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Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion Formula 3

According to the Mary Kay product website the Oil Control Lotion Formula 3 was formulated for oily or acne prone skin, and is capable of helping prevent oil breakthrough and shine for up to eight hours while simultaneously hydrating and condition dry skin areas. This Mary Kay beauty treatment is created with a unique emollient formula which softens and smooths skin without leaving a film or oily residue. The site description promised that after using the Oil Control Lotion Formula 3 my skin would be left feeling and looking fresh and matte. And the biggie: using the Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion would help extend the life of my makeup.

I’m already a loyal user of DERMAdoctor TeaseZone and absolutely love it but I’m also a beauty and skin care junkie who needs to try new products. Testing and reviewing the Oil Control Lotion from Mary Kay was the beauty fix I needed.

The lotion comes in a 4 ounce bottle and retails for about $18 (directly from marykay.com). The lotion itself is very lightweight, absorbs quickly into the skin, is unscented ( really like that) and left no film. I let it dry for about 5 minutes before applying foundation.

I noticed that my skin felt a bit dry and taut. Not uncomfortable but just drier than my skin normally gets using other products. My make-up looked good and I checked for oil breakthrough at every hour. The Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion held up well three hours into my work day but by the fourth hour my skin was shining. I used oil-blotting papers to soak up the excess oil and reapplied the oil control lotion over my makeup. A daring move but it turned out well. I used less than the amount I had used in the morning. What I did was: add a dollap of the product in my hand, rubbed my hands gently to warm it up and then very gently tapped the product around my face. After that I got another 3 hours of oil-free happiness.

The Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion is a nice product if you have mild to moderate oily skin. It probably does last 8 hours for those with less oily skin. If your skin is as oily as mine and you prefer continuous 8 hour oil-control then you might be interested in Tease Zone by DERMAdoctor.

Ms. Distressed Derma rates this product: 1/2 :) – since I had to reapply twice during the day.

Disclaimer: All opinions and reviews at distressedDERMA.com are based on my experience. Your experiences may vary. This is not a medical opinion and unless explicitly stated all products reviewed have been purchased by distressedDERMA.com

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Monday, 24 August 2009


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