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Common Myths About Acne

The following are common misconceptions people have regarding acne:

  1. Dirt Causes Acne – Acne is caused by various factors, dirt is not one of them.
  2. Chocolate, Oily Foods, & (Fill-in the blank …food) Causes Acne – there has not been conclusive evidence that proves that what you eat can cause acne. Although, in my experience I have noticed a major improvement in my skin when I followed diets such as the South Beach Diet or the Atkins diet. Removing the refined, processed carbs reduced the number of blemishes.
  3. Cosmetics and Beauty Creams Cause Acne – Cosmetics today are developed so that they won’t clog your pores so don’t let this out-dated myth stop you from using make-up. Some things to think about when using cosmetics: When exercising forgo the make-up when mixed with sweat your foundation will be a pore clogger. Also, keep you hands off your face – actually always keep your hands off your face.
  4. Sweat Cleans Out Your Pores – No, it just mixes with the oils on your skin and causes more irritation which leads to more blemishes. Make it a habit to shower off immediately following any activity that gets you sweating.
  5. Acne Only Affects Teens – No, acne is a skin disease/disorder that can affect anyone who has skin regardless of age.
  6. Acne Is Not A Serious Condition – There are those who think acne is just cosmetic in nature – and yes it’s visible, affects the way one appears and it isn’t deadly like some other serious diseases. BUT it is a serious condition that must be addressed and treated early because it also affects your self-esteem and can lead to depression. Also treating acne early can minimize scarring and damage to your skin.
  7. Acne Pops Up Overnight – It may seem like you went to bed with clear skin and woke up with a angry, red beastly bump smack dab in the center of you chin but rarely is it true that pimples just appear “overnight”. A blemish typically takes about two to three weeks of “processing” time before it makes it’s untimely debut on your skin. Knowing this means that you can have some control over the condition of your skin by implementing a consistent skin care routine that works for you.
  8. Tan Your Acne Away – BAD, BAD, BAD for so many reasons – first the sun will damage your skin, lead to wrinkles, skin discolorations and a bevy of other skin problems – cancer being the worst. Secondly, your skin will always peel after sun exposure – that just means more dead skin cells readily available to clog your pores. Before you leave your home – I don’t care if it’s the middle of winter – apply a sunscreen SPF 15. You will thank me when you reach your thirties.
  9. Washing Your Face X Times Clears Up Acne – No, it just dries your skin out which leads to flaky dead skin which will clog your pores further exaberating your acne. Also there is no need to scrub your skin raw. Doing so will not make the acne go away, it will only make it worse because you are irritating the skin and if the blemish is “popped” it will also spread the infection to the surronding area – leading to more acne. While on this topic also say no to alcohol based products, they strip your skin of its natural oil and your body responds by going into overdrive to produce more – more oil = more blemishes.

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One Response to “Common Myths About Acne”

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    Erica Says:

    I have also found that cutting way down on refined sugar and refined carbs decreases the number of blemishes I get. This has been a big change, because I have a huge sweet tooth, but ultimately I feel healthier and my skin looks better.