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Adult Acne: Wrinkles and Pimples, What's the Best Make-Up?

You’re in your mid 20s to early 30s, getting ready for work and what’s the first thing you see looking back at you in the mirror? It’s a pimple (or perhaps more than one) on your chin, forehead or jawline. You ask yourself, “Shouldn’t those pesky zits have disappeared after I exited my teenage years?”

What could possibly make waking up to blemished skin worse? How about aging, wrinkling skin, that has a tendency to be oily and blemish-prone. You’ll almost miss your teen years when it was easy enough to cover-up the acne with an oil-free matte foundation and a light dusting of oil-free matte-finish powder. Try that today and you’ll only manage to accent the wrinkles.

There’s no doubt that women who find themselves fighting wrinkles and oily blemish-prone skin also have to deal with the difficulty of finding a decent cosmetic product that addresses both aging skin and acne. Most cosmetic companies have products that are perfect for aging skin – contain emollients and moisturizers and some even have light reflective properties to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other flaws. Then there’s the make-up specially formulated for blemished skin which may contain pimple medication and compounds to keep the skin matte and shine free for hours. What’s missing is a make-up line that really addresses the issues inherent in blemished, oily yet aging skin. Some may promise to work on all skin types and conditions but we’ve yet to find one that really does.

Without a real and single cosmetic product solution (or line) that tackles pimples and wrinkles, what’s a gal to do? Create her own! It’s actually quite easy. The key point to remember is that you can’t treat your entire face as one entity, you need to treat the components.

Prime Your Face

After your morning skin care routine:

  1. If you have deep creases or acne scarring use a line/crease filler product to give your skin a smoother finish. If you want to keep your skin wrinkle free during the day, use a product that has GABA. GABA is a compound that helps “freeze” movement so that your skin looks smoother. Kind of a temporary Botox without the needle.
  2. Apply an oil absorbing lotion like DERMAdoctor Tease Zone or Mary Kay Oil Absorbing lotion where you have the oily skin problem. Make sure to follow with an oil-free sunscreen like DERMAdoctor Body Guard. (Note: Avoid Eye Area)
  3. Where you have drier, dehydrated and wrinkling areas apply a good age reversing moisturizer such as Dr. Patricia Wexler’s Universal Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF30, if you have oily patches in the wrinkled area try Dr. Patricia Wexler’s Oil Free Hydrator SPF 30+. (Note: Avoid Eye Area)
  4. Gently apply a moisturizing and anti-oxidant product to your eye area. Only use specially formulated products for this sensitive and delicate area around the eye. We like Olay Regenerist Eye-Lifting Serum, DERMAdoctor Wrinkle Revenge Eye Balm, NEOVA Eye Therapy serum and Dr. Wexler’s Deep Wrinkle Eye Repair.
  5. Use a green-tone color correcting tint on pimples. Physician’s Formula, Bobbie Brown and MAC Cosmetics have some excellent corrective tint products. The green will neutralize the redness of the pimple. Use a light touch and follow with a concealer matched to your skin color. Vincent Longo Creme Concealer and Bobbie Brown are our favorite for coverage and staying power.Using a concealer brush is better for blending.
  6. Under-eye skin area – if you have dark, bluish under eye circles apply a bisque or peach color corrective tint, doing so will neutralize the blue color. We recommend Bobbie Brown’s Corrector (for really dark under eye circles) or Bobbie Brown’s Tinted Eye Brightener (for minimal under eye darkness) .You’ll be amazed how your tired eye area will look fresh and youthful. Follow the corrective tint with a concealer to match your skin tone.
  7. Now that your skin is primed it’s time for foundation. Depending on your individual skin concerns you may opt for a light to medium to heavy coverage foundation. We like foundations from: MAC, Prescriptives , Bobbi Brown, Rimmel 16 Hour non-transfer make-up(best for skins with minimal wrinkling and lots of shine) and Lancome Magique Mousse Make-up. Choose a foundation for combination skin instead of one that’s specifically formulated for aging skin or blemished skin. It’s not a perfect solution for aging and blemished skin, but using a combination skin product is better than using a product that may be too rich or too drying. We recommend applying the foundation with a make-up sponge or foundation brush for a really nice, smooth finish.
  8. Apply a very light dusting of powder. Don’t get heavy handed with the powder as it will make your skin look overly dry and may settle into wrinkles and scarred areas.

If acne blemishes are primarily your biggest issue, and you want to learn how to give your acne prone skin a smoother finish using makeup, check back later in April for how-to advice from make-up artists. Subscribe to the distressedDERMA feed or email subscription to be notified when the article is published.

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Bring Out The Color Cosmetics

With you face primed and ready to go it’s time to take a look at color cosmetics. In general you should avoid cream based products and products that contain metallics, other than those two little exceptions the world of color cosmetics is open to you.

Keep the Shine Away

If you experience facial oiliness – which accents wrinkles and blemishes like a magnifying glass – during the course of your day, don’t cake on the powder – reach for a really good oil-blotting tissue like Mary Kay’s 100% linen sheet oil-blotting tissues. The oil blotting tissues will soak up the facial oils without depositing more color or powder on the skin. Dab on a little more of your favorite oil control lotion, and fresh looking skin will be your’s again!

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