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Sephora No!No! Review

SEPHORA no!no! Contest Give-Away! April 21, 2008 to May 7, 2008

Have you longed for the no!no!? Perhaps, you’ve read all the reviews and really, really want the no!no! but for some reason or another you haven’t been able to get that lovely, hair reduction tool into your hands. What if I were to tell you that one lucky reader will be the owner of a new no!no! – maybe that reader is you! The Sephora No!No! contest is here!


(UPDATE: March 02, 2008– scroll to bottom) The no!no! hair removal system has been delivered into my anxiously awaiting hands. I snapped some photos to show you what comes with the no!no!.

Box view of no!no!
Bottom view of no!no! box. Cute slogan on the bottom: “no!no! uses science not magic”

Box top and pictures view of no!no!
The top view of the box illustrates what you should expect upon opening the no!no! package.

Open Box view of no!no! and user manual, CD/DVD
The package contains two plastic trays, the above image shows the top tray which contains the no!no!, a training CD/DVD and user manual.

Box view of no!no! accessories
The second (bottom) tray contains the no!no! accessories – storage pouch, power supply, 2 – Hot Blades for long hair, 3 – Hot Blades for stubble, cleaning brush and buffer.

Box view of no!no! and accessories
The no!no! and all its accessories.

Front view of no!no! in hand for comparison
The no!no! is quite small and from the front view looks as slim as an iPod but it’s not…

Side view of no!no! in hand for comparison
As you can see from the no!no! profile, it’s quite a bit thicker than you would expect. Even thick around the middle, the no!no! was small enough to hold comfortably.

October 3rd 2007 Update:Sephora no!no! Hair Remover in ActionI read the manual and watched the training video – which I highly recommend to any one who purchases this product.

Despite reading the manual and following the instructions I still had a problem figuring out which blade was for long hair and which one was for short hair. I can be ditsy at times so it’s probably only me who would get confused but the blades themselves weren’t labeled and just looking at the illustration in the manual didn’t really help. As I said I can be a bit obtuse when it comes to mechanical things. I’d recommend that the no!no! manufacturer find a way to label the blades themselves – just a little product design tip :)

Once I figured out which blade I needed to tackle the long hairs, I then started putting the no!no! together. The instructions for this part were thorough and I had the no!no setup in less than a minute. The no!no! uses direct power (no battery operation) and the on and off switch are directly on the power supply. With the power button switched to “on” there are no indicators/light signals to tell you the no!no! is ready for use – it just is.

Hairy leg pre-no!no
My hairy pre-no!no! leg. I never realized how ugly my legs could look at such close range – scary.

I was apprehensive about applying the no!no! to my skin – bad memories of my teen years and the medieval hair removing torture device called the EpiLady – I hesitated for a bit and then just pressed down and got started.

The no!no! hair removal device doesn’t hurt and my fears of EpiLady hair-ripping pain were put to rest :)

According to the manual to effectively use the no!no! you need to “glide” – it’s a method that you quickly learn thanks to the no!no!’s signal light. The signal light will be a steady green when you’re working at the right speed and start to flicker when your timing is off. Within minutes I was comfortably gliding.

no!no! removing hair
Using the no!no! is quite easy and the green signal light here shows that I’m gliding correctly.

As I glided the no!no! across the test areas on my leg I noticed the smell of hair being singed but no pain. There was a bit of discomfort when I stopped in one area for too long -it felt like being snapped with rubber bands – but that was operator error. Within five minutes I felt like a pro. The green light held steady and the hair was coming off.

no!no! removing hair -front view
Using the no!no! like a pro!

I also had stubble on my legs (hair still growing in from the last waxing) so I tried out the stubble hot blade and that worked just as well as the hot blade for long hair.I did have some difficulty getting at the hair on my knees. It’s going to take practice because gliding on round surfaces is a bit challenging. I will practice that technique over the next few days and will dutifully report back.

After removing the hair on the test section I noticed that my skin felt like it had one-day old stubble on it. That feeling didn’t last long once I started buffing (exfoliating) with the no!no! buffer pad. When I finished buffing the test section my skin was as soft as the skin of my five month old niece – just silky smooth.

no!no! after no hair
Using the no!no! like a pro! Notice the areas cleared of hair by the no!no!.

The real test for the no!no! will be the reduction in hair density. Over the next eight weeks I will document my use and the results of the no!no! for permanent hair removal system.

The nono no!no! no!no! – available at Sephora.com

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 17 April 2008

350 Responses to “Sephora No!No! Review”

  1. 1

    Jeni Says:

    I will be anxiously awaiting your review of this! I am curious if it’s really pain-free, and if it works! After all of my experiences with laser hair removal, I am wondering how this will compare.

  2. 2

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Jeni,

    It’s definitely pain-free.

    This will be an incredible and affordable at home hair removal tool if it does perform as promised. I can’t wait to see what my results will be eight weeks from today.

  3. 3

    Loren Charvat Says:

    Thanks for the review. I can’t wait to hear about the long term no!no! results.

    I have a few questions I hope you can answer:

    How does the no!no! compare to waxing?

    Do you get stubble the next day or does it stay smooth?

    I noticed that your legs aren’t that hairy maybe it’s the photo – you did say you had stubble coming in, so do you think that the no!no! would work on someone who has a lot of hair?

    How long does it take to remove hair on your legs using the no!no!? Is it as fast as shaving?

    Thanks again.

  4. 4

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Loren,

    Here are answers to your question:

    The no!no! is truly pain-free. Waxing is torture for me and then theres the sticky wax residue that seems to stick to me no matter how wonderful my wax lady is (and she’s a doll).

    I didn’t get stubble the next day, however, today I’m sporting some rough stubble – yuck. The stubble is more like stubble from a waxed leg instead of a shaved leg in that it doesn’t feel angled or sharp.

    Sorry about the images – when I got to close to my legs with the camera (even in detail mode) everything got out of focus. It’s easy to see the long hairs the stubble just showed up on the pictures as a thousand dirty pores. I really do have hairy legs just most of that hair right now is in stubble mode. I will also (working up the courage to do so) use the no!no! on my hairy arms. The hair on my arms has long caused me distress and I would love to see the hair disappear. Pictures will be forthcoming – once I work up the nerve to no!no! my arm.

    The no!no! took me WAY longer to use to remove the hair than if I had shaved. Granted I’m still new to using the no!no! I have a feeling that it will always be slower than shaving. From my limited experience I’d say to reserve a block of time to use the no!no! – when you aren’t in a rush. The key to no!no!s effectiveness is to use if often (3 x a week) and use it correctly and that requires patience and a block of uninterrupted/non -rushed time.

  5. 5

    Fernanda Says:

    Did you try it on your bikini-area? How about armpits?

  6. 6

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Fernanda,

    Haven’t no!no!-ed either of those areas yet. The hot blades do have limited life-spans so I am concentrating on my legs for this review and as I mentioned to Loren – my arms.

    I’m just a bit nervous about doing my arms because I have to be really flexible to do my right arm well. I am lousy using my left hand for painting my nails so am just a bit afraid of the quality of hair removal I will experience using the no!no! with my left hand. I am tempted to approach my husband, sisters or friends to help :)

  7. 7

    Cylan Hogg Says:

    Can you tell me if men can use this device??


  8. 8

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Cylan,

    The no!no! can be used by men or women.

  9. 9

    BELINDA Says:


  10. 10

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Belinda,

    The replacements are inexpensive. You can buy them at Sephora – they sell them in combos for $21.00.

  11. 11

    Kara Says:

    Thanks so much for the review. This little device looks very nifty. :D

  12. 12

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Kara,

    Thank you for your comment on the no!no! review.

    I will be updating tomorrow on the results to date (hint: looks good :) ). I also took the plunge last week and did part of my arm which was really hard for me to do – I was so scared that it would look awful. It didn’t and it looks like only about 30% of the hair is coming back. Anyhow, update coming really soon with lots of details.

  13. 13

    micheline Says:

    Have you tried vaniqua? That’s supposed to slow down hair growth. Does the no!no! work better than vaniqua? I have really dark, hard hairs on my arms, face, chest – really everywhere and I am despereate to find an affordable hair removal solution.

    After I had my baby last year my body went crazy. Hair everywhere except on my head – i’ve lost hair there. My insurance doesn’t cover hair removal or the vaniqua – whcih costs $60 at my local pharmacy.

  14. 14

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Micheline,

    I tried Vaniqua when it first came out several years ago. Wasn’t impressed with the product for what it cost. It was expensive and as in your case my insurance didn’t cover it. Go figure, insurance covers Viagra but we women can’t get Vaniqua or Retin-A (after age 30) covered…(DISCLAIMER: My experience and my friend’s experience – you may have a better HMO)

    A few years ago, I found a hair growth inhibitor at Sally Beauty Supply, called “Slow Grow” from Gigi which in my opinion worked as well as Vaniqua -and you can use it all over your body. It only cost’s $10 and it was effective in slowing the regrowth. I used it after every waxing and it would add an additional 1 to 2 weeks between regular waxings, saving me time and money. Not a bad return for $10 and it lasts about four months with regular use.

    I do have to add to this comment that I haven’t used the “Slow Grow” during the no!no! efficacy testing, as I don’t want to skew the test results.

    I don’t know if I can compare Vaniqua and the no!no!. Vaniqua is a hair regrowth inhibitor while the Sephora no!no! is a hair removal system which promises to reduce overall hair density. I guess you can think of it this way: the hair will still grow in everywhere just slower with the use of a hair growth inhibitor whereas anywhere from 30%to 60% of hair removed by the no!no! will not come back.

  15. 15

    Joseph Says:

    Hello. I purchased a No No system today from Sephora. I am a 23 yr old male and have been shaving my arms since i was in 9th grade. (swimteam) Inside the inner elbow area I always get these small red irritation pimples that appear 2-3 days after I shave my arms. They are probably just some ingrown hairs/razor bumps. Anyway I wanted to give No No a try and I used it tonight. It does not hurt and feels a bit warm to the skin. It does not work like a raor(at least for me). My arms are still prickly but I am guessing what it does is kill the hair follicles and retard/diminish hair growth. We shall see. If I don’t see a significance in 2 weeks I am returning this baby :)

  16. 16

    ms. distressedDERMA Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for your insight. I’d love to hear about your experience with the no!no!, please come back with your updates. I think it will be very useful for the distressedDERMA.com male readers. Women obviously have different hair growth rates, hair density and coarseness than men (due to hormones). So my no!no! hair removal experience doesn’t translate well for my male readers.

    After you no!no! -ed did you use the exfoliating buffer ? I found that it makes a huge difference between stubbly feeling skin to smooth feeling skin.

    If the no!no! doesn’t work for you and you do return to shaving you might want to exfoliate (glycolic cleanser or mechanical scrubbing)the areas you shave on a daily basis (make it part of your shower routine) that should reduce and/or eliminate the ingrown hair/razor bumps – since the hair won’t be trapped under the skin’s surface.

    If you use the gylcolic cleanser – use it a day after shaving NEVER use it right after shaving – it will hurt and burn.

  17. 17

    iHoney Says:

    Does no!no! give ingrown hairs like epilators do? Thanks!

  18. 18

    mjlover Says:

    Hi – i just bought a no!no! and have been using it for 2 days … i cant wait to see some results! I also was scared about trying it on my arms but they look SO much better without all that hair … i hate that burned hair smell but to be honest, if thats the only ‘down side’ then i’ll take it!

  19. 19

    Crissy Says:

    I’m just wondering if it’s really permanent. I mean, if so, something this simple could put laser hair removal surgeons out of business! (haha good!) It’s expensive and horrribly painful. I’d be willing to try anything to have smooth arms and legs and never have to worry about body hair and being tortured!! hahaha

  20. 20

    Renee Says:

    Does it matter if your hair is light or dark?

  21. 21

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    iHoney, mjlover, Crissy and Renee,

    Thank you for your comments on this post.

    I haven’t experienced ingrown hairs but I believe it is is directly related to the exfoliation I perform after no!no!-ing. When I waxed or shaved in the past I would also exfoliate (religiously!) and didn’t suffer from ingrown hairs. The key to avoiding ingrown hairs and the ugly, red bumps associated with them is to keep the old, dead skin off. Unobstructed hair pores (not sure what the word is…)allow the regrowth to come through without getting stuck. Stuck regrowth that can’t get past the obstructed hair opening because of the icky cellular glue (clumps of dead skin cells) leads to ingrown hairs.

