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Wrinkle Busting & Acne Clearing Skincare: distressedDERMA Favorites

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Derma Doctor Calm, Cool and Corrected has a soothing, calming property that helps reduce the inflamation and redness caused by acne and roscea. Derma Doctor Calm, Cool and Corrected

MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Complex (a 14% glycolic cream that exfoliates gently)and in my opinion, is the best acne and wrinkle buster in the world. I use it regularly and my skin is clear, bright and smooth. If I get lazy or complacent and skip a week or two…ugly disgusting pimples and acne. I am never without this product, ever. MD Formulations Continuous Renewal Complex

DERMAdoctor.com, Inc.

My facial skin used to be an oil slick. I am quite serious. Within two hours of cleansing my skin my make-up would melt off. I had tried other oil absorbing lotions in the past and they were awful. I usually ended up with dry, white patches intermingled with greasiness. YUCK. Derma Doctor TeaseZone is the first oil absorbing lotion that I’ve used that works and works. I’m talking about 6 to 8 hours of beautiful matte skin. Buy Derma Doctor TeaseZone

NEOVA is simply the leader in collagen rebuilding skin treatments. I’ve been using the NEOVA anti-oxidant serum and NEOVA eye gel for over three years and it’s nothing short of incredible. Wrinkles that had started prior to the NEOVA treatment are now barely visible. Acne scars are smoothing out and the skin on my neck looks much younger than it did three years ago. These copper based products are a must have in any anti-aging skin care arsenal. NEOVA anti-oxidant serum and NEOVA eye gel

MD Formulations My Personal Peel (glycolic peel with special treatments for skin brightening, clearing and smoothing) is the absolute best facial peel I have ever experienced. The Personal Peel system outperforms all of the expensive professional peels I’ve had and it cost much less. I have multiple skin issues; acne, sensitivity, fine lines and wrinkles and stubborn dark melasma spots -this product targets and treats them all.

MD Formulations Vit-A Clear is a powerful zit zapper. I apply it at night, by morning the blemish is either gone or resolving itself. MD Formulations Vit-A Clear

The Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device is a revolutionary tool in the war against acne. I love this product. My only regret is that it wasn’t available 10 years ago. The key to using the Zeno effectively is to get to the pimple before it breaks through the skin. Tough task at times but if you do, the pimple will never appear. The Zeno has also worked on my more stubborn cystic acne lesions.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 17 July 2008

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    Photography Says:

    Where can I get Zeno MD Acne?

  2. 2

    Ryan Liao Says:

    Interesting, is it true that zeno zapper clears away your cystic acne? Did you use any other treatment when using zeno?

  3. 3

    Sharon Says:

    The inflamation caused by the acne will be dreadful.This is the problem most of the teenagers are facing today.And it is not safe to self treat these infections and always better to consult an doctor as early as possible

  4. 4

    Portafill Says:

    This sounds like a great product.Thanks for letting me know of this. Much appreciated

  5. 5

    Rachelloury Says:

    Interesting.This is the main problem teenagers facing today.I think they consult doctor first.Not good to take self treatment.
    Thank you.

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    TCN Says:

    Great information. I am going to let me son know about this site as we have tried everything and its alot of helpful information on here.

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    halihalam Says:

    I really appreciate the tips you had posted to skin care..In this cold weather we need to take some steps for our skin..

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    Kebbles Says:

    This is fantastic, i’m quite excited about the prospect of the renewal complex as i’ve been looking for something that will actually do something to effectively treat my acne with.