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Pain-free Permanent Hair Removal

Sephora No-No(October 2nd, 2007 No!No! update below and user review- scroll –UPDATE: Oct 2 2007 @ 13:30 PM
Read my review of the Sephora no!no!

) As I was reading the latest Sephora.com newsletter my eyes spied an interesting article. Sephora will be
launching a new product called No-No that promises to permanently remove up to 64% of hair – after repeated use.

It utilizes a new thermal technology called Thermicon – which sends a gentle heat wave that destroys the hair without pain or irritation.

According to the Sephora site, the No-No can reduce hair regrowth up to 64% – do the math – 100 icky leg hairs, several applications of No-No you can have less than 36 hairs left!

I’d do anything to avoid shaving or waxing. Shaving completely sucks because I end up butchering my
legs and waxing, well waxing is a special kind of hell. Yes,it’s a hell I opt for because it leaves me hair-free for four to six weeks but nonetheless a most unpleasant experience. So of course I’m interested in learning more about a low cost permanent hair removal product and signed up immediately to be one of the “first” to be notified when it’s ready to make its beauty world debut.

nono no!no! no!no! – at Sephora.com
UPDATE: Oct 2 2007 @ 13:30 PM (original post above from Aug. 17th)

Read my review of the Sephora no!no!

UPDATE: Sept 12 2007 @ 12:00 PM (original post above from Aug. 17th)

Additional information regarding the operation and hair removal process of the no!no! (quoted excerpt from press release by Behrman Communications (PR firm to Sephora )):

Stage One: Contact

  • no!no! targets the hair shaft
  • Hair is removed at point of contact
  • The thermal signal begins the disruption in growth communication

Stage Two: Crystallization

  • no!no! sends a thermal signal that crystallizes the upper part of the hair shaft

Stage Three: Interruption in the hair growth communication

  • A thermal effect occurs within the follicle whereby hair growth communication between the bulge and root are disrupted

Stage Four: Reduction in Hair Density

  • The treatment results occur in small steps
  • Repeated session are required
  • Clinical results prove that at least 35 percent reduction in hair density can be seen quite quickly with consistent use

nono no!no! no!no! – at Sephora.com

UPDATE: Sept 11 2007 @ 3:45 PM (original post above from Aug. 17th) I contacted sephora.com’s PR department today with a couple of questions. Here’s what I found out:When will the no!no! be available?
Sephora Answer : Now available online ! Available at select stores by October 1, 2007.How much will the no!no! cost?
Sephora Answer : $250 – I know it sounds a bit pricey but remember that it is a permanent solution. Right now I spend $60 per waxing treatment. I spend ($250) that much easily in a year and the hair all grows back. Now $250 doesn’t sound so bad, does it?How Well Does it Work?
I will be receiving, testing and writing a review on the no!no! soon. This is perfect timing because the hair on my legs is coming in (last waxing was end of July). I’ll keep this post updated as I get new information.Now available – the nono no!no! no!no! – at Sephora.com

UPDATE: Aug 30 2007 @ 1:45 PM (original post above from Aug. 17th)
My email in-box is overflowing with questions : “Tell me more about No!No!”, “When and Where can I buy the No!No!”, “How does it really work?”, and about 50 others so I did what any good beauty detective does…I Googled and Googled and found these interesting facts and sites that may help answer many of the No!No! hair removal device questions.

AsSeenOnTv.com (only in their google cache now) that over 500,000 no!no!s have been sold world-wide. WoW!! 500,000 women liberated from the shackles and painful drudgery of hair removal.

Price-wise – It appears that the No!No! retails from $150 to $350. I have no idea what Sephora’s price point will be but I am hoping that the No!No! is priced at the lower end of the spectrum.