    I hate, really hate the smell of the burning hair. I have a sensitive sense of scent. My trick is to work with stubble and short regrowth – doing so minimizes the stink.

    In the end though, I can deal with the smoked hair “fragrance” because I am seeing results. I’ll put up with nearly anything to have less hair. Some places on my arms and legs the hair hasn’t even come back. I kid with my husband that I’m going bald – which is great considering it’s on my legs and arms :)


    I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and so far the results are good. I think it would be unfair to compare it with laser hair removal, as the no!no! effects a reduction in the hair density whereas the laser hair removal actually removes all hair. Of course there is a huge price difference and from what some readers have emailed me who have tried laser and are now using the no!no! – there’s a difference in the pain. No!no! doesn’t hurt and they do think laser does. I can’t contribute to that discussion as I haven’t tried the laser hair removal – but I can tell you that the no!no! does not hurt at all. It’s a joy to use – no appointments, no shaving cream or water needed, no cuts, no burns, no sticky wax residue and I can do it while watching my favorite TV shows – it’s really easy :)

    Unlike laser hair removal, hair color doesn’t seem to be an issue with no!no!. I have dark hair and it’s working on me.

  22. 22

    Ricki Says:

    Can you get burned by the hot blades? I’m thinking of going buying it tonight after work, but I dont want burn/scab marks after using this?

  23. 23

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Ricki,

    Great question. The hot blades don’t get hot enough to cause any damage. They just feel warm. It can be a little scary the first time you use the no!no! because you don’t know what to expect but trust me it’s not bad or harmful. I’ve been using it for awhile now and no skin burns or pain.

    Do expect a little smoke to poof up when you use the hot blades on long hair as your hair is essentially being burned off by the electric current but that’s totally normal.

    I’d love to hear back from you about your experience with the no!no!.

  24. 24

    Rachel Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you, I’ve been considering this purchase and it’s great to see such detailed results from a consumer. I’ll be keeping up with your reviews!

  25. 25

    Ricki Says:

    Just an FYI, I havent bought the no!no! yet, and on Friday, I visited the no!no! website and wrote them 2 questions, and this is what they answered:

    I wrote:
    While the frequency of use is 2-3X a week, for how long do I carry on this procedure until I see results? How much hair is reduced and what happens when I stop using the no!no!?

    This is what they wrote:
    Dear Ricki,
    “For best results use no!no! 2-3 times a week until you begin to notice results, then you may reduce to 1-2 times a week.

    Clinical results prove that at least 35% reduction in hair density can be seen quite quickly with consistent use.

    Please keep in mind that each person has their own unique pattern of hair growth and biology and each will experience results at there own pace.


    No!no! Team”

    no!no! team answered back in few hours which is great, but they didnt answer my last question.

  26. 26

    Renee Says:

    I have been using no!no! for a little over 2 weeks. The first week I used it 3 times, the second 2 times, and this week so far 1 time.

    I have REALLY thick, dark, coarse hair on my leg (i compare it to a man’s beard its so thick) and even though i shave in the morning, by evening I already have stubble it’s terrible!!

    So I bought nono hoping this could help me not shave so often. I noticed while using it that I need to go over the same section a few times in order to remove all the hair, but even then not all of it is removed. My leg hair towards the bottom also grows on an angle so I try to make the nono go in that direction to get most of the hair. I already used up one buffer in 2 weeks it doesnt work well anymore so I am on a new buffer.

    I am still shaving since the nono is not removing all my hair, but I have noticed in the 2 weeks of using it that my legs are still smooth into the next morning which has never happened to me! So I guess it is slowing the hair growth.

    I am not sure if I want to keep up with this or not because it seems I will still have to shave and it may not be worth it…but maybe I should still try it out I have 60 days before I can’t return it. I am taking into consideration my italian thick leg hair, which probably makes it harder for the nono to work.

  27. 27

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Rachel, Ricki, and Renee.

    Rachel, thanks for your comments. I’m probably more cautious and conservative than most who have reviewed the product only because I’ve used other products that have promised to deliver and then failed to do so (mostly skin care products). So far I’ve been pleased with the no!no! results and look forward to the results after eight weeks. I will be updating the review mid-week or so when I return from my business trip.


    My understanding of the no!no! is that it is akin to electrolysis and the hair follicle is crystallized which inhibits new growth. I will try to track down a more concrete answer to your question.

    I think you have a very valid and excellent question so I’ve decided to incorporate a sub-test to my review which will test how a section that has no hair as a result of continuous no!no! usage responds to no new no!no! usage. That will come after the eight week review is completed.


    I have dark brown hair, lots of it, but it’s really fine and burns off easily so the no!no! does remove most of the hair without a problem. For the more “stubborn” hair I no!no! against the direction of the hair growth and that seemed to work. (So if the hair grows down, I no!no! up). I did all of that at the beginning now I just work with the stubble and if I had to do it all over again I would shave first and then use the no!no! short blade for stubble – I really dislike the burning hair smell. Another upside to working with stubble is that it’s so much faster and easier to no!no!.

  28. 28

    shiva Says:

    I know you said its not suppose to be used on the face, etc…but do you know why that is?

  29. 29

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi shiva,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The no!no! should not be used on the face according to the manual. Facial skin is very sensitive compared to other areas and the no!no! may get too hot to use on such sensitive areas.

  30. 30

    hairy brown girl Says:

    hi there,

    just recieved a catalogue from sephora..and was very intrigued…i am very hairy, with corse black hair and have tried laser but it just got too expensive…so i was wondering if this nono! thing really does work?? i would like to know how long this product has been on the market and if anyone has experienced anything negative with nono?? thanks again..

    hairy hairy hairy!

  31. 31

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi hairy brown girl,

    So far my experience has been good. I found one semi-negative comment on a forum. The commenter said it didn’t work for her but she did admit to not using it 2 to 3 times a week and thinks it may be her fault for the no!no! not working for her.

    Here’s more information on the no!no!: Sephora no!no!

  32. 32

    Allison Says:

    I know that it says do not use one your face breast or genitals, however I heard someone did and didn’t find it too hot. I was just wondering if the only reason is that it could burn you, or if there are other side effects of using it on these areas.

  33. 33

    Claire Says:

    Does no!no! say anything about using it on or around tattoos?


  34. 34

    melodie Says:

    What are the results of using No!No! on your bikini line? I wonder why nobody has mentionned this? That is the main reason i would purchase this product.

  35. 35

    Jackie Says:

    Thanks for the insight! I’ve been curious about this product for awhile. While I have nothing of substance to say, I wanted to thank you for your experimentation. I am interested because while the initial $250 is quite steep, I am hoping this will pay for itself with my not plunking down cash to the waxer on a regular basis.

    Good luck!

  36. 36

    sheila Says:

    Thanks for your diligent, ongoing review. I think the hair color question was asked because lasers don’t affect white or gray hair, since they have no pigment. I have seen significant reduction in my upper lip and chin hair with laser, but it’s very expensive and you need to let the hair grow a little bit for the laser to work. I’ve already had 5 or 6 treatments at $150 each, so spending $250 one time would be great. Maybe they don’t recommend using it on the face because they’ll come out with a different model specifically for facial hair?

  37. 37

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Claire and Allison,

    I’ve been traveling on business and wasn’t able to update the comments until today.

    To answer your questions:
    “I know that it says do not use one your face breast or genitals, however I heard someone did and didn’t find it too hot. I was just wondering if the only reason is that it could burn you, or if there are other side effects of using it on these areas.”
    As far as I know it’s just not recommended – Ihaven’t seen or read anything that discusses potential side-effects. I think the main reason is that facial skin is sensitive and the no-no does get hot.

    Does no!no! say anything about using it on or around tattoos?”

    I didn’t see any indications in the no!no! instruction manual that the no!no! can not be used on tatooed areas however in my opinion (and this is just my opinion) I’d recommend checking with your dermatologist first just to make sure it is okay.

  38. 38

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi melodie, sheila and Jackie,

    Thank you for your comments.


    I’ve used the no!no! on the bikini line and the results are same as on my legs and arms – good. Keep in mind that there will still be hair just much less of it. I can also state that the no!no! does not hurt, unlike waxing the bikini line which even just thinking about waxing it makes me cringe in pain.


    In my experience the no!no! has reduced the density of hair tremendously, much more than I had ever hoped for. I will be posting images soon of my arms and legs (I’ve no!no!-ed it all – said goodbye to the shaving experiment – as the no!no! hands-down beat shaving). I am allowing the hair to regrow (i.e. stop the no!no! treatments) so that distressedDERMA readers can see the difference in hair density reduction.


    I don’t know if a facial no!no! will be debuted – would be a great idea though. I’d say that at least 45% to 50% of the emails I receive want the no!no! for facial hair removal which makes sense. Really who likes the torture of waxing, threading or epiladying the upper lip area? And laser is really expensive – hopefully the no!no! product developers are listening.

  39. 39

    Robyn Says:

    I am really interested in this product, in particular what happens when you stop using it (ie- are those hair follicles actually killed or just stunned and it will grow back). I shelled out for laser treatments (12 in total) to my underarms and bikini line – which worked well- but some of the hair does come back. If you talk to the laser hair removal estheticians they will tell you it doesn’t remove all the hair and that’s why you may always have to go back for more treatments.

  40. 40

    Bryce Says:

    I am very curious about how this product would work on men’s body hair, considering that it is usually much thicker/coarser… that is the only thing that is really making me hesitant with this product.

  41. 41

    jb Says:

    Well, I bought a no!no! with high hopes but ended up disappointed. I have super coarse leg hair, and the no!no! left me far from smooth (so so so far). First, I used the hot blade for long hair, then followed with the blade for stubble. The gliding motion took a little practice but wasn’t difficult. Unfortunately, even after going over a very small area repeatedly, my legs still felt like 150 grit sandpaper. So I tried the buffer, thinking that perhaps the “crystallized” hair was just stuck. Nope, no better. So, I followed the tip given above and shaved, waited a day until I had stubble, and tried again. No luck. I spent half and hour on my right calf, going against the hair growth. Then I buffed. Still sandpaper. Maybe over time the hair might decrease, but for me the device IN NO WAY replaces shaving or waxing. Considering how time consuming it is, it doesn’t make much sense if you still have to shave your legs on top of no!no!-ing for two hours three times a week. Jeez, in that amount of time I could get a part time job to pay for the laser!
    I will return it today, because if I keep it longer to find out about the decrease, I’ll probably forget and go over the 60 days. Good luck to all you fortunate ladies with fine hair, sounds like it works for you!

  42. 42

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Robyn,Bryce and jb,

    Robyn wrote:
    “are those hair follicles actually killed or just stunned and it will grow back”

    Robyn, I am testing that now – I should have some updates over the next few weeks or so as the hair grows back. I stopped no!no!-ing last week so I could test that long-term effects as to whether the follicle is killed or if was just stunned.

    Bryce wrote:
    “I am very curious about how this product would work on men’s body hair, considering that it is usually much thicker/coarser”

    Bryce, my hair is very fine. I had a lot of it (not now :) ) but it was very fine so my experience probably isn’t relevant to someone with dark coarse hair. Reader jb (comment below yours) has dark coarse hair and it didn’t work for her. I guess in the end it’s up to you – the no!no! has a 60 day guarantee and frankly you can tell within the first three to four weeks if it’s working for you. If not you can take it back. I saw results immediately but I’ve been disappointed with high priced products before so I was extraordinarily conservative with my review and wanted to wait the full eight weeks before giving it my approval.

    jb, I am sorry that it didn’t work for you. I do have fine hair so that may be easier to get rid of.

    I did notice when the hot blade was “dying” that the hair removal was terrible – the hair wasn’t removed well at all, leaving a stubbly feel. Switching to a new hot blade solved the problem. As I noted in my no!no! review the product development team really needs to make it obvious when a hot blade is dead (because it is completely ineffective when “burned out”).

    Do you think may be the device could have been bad? If so I wonder if Sephora can exchange your no!no! with a new one and give you another 60 days?

