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Calidora Skin Care Collection Review

Calidora Foaming Cleanser, Balancing Masque, Ultra-light moisturizer

Mature skin plagued by oiliness, blemishes, icky blackheads and enlarged pores? Calidora has a skin care collection to address each and every one of those concerns. As you all know, I am the queen of confused skin – oily yet aging, and fine lines appearing, dried out in areas and blemish prone in others. A constant struggle I deal with on a daily, and I swear it feels more like hourly, basis. I’ve also been a living, walking bio-lab test subject for hundreds of skin care products over the last few years; some have worked well, while others have failed most magnificently. So when I find a product that works on my bi-polar aging, oily, blemish prone skin, I take it upon myself to spread the word far and wide.

I’m proud to have added the amazing and effective Calidora skin care product line to my ever evolving skin care toolkit. Some of you may recognize the name “Calidora” as that of the renowned Santa Monica skin care clinics.

Calidora Foaming Cleanser deep cleans pores and battles acne causing bacteria with Salicylic Acid and Zinc. The added Panthenol hydrates the skin for supple skin that feels great. Many deep cleaning cleansers on the market tend to leave my skin feeling like Joan River’s skin – tight as a drum and most uncomfortable. The Calidora cleanser contains a plethora of good-for-you anti-oxidants derived from red wine grapes. These powerful anti-oxidants fight off free-radicals, soothe irritated skin, reduce redness and increase hydration.

Calidora Balancing Masque is one of my favorite clay/mud style masque I’ve used to date, and trust me I have tried many facial masques over the years. It’s formulated for all skin types and like the Calidora Foaming Cleanser it’s chock full of anti-oxidants and other wonderful skin nourishing ingredients. Why I love it? It’s gentle, effective and leaves my skin with a spa-like facial cleanliness and youthful vibrance. The Calidora Balancing masque leaves skin with a perfect texture, never overly dry or overly hydrated, hence the “balancing” part of the name :)

Calidora Ultra-Light Moisturizer bumped my number one favorite oil-control product out and now sits proudly as #1 in my book. Words can not even begin to express how wonderful I believe this moisturizer is, but i’ll give it a go. To repeat, I have crazy, weird skin: Oily and dry, wrinkling and blemish-prone. To find a skin care product that moisturizes and leaves my skin looking and feeling supple while at the same time keeping the oilies at bay has been my personal quest for the beauty grail of balanced skin. Calidora Ultra-light Moisturizer delivers. As with other Calidora products, the moisturizer comes replete with a working arsenal of anti-oxidants, and added to that it boasts the acne bacteria killing and oil regulating power of Salicylic Acid and Zincidone (Zinc teamed up with L-PCA (not sure what this is, don’t care – whatever it is, it’s part of a skincare team of ingredients that works wonders).

Special 15% off order for distressedDERMA readers: enter “DermaSavvy” at checkout. Calidora Foaming Cleanser ($27), Calidora Balancing Masque($35), Calidora Ultra-light Moisturizer($35) – available at Calidora.com.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Friday, 14 November 2008

7 Responses to “Calidora Skin Care Collection Review”

  1. 1

    Kelsey Says:

    I’ve heard of this spa but never visited, and I didn’t realize they carried their own line of products. (I’m from the Seattle area, and Calidora has some locations there as well.) Thanks for the review, the line sounds well formulated and pretty affordable. I especially appreciate your review of the moisturizer – this is always the product that I’m in search of! Thanks again!!!

  2. 2

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    I’m quite pleased with the balancing moisturizer. It’s refreshing to find products that do work well, and I love that the calidora skincare products are affordable.

  3. 3

    Anonymous Says:

    […] testimonials, and recently we received another feather in our cap. A very popular beauty blog, DistressedDerma reviewed several products from The Calidora System product line, and gave us rave […]

  4. 4

    Suzzannee Says:

    I have been using the foaming cleanser and moisturizer for the past week – I am seeing great results (a dramitic decrease in my acne breakout). Thanks for the review. I’m so happy I decided to get it!

  5. 5

    Skin Care Queen Says:

    Calidora does make some decent skin care products. I’ve tried their cleanser and like it pretty will. Would purchase more of their products in the future.

  6. 6

    Karen Says:

    I tried these products after your review and I love them!

    They are effective and really reasonably priced. I use their cleanser with my Clarisonic, but my favorite is their rich moisturizing mask. Its nice to use after a long week. I would definitely recommend their products.

  7. 7

    Body care products Says:

    Calidora seems to be a best solution for skin care.and nice article…Calidora has a skin care collection to address each and every one of those concerns.