Who Makes this Wonder Tool? A company called Radiancy developed the no!no!, Radiancy is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of light based hair removal systems. According to various websites the no!no! is Radiancy’s first permanent hair removal system for use at home -all of their other products are professional level hair removal systems. The no!no! was first introduced in Europe (aren’t they the lucky ones!) and then to Australia and as we all know now – the USA debut is nearing. I hope you signed up for the Sephora product alert because I have a feeling that the no!no! at home permanent hair removal system is going to be sold out quickly.

Various different websites from all over the globe had these FAQs about the no!no!:

no!no! what an interesting name! What does it mean?

The no!no! name was meant to be as simple and straightforward as possible. no!no! – NO HAIR, NO PAIN!

What makes no!no! better than other hair removal methods?

no!no! allows you to achieve hair density reduction at home. Before no!no! the only way to get professional results was with treatment in a clinic or salon. There simply were no other options available. Now you have the option of treating yourself – at home. And with a no!no! treatment there’s no pain, you don’t have to wait for hair to grow long in order to remove it, and there is no skin irritation like in-grown hairs, red pimples or rashes to cover up. There are also no cuts, no preparation, no noise, no nicks, no burns, no mess. Plus it’s small and convenient.

Does it really work?

Yes it really does! Remember no!no! is a treatment process for hair reduction and not a miracle cure for unwanted hair. It takes time and patience to reach professional goals.

How long will it take each time I use it?

The time required for each use will depend on the area you want to treat, the length of hair and your level of expertise in using no!no! The more skilled you become and less hair you need to remove – the less time you’ll need to spend using no!no!

What are the Buffers for?

After using no!no! treated hair may remain under the skin’s surface. When you buff the skin after each stage you ensure the removal of treated hair and leave a nice smooth surface.

What is a Hot Blade?
Not really a blade at all, the Hot Blade is one of the key components in Thermicon™ technology. It houses the thermodynamic wire through which the heat signal is transferred to the hair shaft.

What is the difference between the Hot Blades?

There are two types of Hot Blades, one for long hair (for hair over 1mm in length) and one for stubble (for hair under 1mm). For optimal treatment results, it is important to use the correct Hot Blade for the length of hair you are working on.

The main difference between the Hot Blades is the visible metal strip on the Hot Blade for stubble. The metal strip lifts the stubble away from the skin for more efficient hair removal.

How often do I need to replace Hot Blades?

Hot Blades are designed to last approximately one month (2 – 3 hours of treatment time). The actual life of a Hot Blade, however, depends on several varying factors among them; frequency of use, the area and type of hair being treated and the stage of treatment you are in.

How will I know when a Hot Blade needs to be replaced?

You should replace Hot Blades when:
• You begin to notice that it is not removing hair as effectively as before
• The wire is damaged in any way
• The signal light turns red

Is no!no! treatment safe?

Yes, no!no! is safe. It will not harm or damage the skin in any way.

How long do I need to use it before I see the desired results?

There is no single answer to this question. Consistency, hair type, skin type, correct use and each person’s individual body chemistry may all affect the speed of results.

Can I use with other hair removal methods at the same time?

Whether or not you decide to use a surface hair removal method in addition to no!no! at any time during the treatment course is a personal one based on your specific needs and desires. In general one of no!no!’s advantages is its ability to reach what most women consider acceptable surface removal results. However, you do not find the surface removal adequate for your needs you may, if you desire, apply other surface removal methods in conjunction with no!no! treatment..

If I use another hair removal method between no!no! treatments will it affect my no!no! results?

If you do choose to use a surface method in addition to no!no! treatment it is important to note that while no!no! treatment does not preclude the use of any other methods there are certain practical issues that would make some methods less preferable than others. Wax and rotary epilators, for example, require you to grow your hair out for several days before use. And then would keep you from applying no!no! treatment again until hair grows to the surface and although over the long run there would be no real damage it would delay treatment. On the other hand, shaving or depilatory creams do not require long surface hair and will not delay no!no! treatment.

Will my hair grow back thicker like when I use a razor?