    Updated 4PM Nov 13 2007– Hi JB, my friend sent me the following from the no!no! FAQs:

    When you apply a no!no! treatment you are also removing surface hair, as the heat energy touches the hair shaft it crystallizes the uppermost part of the hair. Crystallized hair may also feel coarse and prickly. With no!no! treatment, though, since we are working toward the reduction of hair density any sense of coarser hair will be temporary. And should start to disappear with time.

    I don’t know if this applies to your situation but I thought I’d pass it along. The no!no! FAQs do not state how long one must wait so in your situation I would definitely not wait to find out as your 60 days will run out.

  43. 43

    Pam Says:

    Thank you so much for documenting your experience. I will be purchasing the No!No! with more confidence.

  44. 44

    Meggie Says:

    hey everybody,

    I thank all of you for your thorough reviews and after following this site for about a month, I finally bought the no!no! and used it yesterday. I have very coarse hair on my legs and I still have stubble after using the no!no! with the buffer, I hope this changes with continued usage.

    Once again I thank you all for the reviews. I really hope it works for me. =)

  45. 45

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Pam and Meggie,

    Thank you for visiting and commenting at distressedDERMA.com.

    Meggie, reader jb has a similar situation (coarse hair) to yours and it didn’t work for her – keep in mind that you have 60 days to try it at no risk. So if you don’t start seeing improvements by day 45 you may want to consider returning it.

    Please come back and let us know how it works for you. The more reviews we get from a wide range of people with different hair coarseness and color will be helpful.

  46. 46

    Danielle Says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing this product, it has been a huge help in my decision whether to buy or not. Has anyone you know had trouble with any ingrown hairs while using the No!No! ?

  47. 47

    kiki Says:

    I am considering purchasing a no!no! so I have read all of the comments with great interest. I believe only one
    person questioned the use of this product for underarm hair and I do not believe there was a response. Using it for underarm hair is of interest to me and I wonder if anyone has any results to report?

  48. 48

    Rachel Says:

    Hey, thank you so much for such a detailed review of the no!no!. I just saw it on the Sephora site, but there’s so little information there, or on the no!no! website, I was very skeptical about how it works and its effectiveness. This review and all of the comments have been very insightful, and I’m now considering investing on a no!no!.

    I do have a couple of questions about it –

    First, does it make a mess? I’ve done a lot of home-waxing kits and I have an epilator (such a bad idea for me), and those always tend to involve some level of cleanup, whether it be getting the sticky residue off my legs or trying to vacuum up the hair left on the bathroom floor. Does the no!no! leave any similar mess? I know there’s the buffing process, but does hair fall off onto the floor or anything?

    And my second question is how long would you say it takes to do your legs? I know it’s probably faster over time, but on average, about how long are you involved in the process? In the past I’ve gotten very excited over other at-home treatments and ended up spending upwards of 2-3 hours in the bathroom trying to get all of my leg hair with patchy results, so does this take less time than say at-home waxing or an epilator would?

    Thanks again for all the great info about the no!no!, I’m glad I found such a good resource!

  49. 49

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Danielle, kiki, and Rachel,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Danielle wrote: “Has anyone you know had trouble with any ingrown hairs while using the No!No! ?”

    I haven’t heard of anyone. I personally haven’t had any while using this tool.

    kiki wrote:“Using it for underarm hair is of interest to me and I wonder if anyone has any results to report?”

    I haven’t used it under the arms. I am very ticklish there and just never considered it. I can give it a try and if I can tolerate using it there I will definitely pursue that testing.

    Rachel wrote: “I was very skeptical about how it works and its effectiveness”

    Frankly, I don’t blame you, the no!no! is expensive and there just isn’t enough information provided on Sephora.com (who I love and to be fair they did provide testers to several bloggers, myself included, who have reviewed or are reviewing the product) or on the no!no! vendor website.

    My results have been good and I am still skeptical even after stopping the no!no! usage for two weeks – the hair on my arms is still dramatically reduced. I look at my arms each day and I just can’t believe it, I keep thinking to myself that may be it’s that the bald areas just have dormant hairs (BTW photos are coming soon).

    Rachel wrote: “First, does it make a mess?”

    There will be some burned hair that falls to the floor and buffing creates a bit of “dust” but that’s it. It’s way cleaner than home waxing – no gooey mess on the floor or on your legs.

    Rachel wrote: “is how long would you say it takes to do your legs?”

    The first time it took quite a while I’d say close to 30 minutes for one leg. There were long hairs and stubble and I had a heck of a time working on the knee.

    Up until I stopped using the no!no! about two weeks ago I was able to no!no! my legs in about 25 minutes usually in the evening while watching one of my favorite TV shows(at that point all I had was stubble no long hairs – I think that makes a big difference).

    My arms took much longer about 30-45 minutes for both but I think that’s more a function of location and difficulty of reach – and like the knees the elbow area is still hard for me.

    I don’t remember how long an epilator takes. The first and last time I used one was 20 years ago and the memory of hair being pulled out quite painfully is still with me.

  50. 50

    Scott Says:

    Your review was very helpful and informative! I’m interested in this product for myself: chest and back. You mention the product can be used to treat hair on arms, under-arms, legs and bikini line. Will this work on men’s thick chest and back hair or should i not waste my money and look into laser?

  51. 51

    Scott Says:

    Adding to my previous question (#50) will this work on gray or white hair as laser does not? Thanks!

  52. 52

    Siobhan Says:

    I am SO glad you reviewed this product! I am eagerly awaiting your verdict after not using the no!no! for a while, please let us know what your results are.

  53. 53

    Mimi Says:

    As a very hairy girl who has tried nearly everything, I was intrigued when I first saw no!no! on Sephora’s website. Hope springs eternal. After reading your wonderfully detailed blog I decided to take the plunge. My no!no! was delivered yesterday. I was so excited I actually skipped the gym after work so I could get home sooner to try it. I have very coarse hair on my legs, but I’ll be honest with you, I bought the no!no! with every intention of using it on my face. I have fine down on my cheeks and near men’s coarse growth on my chin and upper lip. I will try anything to be free of shaving, waxing and plucking.

    I used the no!no! on my legs first. It was not difficult to master the “glide”, wasn’t painful at all, but neither did I feel it did anything. I buffed, but still had incredible stubble. Today I tried it again, on my legs AND my face. It worked quiet well on the peach fuzz; the coarser hairs were something else again. It did get warm, but nothing close to painful. I’m hoping (praying) the course stubble left behind does not reflect no!no!’s overall long term effectiveness. I will happily pluck and shave after use if it means less plucking and shaving down the road.

    Will keep you posted!

  54. 54

    Lily Says:

    i’m am thinking about getting the No!no! as at the moment i epilate which is so painful and my hair now grows back within a week.
    i was just wondering the following:
    -i live in england so do you know if that means the strength of ti will be changed because of the plugs because when i plug english hairdryers into american sockets it’s not as strong – do you know if the no!no! is out in england??
    -also how long does it take to do half a leg??
    -does it burn because i’ve heard quite a lot of people who have said it has burnt them
    -and finally do you know if it takes tan off??
    thank you

  55. 55

    Jennifer Says:

    I just got my No!No! last week, used it three times on my legs, and wow it’s amazing! I have extremely dark coarse leg hair (that also gets the five o’clock shadow) but now it’s coming in much less denser. Sure it is difficult to tackle the coarse hairs at first but now I am seeing a big difference. At first it took me 1 1/2 hours but last night only 45 mins to do my legs. It is definitely worth the money! Can’t say enough good things about this. There isn’t any pain, no burns, and I don’t mind the smell. I just love seeing smooth legs without nasty ingrown hairs that my epilator always caused.

  56. 56

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Scott, Siobhan, Mimi, Lily and Jennifer,

    Thank you for your comments.

    Scott – I have fine hair and the no!no! has been working for me having said that others with very coarse hair have had varying results. I would recommend that you give the no!no! a try, it has a 60 day guarantee so if it works for you you will know and if not you can always take it back. I don’t think hair color is an issue with the no!no!.

    – I will have some photos up after the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Mimi –
    Please keep us posted on your no!no! experience. I’d also recommend that you talk to your doctor and have him or her refer you to an endocrinologist and OB/GYN for further testing – if you have a lot of hair growth that resembles male hair growth patterns (coarse hair on face, etc). You may have an endocrine disorder or PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome. If so the MD can prescribe Spironolactone or Yaz (both contain anti-androgens). Either prescription medication will drastically reduce the hair growth.

    Lily– epilate, you poor dear. I epilated once and that was one time too many for me. It’s a terrible, dreadful hair removal system. Even waxing is preferable to the epilady. The no!no! doesn’t hurt which I really love and it does reduce hair density quite a bit which I love even more :) It takes me about 25 minutes to do both legs so I guess just cut that in half – but that’s me your experience may vary.
    I think the no!no! was introduced in Europe last year and should still be available ( nono no!no! no!no! – available at Sephora.com). The no!no! doesn’t physically burn the skin. It sends an electric current that crystallizes the hair and hair root – so there is a burning smell but you won’t feel any discomfort on your skin. I don’t believe skin coloring is affected by the no!no!.

    Jennifer– I love the no!no! too. It has really worked for me so I tolerate the burning hair smell because the results are so worth it :) Keep us updated on your no!no! experience.

  57. 57

    Mimi Says:

    Part of why I am so interested in finding a hair solution is because I HAVE had all the hormone testing, etc., actually hoping to have a condition I could take a pill for. Guess what, I simply have a lot of hair! A fact I work very hard to keep to myself.
    I will keep you posted. So far the jury is out, though I may be seeing a difference with the finer hair …???
    Too soon to get excited.

  58. 58

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Mimi,

    Good to hear that the MDs have ruled out a medical cause.

    Do keep us posted on how it works on your face. I get hundreds of emails a week asking about facial use and I know those readers are hoping it works well so they can stop waxing or shaving their upper lip and chin areas.

  59. 59

    Denise Says:

    I’m wondering if the heat destroys the cells around the hair. With all the anti aging stuff to keep cells alive, I would wonder if the heat from No NO kills more than the hair follicle?

  60. 60

    shloob Says:

    Can I use this more than three times a week? For instance, can I do it every day?

  61. 61

    shloob Says:

    In addition, if I use this long term, like for a year or more, will the hair go away all together?

    Is this pretty much a laser hair removal system, but set at the lowest level, thus requiring longer use?

  62. 62

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Denise and shloob,

    Thank you for your comments on this review.

    Denise, I haven’t read or heard about any of the hair removal systems from laser to electrolysis to the no!no! causing cellular level damage.

    shloob, You can use the no!no! as often as you need to do so. I think 2 to 3 times is just a recommendation.

    The no!no! removal device effects a reduction in hair density – I don’t think using it all the time or for a year or more will remove all hair permanently. I used it for about eight weeks on my left arm and then stopped using the no!no! for three weeks and at least 1/3 of the hair grew back. I’d venture to guess that the results would be the same a year out.

    The no!no! is more like electrolysis as it uses an electric current to destroy the hair root.

  63. 63

    Mimi Says:

    OK, I am starting to get excited about the nono!!! Though it is early days and I am still figuring it out, the reduction in hair density after only a handfull of uses is impressive. Because I am using it on my face as well as on my legs, I am proceeding with caution. I have not felt competent enough to try my upper lip yet, but for the downy (but still unsightly) hair on my cheeks, it is the bomb. Far superior to waxing, epilating, tweezing, etc. It is also showing promise on the coarser hairs along the jawline/chin. Will keep you posted!

    Here is what I’ve found so far:
    * the long hair blade seems to be easier to use on the face, even if the hair is not long. Don’t ask me why. The light stays a much steadier green and the results have been better.
    * even when it seems the nono isn’t doing much, as in serious stubble remaining on legs, hair density IS affected. I go ahead and shave after nono-ing my legs, and am finding my shaved legs are not only way smoother, but they stay smoother longer.

    Hope this helps. I love it!

  64. 64

    shloob Says:

    So all the hair grows back out if you stop using it?

  65. 65

    ms. distressedDerma Says:


    That sounds great.


    All the hair doesn’t grow back, some of it does. I posted a before and after photo of my arm in the review (Nov23 update) and the hair reduction (hair that didn’t grow back) is quite good.

