleach and sneak to the bathroom to try to bleach my mustache which worked great but not knowing much about hair bleach I ended up with a small amount on one of my eyebrows and bleached out the center. I soon learned what brow pencils were but not before I had to go to school the next day looking like I had tried to white-out my eyebrow. I blamed it on my mom. My quest for less hairiness continues into adulthood. I was hired as a state police officer and had to stay at a training facility for six months. I was the only woman out of seventeen other trainees. Obviously I was yearning for a little femininity after having to “man-up” everyday. We had a lot of free time in the evenings and I have now found that boredom can be dangerous outlet for creativity. I was going home that weekend to see my fiancé and wanted to surprise him with a sexy smooth bikini line. I always had stubble and the annoying little red bumps from shaving but I didn’t know of any other way. I had never had a bikini wax before and I had seen ads for at home waxing products. I figured if I could get my eyebrows waxed then why couldn’t I do this. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the first home waxing kit I found. I didn’t have a microwave so I had to get the cold kit. I have never had experience in waxing anything by my self. I’m not even good at plucking my eyebrows. I was excited! Thinking about the fun weekend ahead and not having to worry about stubble! Situations work out better in my mind than they do in life. I was in my room alone and started applying the wax. It was way messier than I had expected. I applied a huge swath. I put the strip on and waited for the time to pull it off. When it was time to pull the strip, I took a big breath and pulled the strip! Nothing. The wax did not adhere to the strip. I had a huge chunk of wax stuck to me and full of all those little deeply rooted hairs. I had to get it off some how and I new I was in trouble. This became one of the most excruciating moments in my life. I could not scream as I slowly picked at a corner of the wax because all of the guys rooms were in the same hallway as mine. If they heard me scream they might come to check on me and I REALLY didn’t need their help with this. It took me a good 45 minutes to get that wax off. I had to pull a little at a time, go pee, then do some more, then take a breather and repeat. Halfway through I thought about going back to Wal-Mart to find some kind of solvent to try to dissolve the wax. I decided I didn’t want that near my girly parts. I finished peeling and peeing and went back to my razor and shave cream. I threw the rest of it away.
    My last and most recent hair scare was the day before my wedding. Once again wanting that sexy smooth bikini line to impress my man I was looking for something other than shaving. I obviously dismissed the at home wax and called a spa for an appointment to have one done professionally. They said I may be to sore from the way to have fun on my wedding night if I did it that day. Still refusing to shave I trekked to Wal-Mart to pick a hair removal cream. I chose Nair…banana scented. Of course it says do not use near gentiles but who listens to that. I went through the directions and applied it to my bikini area. The smell was nauseating, I didn’t know banana smelled like that. With that area having coarse hair I decided using a washcloth to help scrub it away. I never paid mind to the burning sensation I had the whole time I was letting it sit. When it was time I scrubbed away the hair and Nair to find spots of hair still there and patches of skin missing. The Nair had dissolved the skin from three areas and they were anywhere in size from a quarter to a half dollar. It was so painful! Needless to say my wedding night was not much fun and I was embarrassed do to the big red painful scabs I was sporting. My husband thought it was funny and says he’ll never understand why women do these things. I still wonder that myself. No more creams or wax and until I can afford laser treatment…its me and the razor.

  6. 46

    Stephanie Says:

    I had seen these “magic hair remover pads” in the drug store several years ago and decided to try them out. I was so excited that I whipped them out right away and started using it in the car (I was not driving). I was only slightly concerned when the “magic pads” turned out to be glorified sandpaper and decided to try them anyway. Big mistake! After just a few swipes, my leg started burning and bleeding. The area ended up infected within a day or so. So, in the middle of summer, I had to walk around with this terrible scraped up, oozing rash down my leg with hair poking out. The area was way to sensitive to shave. Word of advice – steer clear of any $0.99 miracle hair removers!

  7. 47

    Siobhan Says:

    So being of the furry Italian descent that I am, I have tried everything from nair to waxing to shaving and am currently saving for laser hair removal or attempting, I’ve done a lot of stupid thing to my skin in the name of beauty and lack of fur… for example
    My best friend and I decided not only to give ourselves at home Brazilians but also to do it with the ready to use wax strips!! Well in the end we determined that females had balls of steel and that we will never buy at home “brazillian” kits again as half way through pulling off one of the strips it tore and could not be removed for the life of me… slightly awkward… the worst part was I lost a layer of skin and my friend bruised her goods… eekk…

  8. 48

    Kathryn Says:

    At the time, my older sister was a model (insert the word perfect here). We were both in our teens and I had never had my eyebrows plucked. Miss Perfection had been bugging me for some time to let her tame the mass that was growing above my eyes.