Using a razor may give you the feeling that hair is growing back thicker but when we look under a microscope we see that the hair measures the same thickness. It is the angle of the cut that gives the illusion of thicker hair. When you shave you slice the hair shaft across the top, thereby exposing a broader, sharper surface of the hair making it feel coarser to the touch.

When you apply a no!no! treatment you are also removing surface hair, as the heat energy touches the hair shaft it crystallizes the uppermost part of the hair. Crystallized hair may also feel coarse and prickly. With no!no! treatment, though, since we are working toward the reduction of hair density any sense of coarser hair will be temporary and should start to disappear with time.

no!no! Review / Testimonial(s): I only found one but it was very thorough as it discussed the pros and cons of the no!no!. User Schang at the EssentialDaySpa.com forum writes :

I’ve been wanting to review the No-No since I was pretty sure that I was one of the first people to get one. But I was a little hesitant since it would be my first here on EDS, but here goes.

I bought the No-No in Taipei in May and have been diligently using it ever since. I think I paid about $150 USD for it, but I don’t know if the price has gone up since then, or if it’s just more expensive in the States. It came with two blades, one for long hair and one for stubble.

I bought it on a whim after spotting it at a mall. I’d never heard of it before, but I’m always eager to try new hair removal devices. (FYI – I’m Asian, but one of the few who actually have hair, other than on my head!). The salesgirl was friendly and quite informative. Apparently, she’d been using the No-No for a while and showed me the arm that she’d been experimenting on. It was pretty much hairless, but then I asked to see her other arm and there was hardly any hair there either! LOL!

So she asked if we wanted to try it. I was a little nervous and I had sunscreen on, so I had my husband try it. He said it felt fine but I could definitely smell a burning smell. I was still interested but I wanted to do a research on the internet before paying that much for something I’d never heard of before.

So I went home, did a little research, and after deciding that it didn’t seem like a total scam, headed back to the store. This time though, I tried it on my own arm. The salesgirl held the machine for me so I wasn’t in control and I actually ended up getting burnt. I naturally became a little skeptical after that since I had 3-4 horizontal burn marks on my arm. I used aloe vera gel and they scabbed over and healed pretty quickly. My husband thought I was crazy but I still wanted to buy the machine! ( Read the rest of the review at EssentialDaySpa.com – you will need to scroll down a bit or search for “Schang” with your browser “Find in Page” tool. The review is a bit long but I found it very informative and quite detailed – really worth the read.)

nono no!no! no!no! – at Sephora.com

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Tuesday, 2 October 2007

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  1. 1

    chilli Says:

    remove permanent hair forever? i can´t belive that. i gotta check that out. i hope it´s not too expensive. thanks for that interesting tip.

  2. 2

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Chilli,

    Thanks for your comment. I hope it’s not too expensive. I look forward to trying it out. I really hate shaving and waxing (which gets expensive at around $60 per treatment) and I think long-term the no!no! from Sephora will save me money. I just hope it really works :)

  3. 3

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    Sephora No!No! Review| distressedDERMA Says:

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  5. 5

    colleen Says:

    i used this on underarms, more sensitive and could see the “smoking” hair being removed and knew it had to be working. it was easier than my knees. i have very coarse hair on legs and just keep hitting it with the nono every 2-3 days, still just have stubble. i figure if it reduces it or lightens it i’ll be a happy camper. also, after the comment about the face, i tried it. very sensitive if you slow down, especially the moustache area, but again if it reduces, or slows down or gets rid of thick peach fuzz i’ll be happy. i’ve already used the verseo(hsn) and gotten descent results without regularly using it, but it conducts an electrical current through the body so if you have health issues you really ha

  6. 6

    ms. distressedDerma Says:


    Thank you for your comment and insight on the no!no!.

    I have crossposted your comment at no!no! hair removal device review as I think it will be very useful to others considering the no!no!.

  7. 7

    Carol Says:

    I would like to know if the No! No! will work on blond hair…had professional laser treatments and it didn’t work (apparently hair has to have color pigment). Thanks!

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