  66. 66

    November 26th, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Saw and read your review. What good is a hair removal device if I can’t use it on my face??? I can hide my legs and my arms, but I can’t hide my face, which is really hairy. Anyone been brave enough to TRY it on their face??? I sometimes cut myself with a razor and depilatories break me out. Laser treatment is so darned expensive…especially if you need it over the entire lower half of your face. HELP!

  67. 67

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Millie,

    Mimi #63 is using it on her face. Her review is ongoing and does provide insight into how the no!no! works on facial hair.

  68. 68

    Millie Says:

    OMG! Yeah, I just scrolled back up there and saw it! Oh, now I’m REALLY getting excited about this product! Well, that does it for me! I’m definitely going to ask Santa Claus for a NO!NO! for Christmas! Sure, $250 isn’t a drop in the pan, but from what I’m reading and from where I stand, with a HUGE rash from creams, cuts from razors, and huge blotches from digging at the hairs when they’re too short to really pluck, but yet you can see the black stub at the skin line, I believe it would definitely be worth a try. Thanks a bunch! I’ll definitely keep reading for updates and I will let you know how it works for me once I can get it.

  69. 69

    shelby Says:

    Hi, im 15 yrs old, can i still use the no no? also i want to get it for my under arms because i have psoriasis on my under arms and i always cut myself. do u know if the no no will hurt/bother my psoriasis? thanks!

  70. 70

    colleen Says:

    distressedDERMA NOTE: The comment below was posted by Colleen to the Pain-free Permanent Hair Removal – no!no! post. I thought that it would provide valuable insight to those of you looking to use the no!no! on underarms and face as well as for those who will be using the no!no! on coarse hair.

    Thank you again Colleen, for your valuable insight.

    i used this on underarms, more sensitive and could see the “smoking” hair being removed and knew it had to be working. it was easier than my knees. i have very coarse hair on legs and just keep hitting it with the nono every 2-3 days, still just have stubble. i figure if it reduces it or lightens it i’ll be a happy camper. also, after the comment about the face, i tried it. very sensitive if you slow down, especially the moustache area, but again if it reduces, or slows down or gets rid of thick peach fuzz i’ll be happy. i’ve already used the verseo(hsn) and gotten descent results without regularly using it, but it conducts an electrical current through the body so if you have health issues you really ha

  71. 71

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Millie,

    I’m glad that reviews by those using the no!no! on facial hair has helped. There is a new review (cross posted comment from colleen)at #70.

    Hi Shelby,

    My advice is to first check with your MD he/she can better direct you with regards to your specific skin concerns and the use of the no!no!.

  72. 72

    Millie Says:

    Hi to you, ms. distressedDerma,
    Let’s face it, I know I have spent lots of money for things that are NOT all they say they are, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done that. I sure appreciate all the information. I’m going to save this site so that I can post my experiences with the NO!NO! when I get it. It’s so great that we as the public can ‘tune’ into sites like this and get an idea of whether what a product claims might be true before we make such an expensive purchase. Thanks to all of you!

  73. 73

    A Says:

    Has no!no! been tested on the tummy? Or has Sephora said anything about the usage on the stomach/back?

  74. 74

    Ryan Says:

    So…it sounds like this device is somewhat useful, but it doesn’t do as good a job as the commercial models…is that correct?

    My question then is, Where do I purchase a commercial model? I’ve heard professional “laser hair removal” is somewhat painful–which tells me they’re probably more powerful. I’ve heard they completely remove the hair–for many months.

    Has anyone thought to investigate where to purchase such pro grade devices? Would LOVE to know. Thank you,

  75. 75

    Sarah Says:

    Excellent question, Ryan! I too would love to find this out. I’ve been to half a dozen places and their equipment is big and powerful. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that “real people” could buy one of their gadgets. I mean, these businesses I’ve been to are often tiny establishments, focusing mainly on nails. But their hair removal techniques are high, high quality.

    Anyone know where to buy one of these professional grade lasers? I’m sure it won’t be cheap but if it works–like salon quality…

  76. 76

    agoldenrose Says:


    You really rock! Thanks so much for this review. I’ve been browsing the internet trying to find feedback on this device and your eight week experiment and the experiment on if the hair grows back when you stopped using it was so thorough. I just made an appointment to get laser hair removal which was going to cost over 1200$ dollars and ran into this from watching the Montel show and it appeared as a link somehow.

    I’m excited to save all that money, be able to do this at home and not be tortured by lasers.

    Thanks so much, you saved me a ton of money and I’ll be buying this now.

    The company should send you a lifetime supply of blades and any new models they come out with for free!

  77. 77

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi millie, A, Ryan, Sarah, agoldenrose,

    Sorry for the delayed reply to comments – the flu got me. Now that I’m feeling better i’m back :) .

    millie, I’ve been burned by high price useless products in the past too, it sucks :( That’s why I started this site, mostly to help others who are suffering with adult acne and wrinkles from spending money on worthless products – the sephora no!no! isn’t something I would normally review but the promise of less hair (long term) with no pain captured my attention so I asked for a tester and the rest is history. I am excited to hear about your experience with the no!no! when you get it.

    The no!no! can be used on the tummy. A couple of readers have emailed me and told me that it has been very effective for them when used on the strip of fine hair from the belly button down.

    Ryan and Sarah, the no!no! isn’t a laser more like electrolysis. Typically medial or spa strength products are not sold to the public due to safety concerns. I haven’t used laser or professional electrolysis so I can’t compare the no!no! to either professional treatment. For me it beats waxing and shaving.

    Goldenrose, thank you for your kind words. It’s been a fun review to do and write about. I’ve also got some great tips from readers – one was a life saver. She suggested that I burn fragrance candles during the no!no! session to help reduce the burning hair smell I so hate. Did it and it really helped. Once I catch up on my “real job” work I will return to distressedDERMA to write up a summary of the no!no! review which will incorporate tips, advice and questions from these comments and the hundreds of emails I received during the review period.

  78. 78

    Denise Hein Says:

    Do you know if the no no can be used on the neck? My daughter has some hair growing in different areas of her neck…not alot, but enough that she is self-conscious about it…

    Thank you!

  79. 79

    B Says:

    I’m curious why you think no!no! won’t ever remove all (or very close to all) hair, if you kept using it long enough. If it permanently removes some hair (I know, the aren’t legally allowed to call it “permanent”, but don’t we think it basically is?) then eventually wouldn’t it all get removed if you just kept using it on whatever hair grew back?

  80. 80

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Denise and B,

    Denise, The no!no! device manual states:
    “Avoid using the no!no! on blemished skin, moles, scars, cuts, bruises and blisters.

    Do not use the no!no! on your face, breast or genitals.”
    I didn’t see anything about usage on the neck so it can probably be used.

    B, I would love to have the no!no! permanently remove all the hair and I hope that it will with continued use however the company that makes the no!no! states that it only effects reduction in hair density not permanent removal of all hair. So when I say that it doesn’t permanently remove all hair it’s based on their statements.

    I will be updating this review at the six month point (late March) with information on how continued use of the no!no! over a longer period effects hair reduction.

  81. 81

    John Says:

    Does the no no hai removal eliminate hair from the root or only from the surface?

  82. 82

    Girl Says:

    So does it reduce hair density permanently ?

  83. 83

    Gaby Says:

    Oh I’m so glad I found you, like some other people here!!!!! I have a 9 yr old daughther and she got the hairy thing from me, poor kid, but on the last year I’ve seen an increase on some areas that she had none, like shoulders and underarms (these she haven’t noticed yet), anyway I’m going to take her to the endocrinologist but in the meantime I’m researching some options because my husband is totaly against laser, so I need something painless that if decreases the amount of hair she’s going to be so happy, and if with time it goes away, much better! So I think I found it!!! And as for me, well, I’ve been using epilady for so many years probably 20, I really don´t mind the pain at all. But I’ll definitely try it! I think I’ll get it after christmas (all that expenses!) and keep you posted! Thanks again!!!!!!

  84. 84

    lovingnono Says:

    I have moles on my legs and it says not to use the no no on moles. in your pics of your arms i see moles, so you used the no no over your moles and had no problem?

    maybe they mean don’t use the no no as a means to remove hair from large moles that grow above the surface of the skin? in that case, i could use it on my legs because the moles there are just surface moles.

    what do you think?

    thanks so much for your review!

  85. 85

    Laine Says:

    I just finished laser hair removal on my chin and upper neck area for some darker hairs; but unfortunately I don’t think it covered all of them. Most of the hairs are blonde so those will stay as I know that the laser needs the pigment in the hair.

    I am guessing that it does not matter the hair color? I would love to use it for the remaining hairs and my bikini area.

  86. 86

    Marty Wenkert Says:

    I bought and returned the No!No! for me it’s a Not Not! So sorry to say, I wanted to like it. I used it on my left leg and shaved on the right. No!No! definently doesn’t get your leg hair at the root (like waxing), or get it as smooth as shaving. (And yes I used the buffer/went over and over/both blades/buff again) taking hours. I also found it pretty much impossible around boney areas, knees/shins. I orderd it a month ago.3 times a week. I just feel like I should have seen some sort of result for all my hard work. Nada. Another clue for me should have been it doesn’t claim to be approved by the FDA for permanent “hair reduction”, such as lasers and electrolysis are. I am still such a dreamer though when it comes to reducing leg hair, IF they came out with a better one, maybe something more ergonomic (like the latest flexible razors) and bigger, it’s tiny, so it takes forever…I would try it in a heartbeat! In the meantime, I’ll look into lasers. Go ahead, try it..but save the receipt!

  87. 87

    Mimi Says:

    I haven’t posted for awhile due to computer problems, but I have continued to use my no!no! When restoring my computer I came across a memo to return the no!no! no later than a certain date to be sure I stayed within the 60 day trial period, and literally had a panic attack at the thought of giving it back! I bought it to use it on my face. Less hair on my legs would be great, but is secondary to being free of facial hair. My nightmare is being stranded somewhere for a few days or fidnding myself hospitalized for some reason and not having access to tweezers or a razor! I am happy to report much less hair growth on my face AND my legs. What a bonus.
    To those who are tempted to return the no!no! after one session because of perceived lack of results, stick with it. About a month into it for me and I see results. It is doing exactly what it says it will do, and then some. The facial areas are smoother than I’ve had them in years, and I am just ecstatic. Do not think this is a one shot hair removing miracle! As the instruction manual states, it requires patient repetative use, but because I see the hair density decreasing a little more every time, it’s worth it. The upper lip is tricky, but I’m getting it and am thrilled with what I’m seeing happening.

  88. 88

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi John, gaby, girl, lovingnono, laine, Marty and Mimi,

    Thanks for the great questions and reviews. Every experience by no!no! users helps others make a better informed decision.

    John wrote “Does the no no hai removal eliminate hair from the root or only from the surface?”

    Yes, it does. Basically it kills the root.

    Girl wrote “So does it reduce hair density permanently” – I just updated the post to reflect my no!no! experience after 6 weeks of non-use which happened by chance as I had no intention of stopping but flu, work and travel got in the way. There was a little bit of regrowth between the Nov 23rd update and the Dec 10th update but overall there seems to be long-term (at least six weeks of proof that over half of the hair isn’t growing back).

    Gaby, It’s good that you’re taking your daughter to an Endocrinologist first, it’s very important to eliminate any underlying medical causes. I can relate to your daughter. I was about 10 years old when I started to get hairier than my girl friends. The worst for me was on the arms because my parents allowed me to shave my legs but my arms – it was always no way. I hated showing my arms. The no!no! isn’t a miracle 100% hair remover but at least for me it has reduced the hair enough, in my opinion, that I feel better about myself.

    lovingnono, wrote “I have moles on my legs and it says not to use the no no on moles. in your pics of your arms i see moles, so you used the no no over your moles and had no problem?”

    That’s a great question. Frankly, when I thought of moles I thought of the raised type. I didn’t even give it a second thought about flat freckle like moles but you’re right they are moles. I didn’t have any problems using it but I will contact the no!no! product team and confirm with them.

    Laine wrote “I just finished laser hair removal on my chin and upper neck area for some darker hairs; but unfortunately I don’t think it covered all of them. Most of the hairs are blonde so those will stay as I know that the laser needs the pigment in the hair.

    I am guessing that it does not matter the hair color?”