    I knew something had to be done because it was bordering on a mix between a middle-eastern Llama salesman and the hairy creature known as Sasquatch reported to exist in the northwestern United States and western Canada. From the looks of my one and only eyebrow, this elusive creature and I could have been related. People had been making plaster molds of the footprints supposedly left by this missing link primate to prove its existence for decades, but all they had to do was take one look at my eyebrow and know this thing was definitely out there. It had obviously mated with one of my ancestors during a wild camping party and the resulting out-of-control eyebrow gene was planted firmly in my DNA. Of course this trait had bypassed my sister, the Model of Perfection, because her eyebrows were, well, perfect.

    She got out the tweezers. I laid down and immediately felt dread. I thought about all the times we had fought… THE HAND-ME-DOWN CLOTHING WARS, THE SHARING A BEDROOM BATTLES (I through MCMXCVII) and being siblings, having to actually share parents (god forbid!). I wondered if she was now going to take out years of pent-up frustration on my unibrow. It was either let her have free reign on the acre of hair above my eyes or go through adolescense with no dates, being a reclusive bookworm, and living vicariously through SEVENTEEN magazine, so I bit the bullet.

    I told her, “Karen, don’t pluck too much because I don’t want them as thin as yours.” She plucked and plucked and plucked – and that was only on one brow. I should have had a hand mirror from the word go, but thought I could trust her. She finished with my right brow and told me to take a look. I went to the mirror and nearly died. It was PENCIL-THIN, I had to strain to see any hairs that were left and it had an arch that made me look like a very shocked Joan Collins. I was mortified. It was too late to turn back because now she had to make my other one just as hollywood-drastic. I didn’t want the two sides of my face to look like a “before” and “after” shot. So in the end I went from looking like the The Bride of Bigfoot to “fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride” just trying to follow the pattern of my two newly-formed arches, not to mention the fact that you had to squint to see any eyebrows whatsoever.

    I got her back though. One night in her sleep I cut her bangs. I know she wouldn’t categorize that as one of HER “funniest hair removal stories” but it being the conclusion of mine makes this story just perfect.

  9. 49

    Lisa Says:

    I will start by saying that I, too, have had to deal with “body hair issues” all of my adult life. I never understood it – I’m not Italian, was a blond-haired child and have very light, fine hair on my arms and upper legs. The lower half of my legs (I also get the 5:00 shadow after shaving in the a.m.), along with my underarms are what have driven me to try multiple products over the years. Creams (which are no better than shaving), home waxing (which leaves on more wax than actually takes off any hair), and the Epilady.

    Lately I have treated myself to a salon wax of my underarms before vacations but, unfortunately, that only lasts about a week. This is how I found out that, apparently, I have about 4 hairs growing out of each follicle. Lucky me!!!! My solution for the lower leg has been the Epilady which is, yes, a bit painful. Ah, yes, the EpiLady, which leads to my somewhat embarrassing story.

    I live in a townhouse which has soundproof walls which is great because I don’t hear my neighbors – no loud music, no dogs barking, etc. What I hadn’t realized when I first moved in was that, although you can’t hear through the walls, when the windows are open, you can hear every sound outside and, apparently, people outside can also hear in. I learned this the hard way.

    So the first time using the EpiLady in my new house, I had my windows wide open. Well, for those of you who have used the EpiLady, you know that is makes this buzzing/vibrating sound while in use. When I was done, I walked over to the window and, to my dismay, saw this woman standing outside staring at my house with a horrified look on her face. Now, I can’t say exactly what she thought I might be doing in there, but she had a look of shock on her face and quickly turned and walked away when she saw me. I can only imagine what must have been going through her head!

    Fortunately I have not seen her again. And, needless to say, I now make sure to securely close my windows whenever I epilady. I even turn on the bathroom fan to mute the sound!!!

  10. 50

    vija Says:

    I have historically hosted foreign exchange students from all over. This one summer, a 19 yr old, lovely young woman from Portugal… was our summer guest. Maria was a dark haired, dark skinned beauty! Her english was minimal, yet we always made the best of it, translating words… using hand gestures, and facial expressions. I knew no portuguese.
    One saturday, in the pharmacy… she approached me with a home waxing kit. In our limited ability to communicate, I indicated that the process would be messy. Through hand signals, and nods, and smiles… Maria indicated that she done it in Portugal, and insisted on buying it.
    That evening…. she came to me… in a robe…sobbing uncontrollably.. jabbering in portuguese, pointing to the wax box, and her bikini area.
    Ummm… apparently she was not as familiar with self waxing as she’d claimed!!!, as she had completely waxed her privates SHUT!
    Now it wasnt funny at the time…. but I’ve had many a chuckle over that nite, since…
    I had Maria spend the next 8 hrs… soaking in the tub… replacing the water with warm, as it cooled… and by the next morning… she was free of her problem! It took a whole night to dissolve!
    Needless to say…. she shaved for the rest of her stay!
    (still chuckling!)

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