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In Break-out Hell Again

My skin is rebelling again. After several months of bliss like skin it’s pimple hell once again. I am so stressed for so many reasons – too many to delve into right now. So here I go again – trying desperately to kill the acne bump with the Zeno before it becomes an ugly disgust, red, disfiguring bump. So far I’ve only managed to out-time three and the other two have surfaced to the top and they are awful. I’ve upped my daily usage of AHA and BHA as well as facial peels to keep my skin constantly exfoliated so that the ugly bastards to stay long. Thankfully the duration isn’t weeks and months. At most I have to deal with the ugly things for a week or so.

I really need to get my life in order because the stress and anxiety is ruining my skin and body. And of course the worse my skin gets and the fatter I get the more depressed – viscious disgusting cycle.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Wednesday, 16 May 2007


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