    Laine, from what I’ve learned hair color isn’t an issue with the no!no!. However, hair coarseness may be a big influencer based on the no!no! reviews from commenters’ here. From my experience and that of others no!no! appears to work quite well on fine hair as opposed to coarse hair.

    Marty – thank you so much for your review. The more reviews that are available are very useful. This isn’t an inexpensive product and I think that anyone considering buying it have as much information as possible to help guide them to make the best decision. And definitely for any product this expensive – keep the receipt and mind the time on the “satisfaction guaranteed” policy.

    I completely agree with you regarding the no!no! size – it needs to be bigger, wider so that it’s easier to remove hair faster. I love the idea of a flexible head – it would be wonderful for the knee and elbow area. Hopefully, those are product development ideas the no!no! team at Radiancy are considering.

    Mimi, Thank you for coming back and sharing your no!no! experience. I’ve been wanting to use it on my upper lip area and now you have convinced me to do it. When I return from this business trip I’m going to do it. I’m really excited.

    Quick question- do you follow the same steps like using the buffer or is that even needed on the upper lip area? My facial skin is really sensitive – I use Alpha/Beta Hydroxy acids to keep my skin clear and the wrinkles at bay so I may skip the buff step and see how it goes.

  89. 89

    Mimi Says:

    I use glycolics (on my face) and find the buffer can be irritating if used aggresively. For coarser hairs I don’t like the buffer, anyway. I simply follow up with whatever I normally do. What I’m finding is that instead of daily shaving and/or plucking the area stays smooth for a few days at a time. For those of us with serious issues, that is a dream come true! Why don’t I have laser? I looked into it: Because you have to let the hair grow in! Not an option on my face. With no!no! it isn’t necessary to grow a mustache or anything else before being able to treat the hairs. I love, love, love it and will never be without it. It isn’t perfect, but it beats anything I’ve done or used so far.

    Just an aside, the sales associates at my local Sephora are VERY curious about results, especially on the face. They told me, despite disclaimers, most people have bought it for that. I told them to let no!no! know a slimmer facial version would probably sell well. We’ll see! Good luck, keep us posted.

  90. 90

    Bibi Says:

    This is a great website! Thanks for the effort and info!

    I want to know whether the heat from the no!no! will damage chromosomes (DNA) in the skin cells and cause mutations and/or cancer. I would love to give no!no! a try but I’m afraid of any long-term damages. I know that if I email no!no! directly about this, they would deny it if it were to be true and I remember reading someone’s comments that the produce still isn’t FDA approved. Any ideas?

  91. 91

    John Says:

    Does the no no work for really hairy legs?

  92. 92

    Marty Wenkert Says:

    I have to say I’m totally impressed that you include all reviews, negative and positive. It shows that you’re really non-biased and consumer driven. Thankyou for your great service to the community!

  93. 93

    Belinda Says:

    I live in canada where there is sephora. Are these hair removal devices availible here?

  94. 94

    Belinda Says:


  95. 95

    lovingnono Says:

    belinda, just order it off of the sephora website or amazon.

  96. 96

    amber Says:

    I recieved my no no as an early Christmas gift. body hair has always bothered me a lot growing up, as i definitely had more than most girls (especially my age) did. I’ve been using this correctly, mastering the slow glide and even using the buffers correctly, yet I find it is nearly impossible to get the green light to stop barely flickering. no matter what i do it never stays “steady”. I’ve still continued using it the best way possible, however I do notice that it does not leave my skin completely smooth (like that of a fresh shave). It does leave stubble just barely enough to feel, (but definitely can’t be seen, so thats a plus), even though I buff. My question is, is it supposed to be just like a regular shave and temporarily remove ALL hair above skin’s surface?

  97. 97

    Pam Says:

    This site is Fantastic!
    Thank you Ms. distressedDERMA for a very thorough review, and to others who’ve shared their experiences too.
    Curious…I’m placing my No!No! order today through HSN which offers a discount but my fear is that HSN has a return policy of 30 days. Through the Sephora site, it states a 60 day return policy. Is it the NO!NO! that comes with a 60 day warranty/guarantee and I’d still have the 60 days return policy even if I do purchase through HSN?
    Anyone know this?

    ps…As soon as I receive mine, I’ll be back to post results for arms, armpits, face, neck, below navel and legs.

  98. 98

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi bibi, john, marty, belinda, amber, and Pam.

    Belinda, lovingnono #95 has great recommendations on where you can buy the no!no!. Lovingnono Thanks for your helpful comment :)

    John, I’d shave first and then no!no! the stubble on very hairy areas. Just a lot easier and a heck of a lot less stinky (burning hair smell).

    bibi, I think you can check with the FDA directly. From what I know a product that doesn’t change the physical structure of cells doesn’t require FDA approval in the cosmetic world.

    amber, we look forward to hearing your review. If the light doesn’t stay a steady green I believe the hair root won’t be zapped and killed. I think the light needs to be steady green when in smooth glide mode. I wonder if the device may be faulty? The no!no! kills the hair root so it not only removes the hair from the surface but it keeps the hair from coming back.

    As I mentioned to John, I prefer to shave the longer hair and no!no! the stubble as it grows in I find that it’s easier and faster to get rid of the hair short term and long-term.

    Pam, I think the guarantee is from Sephora.Is the no!no! from Sephora via HSN? If so maybe the 60 day comes along with the purchase. Thank you for your future no!no! reviews.

    Marty, you’re welcome. I thank all the commenters that have used the nono and shared their experiences they have provided invaluable information for those who are new to the product.

  99. 99

    Christy Says:

    I’m interested in using this product on my chin. I have bad hair growth there. I haven’t been tested for any hormone disorders, just figured it was hereditary. But, I am scared that if I use anything besides tweezing that it will grow back worse. I’m still not sure if I’m willing to take the risk.

  100. 100

    Amy Says:

    After reading your reviews I thought that this would be a revolutionary product and decided to splurge and bought one last weekend. What a waste of money. I get better results from shaving. It leaves quite noticeable stubble like the kind I get after 2 days and seems just like it is singeing off the hair, leaving the root of the hair intact. I tried over and over again on the same leg for 2 hours to try to get better results to no avail. And my leg is rubbed raw from trying the buffer over and over. I understand that I may see a reduction in hair growth but what good is the product if I have to shave as well as nono and I still see the root and shaft quite clearly in my skin? (I have black hair and light skin so it is very noticeable.) I was looking for a product that takes out the root of the hair or kills the root of hair but this product is like using a $250 pair of scissors (same kind of results) I followed all these instructions and the green light held steady while doing this and still got the same results. Tried moving the nono fast, slow, up , down, basically anything to get this miracle results to no avail. So I’ll be returning it as soon as possible!

  101. 101

    Ali Says:

    wow thank you soooo much! i definitely feel more comfortable purchasing this product. you have been very helpful and thorough. I greatly appreciate it!

  102. 102

    Karen Says:

    Well, I’m glad I read your review first. I was planning to buy this to use on my face. Menopause caused lots of new hairs that I don’t like. Mustaches are for guys!!! Anyway, I saw it on HSN and they never said anything about not using it on the face. I would be THRILLED to have something other than waxing for my face but alas, nothing is out there for little old me. Thanks for your review and info. You saved me $250.

  103. 103

    Amanda Says:

    Thank you for hosting the site – the information is really helpful! I finally decided jump over the fence and purchase nono. I have to admit that nono doesn’t quite match the result from waxing, but I think it works especially for thin hair. I swim frequently and wanted an alternative to painful and messy faxing. It seems that the plastic blades work better than a metal blade. I tried the “shave first” method – but when I run nono against the skin, I feel the blade touching hair but nothing really happens. Is there a better technique for bikini areas?

  104. 104

    Curious Says:

    I am considering using no no but I am 6 months pregnant…do you know if the manual (of any other source of information)says it is not recommended for pregnant women?

    Thanks for your great in-depth review…it certainly helps…

  105. 105

    Pam Says:

    Well I leaped forward and bought the No!No! No sooner than it was delivered to my dooorstep and I read the instructions… (despite several computers in the house running with the latest and greatest, could not view the DVD, unfortunately) I was already onto trying it on my left forearm. Following my pics taking…thanks to hubby who helped me take the pics and continued to tell me I have no hair on my arms that he could see which was validated since it was not showing up on close-up upon review with my 6.1 megapixel high flutent camera.)
    Needless to say…I set a torch to one of my beanpod candles, made meself a mimosa (salon treatment style) and set about my HOPEFUL journey.
    The results…I have a relatively smooth left arm and plan to use it as my guinea pig, leaving my right arm as the placebo. GOD…I pray I made the right decision by trying this out on my arm first, as expensive laser will ensue if this little thing proves this forum and my hopes wrong!
    Footnote: I anticipate the results, however, I’m a bit skeptical since it did seem that taking a lighter to my hair might achieve the same results (and awful smell, might I add) without burning my skin, of course!!
    Good Luck to everyone, Happy Holidays, and will keep you updated!!! ;)

  106. 106

    Pam Says:

    Hi Ms. distressedDERMA ~
    Would you be so kind as to post some updated pics of your left arm and let us know how much treatment you’ve done so far since starting and also mention any time that you hadn’t treated and then resumed, as well as share your own subjective results.
    Thanks so much!

  107. 107

    Hannah Says:

    What an intelligent, thorough, and scientific review! Thank you so much for all your good work and testing. So after my first NoNo experience, I have a couple comments. First, she’s serious about the burning hair smell! If you (and everyone who lives in your building) can’t stand the smell of burning hair, then you are going to have problems with this device.

    Second, this (at least after short term use) is not a replacement for shaving. Fortunately, it is winter so I really don’t care if my legs are stubbly. I am more concerned with having to shave less longterm, so this is a great product for me. But if you are expecting it to replace shaving and to make your legs silky smooth the first time you use it, you won’t be happy with it.

    Finally, a lot of people seemed to ask questions about course hair, men’s hair, and hair “down there”! And let’s be honest here, what better reason is there to spend that much money on hair removal than not having to wax down there anymore, right? So I went ahead and ignored all the instructions, and here is my opinion about using it on that area- I don’t see any reason to not use this anywhere on your body that you want. As long as you are careful and go slowly, you shouldn’t have a problem. I will have to wait a couple days to see about ingrown hairs, but I’m pretty happy right now with the results. Granted, with very coarse hair, you will not be able to remove it all on the first swipe. I’m hoping to give the skin a rest and do it again in a couple days. Also, it seems like the long hair blade is more gentle on the skin, so start with that blade for coarse hair, and also, if it is really chafing, try going in the direction that the hair grows. So that’s my opinion! I will post more if it changes with more use of the No no.

  108. 108

    Tara Says:

    Well, I went ahead and bought a no no after reading this review. I’ve used it about 3 times on my legs and
    already the hair isn’t growing in as fast.

    I tried it on my face too, and it felt the same as using the no no on my legs. I don’t facial hair that bothers me, but I don’t see any reason why someone couldn’t use it on their face.

    Thanks for the review! I’m happy with it so far and I’ll try to post an update.

  109. 109

    Lydia Says:

    Someone please be specific re using No! NO! on the face. I had laser treatments which didn’t work at all (if they did, then I guess I would have a full beard now!) so I am certainly willing to accept pain (”the heat might be unbearable”) but I don’t want to be disfigured!

  110. 110

    Morgen Says:

    If I was worried about saving time, I might as well pluck those suckers out one by one rather than use the no!no!. Not only did it take *forever* to remove the hair, it only singed it off to a stubble, with no noticeable effect on the hair under the skin or the root, and almost immediately produced ingrown hairs. Absolute waste of time and money.

    Incidentally, if you try it on your face, be sure to try just a small patch first and give it a few days to see how you react. Thank god I did, because that was a week ago and that area is still red, inflamed and very sensitive. Not a bit of difference hair-wise, though.

  111. 111

    Sara Says:

    I am having the same result as Morgen above.

    I am willing to try for a few more weeks, but so far-
    I have to over the area over and over again. When the hair actually catches and singes, I am still left with stubble.

    I really want this to work, but it’s not the miracle I was hoping for.

    I do have coarse hair and I was trying my bikini line and underarms.

  112. 112

    Manly Facial Hair Says:

    I’ve just been skimming through the comments with the browser search, specifically looking for anyone having using the product with facial hair.

    Does the No!No! work with a specific type of hair? Like thick course hair? or thin and whispy?

    Has any men used this on their facial hair?

    I’m a man and I’m just curious if it’ll work on my facial hair.

  113. 113

    Kristie Says:

    I have used No!No! for three weeks, and things have definitely become easier for me. The first time I used No!No!, I had to go over the same spot many times, and it took forever. Now, my skin seems to have adjusted, and it’s not much more difficult than shaving. The result is smooth, and I don’t experience in grown hair.

    In terms of permanent result, I cannot be certain yet. The smell of burning hair has greatly reduced, which I assume is due to lessened hair.


  114. 114

    lovingnono Says:

    i got the no no at last for christmas, and have been using it just for a week on my legs. (3 x so far) i am curious if it eventually gets to the point where it doesn’t leave behind stubble anymore.

    also, i am using it for the line of hair under my belly button. i am wondering if you are supposed to use it against the direction of hair growth, like shaving, or always upward toward the body like it says in the directions. in this area, unfortunately my hair grows in all different directions and i am finding it difficult to get all of the hairs. does anyone have any advice?

  115. 115

    Morgen Says:

    After a few more applications I’m having a little more success with it, I guess, but I’m still not evangelical about it and I’m not at all sure it’s worth $250. For anyone with coarse hair, I cannot stress enough how key it is that you start with stubble. If you try to work with more than a few days’ growth, cancel all your plans for the weekend.

    With that said, for me it still takes forever, it doesn’t get all the hairs (hello Tweezerman) and it still looks like hair has been removed, if you see what I mean. This isn’t a big deal on the legs, but in places like the arms it’s a little awkward. It also is noticeably growing back the next day. It’s also impossible to forget that you’re using heat to burn your hair off — the *smell*, for one thing, that horrible, sickening miasma that clings to the air and my skin. Sexy, right? Secondly, with the number of passes I have to make to get all those little suckers, it’s actually leaving burned splotches all over my skin. Does anyone have a good way to cope with this? I cannot imagine using it on my face.

    The jury is still out on long-term hair reduction of course.

  116. 116

    Morgen Says:

    By the way, for the guys who keep asking about use for the face and I guess haven’t read the other comments about it. Here are the reasons I can think of offhand that you might be thinking the no!no! will work for you, and why it won’t:

    1. You have very sensitive skin that is irritated by shaving. If so, use the no!no! on the toughest part of your face and all of a sudden you’ll realize you never knew how good you had it with your razor. By the way, are you shaving immediately after a hot shower? If not, try.

    2. You want to save time. That little thing will definitely not free up all that time you meant to use to fix the sink or paint the porch or whatever. With thick hair, it takes a long, *long* time to remove most of the hair and it will not get it all. On your face, even if you have the skin of an old cowhand, you will not be able to tolerate that many passes. Huge inflamed patches are not more attractive than toilet paper scraps. It is also very hard to maneuver, being an almost perfect cube, about the width of an iPod Nano on all sides and without any kind of flexing head.

    3. You want to save money. Are you aware that the no!no! costs as much as last-season (non-boot) Manolos? How many razors is that? The replacement cartridges are not milk money either, and you probably won’t be able to use half the cartridges in the box that are for longer hair anyway. It costs relatively little to get laser treatments on your face and will save you tons in the long run if you’re serious about it (see #2 also).

    4. You think it will give you a better/smoother shave. It won’t. See #2, and be aware that ingrown hairs are almost instaneous, and you won’t be able to bear applications of Tend Skin or aftershave. You will also, instead of the light deliciousness of aftershave, will reek of scorched hair/flesh whenever anyone gets close to your face. If you’re keeping everyone away from your face, might as well have a stubbly shave.

    I cajoled my fiance to try it (which I am sworn never to reveal to anyone, so I’m hoping this doesn’t count), and it got absolute failure in all marks for ease of use, time-effectiveness, smoothness, total hair reduction, and skin tenderness. If you’ve already bought one, guys, give it to your wife/girlfriend/mistress/inappropriately-close sister/maid; ladies, keep it on your legs.

  117. 117

    Pam Says:

    Hi everyone!
    Here’s my update…
    Been using it on my left forearm since 12/21/2007, 3 – 4 times so far and plan to leave it alone a couple of weeks to see the true regrowth, as it’s really coming in slow but want to know if it will be darker than my right (placebo) forearm.
    On 12/28th I finally did my face (blonde peach fuzz on cheeks, sides of face, neck and a few stray darker hairs on upper lip, below lip and chin.)
    ALERT! Had a really bad experience on my face which may have been due to the fact that I had lotion on, which I forgot to wash off first. My face actually felt sort of numb in the areas that I made several passes and my upper lip got burned and under my chin it left red dots (burn marks in the shape of the No! No!) which turned into scabbing and with diligent & excessive daily applications of cocoa butter to those areas are just about healed with very little trace of evidence after approx 5 days since this first and only No! No! application to my face.
    After these 5 days, the hair on my cheeks and neck aren’t returning at all yet, upper lip & chin hairs are returning less dark and not as much hairs (might be too early to really tell yet, though.)
    Not sure if I want to do my face again since this frightening experience in which I thought I would be scarred for life.
    PLEASE, anyone out there, tell me about your face applications…do you think it was due to the lotion???
    Has anyone experienced this on their face without lotion???
    Must say, it was difficult going around my chin and lip area and perhaps that was the reason I got burned in those areas.
    If so, anyone have any ideas on how better navigate around these non-flat surfaces????
    Desperately wanting to give it another whirl but rather fearful!
    Good Luck to everyone and Happy New Year!

  118. 118

    Pam Says:

    Oh…forgot to mention, it also left my face puffy, red and inflamed for a few days.
    This is now gone though which makes me wonder if the lighter less hair growth might be worth another try or might I be burned again and this time possibly permanently scarred no matter how much cocoa butter I apply.

  119. 119

    Tara Says:

    I’m still happy with my no no.
    So far, I have about one fourth less hair on my lower legs. I do have to go over some areas quite a lot, and it never seems to get every hair.
    I’m finding that areas that have fine blond hairs are super easy to get rid of, and areas with coarser hairs take a lot more of my time.
    I wish the set included only stubble hot blades, as I’ll never have a use for the 3 longer hot blades.

  120. 120

    Lindsay Says:

    I have PCOS and have tried the combo Yasmin+Spironolactone and it really didnt do anything. I suppose I’m luckier than most PCOS girls in that the only place I’m hairy is on my neck. I have tried everything and the only thing that works is tweezing but has left my neck always looking red and is now scarred in a few spots. After tweezing I am red for about 4 days and by that time most of the hair has grown back anyway. I’ve tried shaving and it I swear I still have stubble right after and even if the hair isn’t visible, the red bumps all over my neck are (the hair never grows long enough to wax or laser, just long enough to see and feel so when a razor is brought across it I am left with skin irritations and razor burn). I saw the no!no! today and thought by “facial” hair, neck hair would be included. My hair does not grow that long but is pretty coarse (not as coarse as a man’s however) but my main concern is the redness. If I lock myself in the house and let the hair grow for a few days without treating it (so the redness goes away, the hair would still be rather short, even leaving it for 2 weeks it was not long enough for laser hair removal) and then use the no!no! do you think it would assist in the hair removal process and less redness would occur? That is my main concern , I’m fine with it taking a long time and having to possibly shave afterwards for awhile.

  121. 121

    Dana Says:

    Jeni, I can’t thank you enough for your candid and helpful review. I had been reluctant to spend more money on hair removal products ($250! Wowzers!) And I too remeber the Epilady nightmare, but after reading your review journal, I am ready to take the plunge with this product. The company should thank you and send you free loofas for life. I am looking forward to less hair, less embarassment and no more bleach!! Burn hair can’t be any worse! Thanks and Bravo to you!

  122. 122

    kim Says:

    hi everyone.i just got the NO!NO!, and i was thinking about using it on my breast because i have some fine hairs on them.i want to use it on my face also.has anyone tries this yet?

  123. 123

    Angela Says:

    Hi! I was thinking of purchasing a NO!NO! because of the horrible nightmare I have been through with ingrown hairs. Never had them in my life until I starting using an epilator and had a horrible outbreak of them. A year later I’m still trying to undo the damage and get them to stop. I thought the No!No! might be the answer to stopping the ingrown hairs, but I am concerned about what Morgen wrote above about ingrown hairs being almost instant with the No!No!. Has anyone else with a bad ingrown hair problem tried the No!No!? Thanks!

  124. 124

    Tara Says:

    I made 3 passes with the no no on my total neck area,
    to see if there was any resulting redness and there wasn’t any.

    I have had a few ingrown hairs in the bikini area, but
    that may be bc I wasn’t using the buffer afterward. Epilators are the worst for ingrown hair, I use to use one and it’s not worth it, imo.

  125. 125

    lauren Says:

    will the no!no! scar you if you use it on the face?i know it says you can’t use it on your face, but i was reading the reviews and people did, but im worried it will leave scars on my face.has this happened to anyone yes?

  126. 126

    Gracie Says:

    I have used my No No about 5 times now. I am very disappointed with the closeness of the shaving aspect — it is not close enough at all. I always have very annoying stubble everywhere on my legs, even after the buffing. I don’t think they made the razors sharp enough or perhaps come out far enough from the chamber to provide a smooth result. I just did my underarms and I swear, I must have passed over this one stupid hair in 25 different directions trying to get it and No No would not get it. I eventually had to manually pluck it. I will continue trying, but am wondering if you have any info that is helpful in this regard? Also, I am wondering if you know if one can use No No in conjunction with an epilator — meaning, if No NO is not getting the hair in terms of cutting it smooth to the skin, is there still treatment from the device to that shaft? I am thinking that if there is still a zap of heat to it despite it not getting cut to smooth skin then perhaps utilizing an epilator afterward would be a good idea to get the remaining stubble. I do not want to use the epilator, however, if all that is going to do is remove hairs that were not treated by No NO, and I then have to wait longer for them to grow back before I can again zap ‘em with my No No. Any insight??? Thanks!!

  127. 127

    Gracie Says:

    I think I may have found the answers to my questions and I thought since I stumbled across this that I’d share the information.

    I just went to their website (for the first time) and read the following:

    no!no! is not a razor:
    Using no!no! in conjunction with the buffer will remove the majority of hair, but not all. For smoothest results, especially in the first few weeks of your hair reduction program, use a razor along with no!no! for a clean shave. Use the buffer to remove residue and maximize smoothness, then shower or bathe and follow with body moisturizer.

    So, I read this to mean that they never were trying to represent to us that we were going to get smoothly shaved legs out of a treatment (so, my bad). Also, if they are recommending shaving after a treatment, I’d assume that that also means we can use an epilator and further that yes, the hair shafts are treated even though stubble is left after treatment.

  128. 128

    Tara Says:

    I still shave my legs bc even after the buffer not all the hair is gone. The no no doesn’t work as a hair removal device. The only thing that matters to me is that is reduces hair growth.

  129. 129

    juicefairy Says:

    I am in the first week of using the no!no! and I have to say that I am already impressed with the results. However, while the smell of burning hair didn’t scare me the burns I got after the first use did. Although it doesn’t seem that anyone mentioned it in your comments, when I couldn’t get a nice 90 degree angle over places like my wrists or knees the device pinched and left a little red burn mark.
    I mastered the slow motion you should use after the second use so I don’t get now burnt but I still cant do my wrist and knees. Did you have this trouble?
    Otherwise I have been pretty happy with the product. You can see the rest of my results here… http://juicefairy.com/2008/01/05/i-try-out-the-nono/

  130. 130

    Tara Says:

    That’s awful it gave you burn marks. I wonder if your no no could be defective? I know I haven’t always kept a 90 degree angle but I’ve never had anything close to a burn mark. The only irritation I’ve felt is if I glide the no no too slowly it will make a slight rackety sound and I’ll feel something like a rubber band snap- but it doesn’t hurt or leave a mark.

  131. 131

    Chloe Says:

    I bought the No!No! towards the end of Novemeber. I bought it only to use for my underarms. (I don’t have very much leg hair, so i shave once every couple of weeks as it is.) I’ve always had trouble getting a really clean shave underneath my arms so I was really excited to try the no!no!.

    First of all, the smell is horrible! Even if I nono with only 1 day’s worth of stubble, the smell is so bad. Contrary to what other people have written, i have yet to get used to it.

    I have only been nonoing underneath my right arm. I have been shaving my left underarm because i wanted to be able to compare the results to see if the nono actually works. It’s been a month and a half and I can’t tell a thing. I’m going to try and see if I can return it. I’m extremely disapointed. Compared to my “control” underarm, it’s not coming in any slower at all and there is zero reduction in hair growth.

    Has anyone else had better results strictly for underarm areas? Should I keep trying? Maybe it takes longer? I honestly don’t know how much I can take of the smell without seeing any results.

  132. 132

    ms. distressedDerma Says:


    I tried underarm no!no!-ing and couldn’t go through with it so unfortunately I can’t give any insight as far as that.

    If you haven’t seen results between 30 to 45 days then I recommend taking the no!no! back for a refund. I started seeing results within that time period and I think many of the other commenters would agree.

    I’ve been quite happy with the reduction of hair density (less hair) on my arms but I’ll be the first to tell you that if it doesn’t work for you don’t wait until the refund period is over. Take it back and get your money refunded.

    Oh, and I never can get used to the smell. It stinks. Stubble makes it less stinky (I guess less burning hair) but stinky no less. If I wasn’t seeing less hair regrowth on my arms, which to me is major since I’ve always hated my hairy arms, then I don’t think I would put up with the stink. The things we will do for beauty!

  133. 133

    Patricia Says:

    I looked on Amazon.com and read reviews of No!No! and several people who tried it say that it doesn’t work and not to waste your money. I have decided to pass and go for professional laser treatment.

  134. 134

    1halfdozen Says:

    I have read every part of this review as well as all the comments and after weighing it all, I decided to buy one, which I did today.

    I have PCOS and have been shaving my face for about 5 years. I tried laser, but it didn’t work since my hair is too light. Yes, they lied to me when they said it would work and there went $400. So, I’m willing to give this a try. I am going to test it on my legs first, since I have sensitive skin to shaving much above the knee.

    Thank you SO MUCH for all the information that is here. I will start tomorrow and, hopefully, keep you posted :)

  135. 135

    Female Personal Hygiene – Page 241 – Forums – Islamica Community Says:

    […] hair doesn’t sound so great, but if it means no epilating pain/waxing mess, i’m okay with that. Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA <– good review of the product Don’t waste your money on that. At that price you may as well […]

  136. 136

    Chloe Says:

    Thanks Distressed Derma! I appreciate your response. I took my nono back to sephora for a refund! I’m sad it didn’t work, but I’m glad that I have my money back! :)

  137. 137

    b Says:

    hi! i have several questions:

    1. what happens when i finish my nono treatments? if i go back to shaving, will my hair eventually return to its previous thickness or are the results permanent?

    2. will the nono work on bare, shaved/waxed skin (where hair normally grows) or does there have to be hair on the surface in order for it to work?

    3. when i use it, i’m never suyre how much time to spend on each area during a treatment–how many times should i go over the same spot per treatment?

    4. i know you are not supposed to tan when getting laser treatments. is that the same with this?

  138. 138

    1halfdozen Says:

    Okay, I’m having trouble getting behind the knee and around the upper thigh since I can’t see behind my own leg…

    But other than that, I LOVE it. I tested it by shaving one leg with a razor and the other with the No!No! Of course the NoNo leg grew slower, just as advertised. I can’t wait to see how it works on my armpits!

  139. 139

    The Best New Beauty Products | bloggingirl Says:

    […] no!no! hair remover [Review from Distressed Derma]: A new revolution in at-home hair removal based on new technology called Thermicon, which destroys […]

  140. 140

    colleen Says:

    been using on face and reducing sideburns, they have been reduced, will see white bumps as finer hairs try to grown in. if microdermabrade, may be alot more sensitive. i think you’re more likely to have ingrown hairs on face, but i don’t buff. also, you’ll see black after-burned hair remnants, mouth and chin are really sensitive. i also have a mole on face and acidentally hit it, i think burned it(sticks up).belly- have coarse hair but really slowed down growth. tried hair on fingers(curious), took couple of weeks to grow back in.inner thigh area is slowest now growing in. i usually shave, wait a day or two, then nono while watching tv, then reshave that or next day to remove it instead of buffing and the stubble takes at least 1-2-3 days to come back in. i have really coarse leg hair, so far so good and i have probably only averaged 1/week (work nights as nurse and have a 2 year old plus 2 others in school). i’m pleased and would purchase it again. also, has been slowing growing under arms, but coarse hair and hardly do, i usually forget and have already applied deodorant( alumunim in it-conducts heat). all the comments really help.

  141. 141

    fetishqueen Says:


    really REALLY no in-home brazilian?

  142. 142

    1halfdozen Says:

    fetish – it would be VERY risky to do anything in the more… delicate areas. The head of the device has a wire running across and if it makes contact with your skin down there it could and probably would burn you. Thats why it’s best used on flat areas of skin.

  143. 143

    Aenigma Says:

    I’ve been getting my legs waxed since I was a teen, but in NYC, it ain’t cheap. If the No!No! does what it claims it will, it could pay for itself in just a few months’ time. Primarily as a result of this review, I purchased a No!No! on eBay (at your own risk, friends, though my experiences have been good). It arrived today.

    To test its efficacy, I’ve designated my left side as the No!No! side and my right as the control side. I’ve No!No!’d my entire left leg and (just for kicks) my left forearm. There was a perceptible smell despite the fact that my hair in both areas was short and fine — but then, I’ve honestly never minded the smell of burning hair. The technique itself was easy to master, especially once I’d watched the very concise DVD instructions. After using the buffer, my left leg had some prickly patches but was about as smooth overall as it might be a few hours after shaving. Really not that bad. Again, my hair was neither particularly dense nor coarse.

    I plan to No!No! my left leg and shave my right leg once every couple of days for the next several weeks. When that time is up, I’ll let both grow out for a couple of weeks to see if speed and density of growth are indeed diminished with No!No! use. I’ll check back in periodically with any thoughts along the way.

    Thanks to all for the review and the subsequent comments! Good luck!

  144. 144

    happygirl Says:

    I tried using the no!no! on my bikini line which had some stretch marks which extended from my lower belly from childbirth, and after passing the no!no! on the same area for a couple of time, I noticed that the stretch marks became sensitive and a little stingy. After one day, the stretch marks are a little reddish. Do you think it is okay to no! no! that area again? Thanks!!!

  145. 145

    brianna Says:

    on average how often do you have to replace the blades?

  146. 146

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi All,

    Replies from most recent to oldest:
    Brianna #145, My experience (arms and legs) is a new blade set every 2 1/2 months on average. I do use it 3 times a week on arms and legs so that it is a lot. Others may get longer use of their blades.
    happygir l #144, I have a raised scar on my right leg and the no!no! does not glide over it as easily either thankfully, I don’t have any hair growing out of the scar area so I just try to get as close as possible to zap the hairs surrounding it. If it’s uncomfortable for you then I’d recommend avoiding that scar area.
    Aengima #143, Thank you for sharing your experiences. Keep us posted.
    fetishqueen #141, seriously. As 1halfdozen#142 (thanks for answering :) ) writes the no!no! is best used on flat areas and personally I’d want to keep the hot little wire as far away from the “privates” as humanly possible.
    colleen #140, I don’t recommend using the buffer on the face. I opt for a gycolic lotion or peel to keep the skin exfoliated. That’s really what causes lots of ingrown hairs – bad exfoliation trapping the emerging hair from coming out. I also tried it on the light hair on my fingers last month! So interesting where we are willing to go with the no!no!. My experience was the same as yours, very slow regrowth and on two fingers almost no regrowth.
    1halfdozen#138, Thank you for sharing your experiences with the no!no!. I look forward to hearing your updates. Back of legs is a bit more difficult. Sometimes I get a mini-flexibility workout contorting myself to get the no!no! at the 90 degree angle on the back of my thighs.
    b #137,

    1. I stopped the no!no! treatment for a while and I was happy to report the hair did not grow in to it’s original density. Taking photos along the way really helps since we tend to forget what we started with – at least I do forget. So I have been taking photos at major updates and that helps lend an objective view to the density reduction.

    2. There has to be some hair. Stubble is good enough.

    3. Time spent is based on each individual. I try not to go over the same area sequentially. I may pass over it again after one cycle.

    4. I haven’t seen anything in the manual that says no tanning.
    Chloe #136, You’re welcome. I’m sad that it didn’t work for you. There are new hair removal products coming out this year. I read about an at home laser removal system that should be debuting soon. I’ll try to get more information and post about it here. Maybe that one will be your hair removal grail :)
    1halfdozen #134, I truly understand what you are going through medically. It’s a difficult disease to deal with, lots of horrible symptoms and the increased hairiness is devastating.

    Take care when using the no!no! on your face, make sure that it is dry with no oils or lotions as that can lead to slight burns.

    Hope this works for you and please continue to keep us updated.
    Patricia #133, This is such a new technology, at least here in the USA so I don’t blame you for being discouraged from purchasing what is an expensive tool after reading the comments on Amazon because in reality there are so few reviews of the product to help guide you. Having said that, I also think that it’s an absolutely no-loss situation to purchase the no!no! at a Sephora store and try it for 30 to 45 days. It has a sixty day guarantee. If it works for you fantastic, if not you will get your money back.
    Tara #130, I think burns are rare. I did get what I consider a “rug burn” style burn when I was going over the same area over and over again – only to come to the realization that my blade was dead and that is why the hair wasn’t being removed.
    Juicy Fruit #129, the key to avoiding the pinch (which I think is what causes that burn mark – like a rubber band being snapped on your skin) is to use the 90 degree angle, which of course is difficult to master on the knees or any jutting boney area such as the ankle. The more I use the no!no! the better I have become at gliding over the boney areas.
    Tara #128, My main priority is the lesser hair also. I can’t wait to see how it all looks in the March 2008 update.
    Gracie #127, no!no! is definitely not a razor :) I’ve been lucky in that I have been able to buff away the icky crystallized stubble to smooth skin. But I have noticed that the buffer needs to be replace often because I do use it extensively to buff in order to have the smoother skin. If I don’t have time after no!no!-ing to buff I will shave to get smooth because the no!no! process does leave that stubble feeling.

    The hair shafts are treated and that is why there needs to be at least some hair present to transmit the heat to the root. I found a great white paper clinical study about the no!no! which I will post soon – that shows how it works.
    lauren #125, You’re not supposed to use it on your face but many of us have at our own risk. Some have had good experiences with it others have had problems. You may want to read through the comments to help you decide.
    Tara #124, Thank you so much for answering and helping other commenters :)
    Angela #123, I haven’t had ingrown hairs since using the no!no!. I’ve been using the no!no! since October and not a single one but that’s just my personal experience. I recommend reading what others have written here and on the web about their experiences with the no!no!.
    Kim #122, The manual says don’t no!no! breasts or genitals. They also say the same about on the face. See my reply to lauren#125 above.
    Dana #121, Let us know how your experience with the no!no! goes.
    Lindsay#120, the no!no! shouldn’t cause redness. It has a sixty day guarantee so you can give it a try and see how it works for you.
    Pam #117, Lotion and wet skin don’t play well with the no!no!. The lotion basically is conductive of the heat and that’s probably what caused the burns. I hope you are okay.

    I tried no!no! on my upper lip and didn’t like the experience. The burning hair smell was making me feel physically ill.

    The no!no! is really hard to use on the face because it’s too big – and I guess it wasn’t made for facial application, so the manual states.

    I really hope their R&D people are reading this and NOTICE that we women (and some guys) want a no!no! for the face, hint, hint.

    Please let us know your results.
    Morgen #116 and #115, Thank you for your review and sharing your experience. Please keep us updated.

    I share your feeling about the smell. I religiously follow the instructions in the manual that state – shower/bathe after no!no!-ing. I jump in and wash off and the smell leaves my skin and I’m left smelling clean and fresh. I would be forever nauseas if I had to carry that smell on my person.

    I wasn’t able to use it well on my face. It was the smell that got me. Too close to the nose.
    lovingnono #114, that is a tough area to tackle. I would think you would have to approach it from different angles. Please keep us updated on your experience and how it works on your tummy area.
    kristie #113, Thank you for sharing your experiences with the no!no!, do keep us updated.
    Manly Facial Hair #112, Here’s a review from a guy using the no!no!: http://blog.sephora.com/2007/12/no-no-part-3-lets-go-on-safari.html
    Sara #111, Thank you for sharing your no!no! experience. If the buffing doesn’t work you can shave the area until the hair starts getting less dense. See Gracie’s notes @ 126 and 127.
    Lydia #109, According to the manual the no!no! should not be used on the face. Some of us have used it on our face at our own risk. I don’t recommend deviating from the manual but if you do it’s at your own risk since it isn’t indicated for use on the face.

    The heat is not unbearable. It’s slightly warm.
    Hannah #107, Thank you for your indepth review. Please keep us updated.

    Pam #106 and #105, The updated photos are shown above. The hair density reduction is shown for a period of three weeks without no!no!ing and then six weeks without no!no!ing. I was very happy with the overall reduction after the hair was allowed to regrow. My arms are much less hairy :)

    Please keep us updated on your review.
    Curious #105, Check with your doctor first.
    Amanda #103, I shave the bikini line first and then just work with the stubble. It is a bit harder because you have to approach the bikini line area from an angle and still maintain the no!no! at an angle. I also hold the skin taut to make sure the hotwire catches the stubble. Let me know if this helps.
    Karen #102, it’s not made for the face. Radiancy, the company that makes the no!no!, states in their manual that is should not be used on the face. Some readers have at their own risk, as did I. You can read their comments in this thread.

    My opinion is that I won’t be using it on my face again. It’s hard to use and frankly it stinks too much to have it anywhere near my nose.
    Ali #101, I’m glad that this review was helpful to you.
    Amy #100, Thank you for your review of the no!no! and for sharing your experience. It’s really important to provide as many reviews as possible that highlight the pros and cons, as well as each individuals experience.

    The no!no! breaks communication to the hair follicle which causes it to stop growing hair which results in less hair. I don’t believe it kills the follicle. I will be posting (soon hopefully) a clinical study I found on the no!no!.
    Christy #99, I recommend seeing an Endocrinologist first. They can help rule out any hormonal issues that may cause hairyness in females. Even if you have PCOS or Insulin Resistance (which also causes some hairyness) Syndrome you can combine the no!no! treatments with whatever medical treatment your doctor may recommend.

  147. 147

    Bibi Says:

    this question isn’t about the no!no! device but i saw your comment that you have a Zeno acne clearing device and i want to know how that works for you and whether it is worth it or not.

  148. 148

    1halfdozen Says:

    Okay… used it on the legs for the 3rd time tonight. Getting pretty good at it and both legs (below the knee) took about 40 minutes. I’m not shaving afterwards and my legs are pretty smooth except for the back of my calf.

    I also tried it on my face. OUCH. I have 4 raised marks that are just close enough together that I can’t get a good swipe at it. I am sure I burned myself, but I’m gonna give it another go this weekend.

    I’ll keep ya updated.

  149. 149

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Bibi #147 and 1halfdozen #148,

    Bibi, If I only had one beauty product that I was allowed to keep, it would be the Zeno. Not a moments hesitation on my part. I travel a lot and the Zeno is a staple in my travel bag. I am never without it.

    The key to Zeno’s effectiveness is to get the pimple as it is emerging and in 24 hours no zit! After the pimple has emerged it takes longer and for me personally it works like a charm on the nasty hormonal cystic acne lesions. It’s not indicated for that use but it works for me and I do use it. It’s also for those with mild to moderate acne. Unfortunately it isn’t for severe acne cases. If you are interested you can read my Zeno review.

    1halfdozen, Thanks for continuing to share your no!no! experience. I appreciate you taking the time to keep us updated.

    I think the general consensus from other commenters is that use on the face has a painful element. I wonder if the oils on facial skin are also an issue. I was no!no!ing my legs the other day and it dawned on me that my leg skin doesn’t get oily or moist but facial skin does. I think the moisture or oil helps conduct heat and may lead to the burning.

    I was thinking, if may be using an oil blotter paper before no!no!ing could nip that problem in the bud? Any ideas from those continuing to use the no!no! on their face?

  150. 150

    1halfdozen Says:

    I used it on my face right after washing, with no lotion or anything added. Just as clean as it could be. I think the issue is that on a leg we can keep it moving. On the face the area is so limited that it sits still for too long and gets the rubber band effect. Of course it hurts more on the face so that is the deterrent.

    My leg hair is definitely growing back slower. I want to try it on my armpits, but I have several skin tags and I’m thinkin those won’t mix well.

  151. 151

    new nono user Says:

    Have a quick question when using the NoNo…Before I get the steady green light, and the light is flickering the NoNo also is making a clicking-like sound and it seems like the blade cartridge is popping out a little. It stops as soon as I get the gliding down with the steady light but I want to know if this is normal with anyone else’s NoNO or do I need to take mine back??

  152. 152

    1halfdozen Says:

    This is normal. The blade stays in the down position when you are moving at the right speed, which is indicated by a steady green light.

  153. 153

    Kim Says:

    This review is great! Your review gave me confidence w/ the purchase.

  154. 154

    megan Says:

    Has anyone with a bad ingrown hair problem (on the legs) tried the NoNo? I wanted to try it as a cure to stop ingrown hairs – i want to make sure it won’t make them worse.

  155. 155

    Tara Says:

    The no no doesn’t seem to make a difference one way or the other for ingrown hairs for me.

    I tend to get ingrown hairs in the bikini line area and hopefully after I’ve treated that area enough I wont have to worry about them.

  156. 156

    Rebecca Says:

    I have read through this whole page of reviews and am very interested to see what the no!no! will do for me. Unfortunately I will probably wait until I am done with my laser hair removal treatments in which I have spent $5600 for 5 treatments packages for lip, chin, bikini, under arms, and legs. I was at first told there was a 5 year guarantee, then told its 1 year guarantee with 75% off purchase price of future packages for the next 4 years after that. WHAT? On top off that I wasn’t told up front that it wouldn’t remove lighter hair, so I basically spent $835 for my upper lip for no reason (its light brown but noticeable if not trimmed)-each treatment thus far has not removed anything from my lip. However, dark hair does fall out after two weeks and grows back w/in the month of my next treatment but grows in less and not as coarse. I do go through a hair free period everywhere else w/ dark hair, but light hair grows back within a few weeks. Supposedly after the third round (each part is staggering in time frame) which I am beginning now, I will experience the “wow” factor.

    Case in point-I’d try the no!no! before opting for laser hair removal unless you have dark coarse hair where the results will be good. Had I known about this last August when I began the laser treatment I wouldn’t have signed up. I went in for my face (knowing if it was successful then one day I’d do it all) and got suckered into spending a ton for the rest because I’d get an additional 10% off for signing up that day and 20% off for “packaging” body parts.

    Whatever! I better get that wow factor soon!

  157. 157

    Rebecca Says:

    Oh yeah…and its super painful (laser hair removal) on dark hair. On light hair I can barely feel anything is going on.

  158. 158

    Tara Says:

    I’m also finding that the NoNo works best when I use it
    against the growth of the hair. Msderma have you found that the NoNo works best at a certain stubble length? I’m thinking if I let the stubble grow a bit longer the NoNo will be more effective.

  159. 159

    lovingnono Says:

    just wanted to say i’ve had laser hair removal and found it not really painful at all. it’s really like what they say– feels like snapping rubber bands. it is nothing unbearable. just don’t want people to be afraid to try that option too!

    still using my no no on my tummy. not really too pleased with the results as of yet. i always have stubble and that’s not what i want. hoping that over time less and less will come back and it will be more manageable/less visible.

  160. 160

    Modern Dandies Says:

    This seems to be a great product, but It’s suitable for men ?

  161. 161

    O. Says:

    “Rebecca on January 24th, 2008 6:17 pm

    Oh yeah…and its super painful (laser hair removal) on dark hair. On light hair I can barely feel anything is going on.”

    That’s because laser hair removal works best on dark hair which is able to absorb the laser. The light hair isn’t able to, hence the laser doesn’t work as well on light hair. You have less pain on light hair because the laser isn’t doing anything.

  162. 162

    Jo Says:

    I just got my No!No! today and did not have stellar results on my legs. I had trouble gliding over my bony shins. I have very fine, blonde hair on my legs and expected to have an easier time with it. Maybe I am not going over the spots enough or not buffing enough. I was afraid of buffing my skin off.

    I really purchased it to use on my face (I know the product is not intended for such use). I found that I was much more successful at gliding on my cheeks than on my legs and I love the results. I have downy fuzz on my cheeks that resemble a baby seal, and now I am smooth and hair free. No!No!ing under my nose was a bit harsh because of the smell, but it beat waxing.

    Your site helped me decide to purchase the No!No! and I will continue to monitor it for more tips and advice. Thanks!

  163. 163

    Jennifer Says:

    I’ve been using the No!No! for about a month now, though I’m only using it about 2x a week due to time constraints (and due to the fact that each session with it takes me and hour and a half!).

    I’m just wondering if others are seeing little bald spots on their legs — like random ones (sometimes one hair will be missing, sometimes a patch)….and if you are, have these spots stayed bald? Because that’s why I got the No!No!, so I’m hoping!!

    My three things that I’ve noticed about my usage is that

    – it’s really drying out my legs and making them itchy!

    – I’ve killed 2 short hair blades in just a month (I have heavy, thick hair on my legs)

    – the stubble and feel after is horrible! IF this really works to reduce hair, then it’s worth it. But as someone who’s had nothing but great experiences with an epilator (save, again, for the time involved in doing it), it’s a shock to go back to the stubble feeling.

    I’ve only done my legs so far, no underarms. I still use the epilator for that as it’s guaranteed smooth and not really that painful.

    I’m mainly hoping that my little bald spots will stay bald…and spread!!!

  164. 164

    Emily Says:


    Thanks for you review. It was very helpful, sorry I did not read through all the questions so someone probably already asked this one…
    I am wondering about the hair removal in the really long term.

    It sounds like you have been using it for almost 4 months now?

    Does the amount of hair consistently or continually reduce?

    Will it eventually mostly go away?


  165. 165

    Tara Says:

    seeing little bald spots on their legs — like random ones (sometimes one hair will be missing, sometimes a patch)….

    This is exactly what I have now on my lower legs- a lot of bald patches and then some areas with just random hairs missing. Honestly, I can’t say for sure if these areas are growing back or not. I’d have to pay more attention or do a small test area. What I do know is that the more I use the nono the less hair I have, so I assume most of them aren’t growing back.

    About the stubble- I just shave my legs after the nono.
    The buffer doesn’t work that well for me. The hair on my thighs is much finer and the stubble doesn’t bother
    me there, but my lower legs would drive me crazy if I didn’t shave.

  166. 166

    Jessica Says:

    How often do the hot blades burn out and need to be replaced? I’m sure this question has already been asked, but I didn’t see it when I was skimming through.

  167. 167

    Jessica Says:

    OKay, so now I see the answer 2 1/2 monthes. Thanks for all the info! I really want one now.

  168. 168

    Jil Says:

    How do you know when the blades stop working??
    So far, I really, really like this. I’ve used it just twice on my arms, which I never shaved, and already they feel much smoother.

  169. 169

    Jil Says:

    Oh, and I have used it where it doesn’t recommend either! and it ain’t my face… works pretty good, and NO pain!!!

  170. 170

    Tara Says:

    Actually, the hot blades last between 2 and 3 hours of use. That’s when you’re using the nono, when it’s in use, not just plugged in. I’ve gone through all my hotblades that came with the kit, and had to reorder. Hopefully as the hair diminishes I won’t go through them as fast.

    There’s real way to tell when the hotblades stop working, except that they become less and less effective at treating the hairs.

  171. 171

    Sandra Says:

    Do you need to wait 24 hours after using the No!No! before swimming in a public pool like you do with waxing or epilating? I don’t see anything in the manual or in the FAQ about this.

  172. 172

    Jennifer Says:

    My first two short blades wore out in less than a month. And now I think I’m wearing out the third after only a few uses. I think it depends on each person, how much hair they have, and perhaps how stubborn your hair is.

    I don’t know about waiting to swim after using the No!No! (can’t think of why not?), but I normally used an epilator and never heard of the waiting to swim thing. I’d be off doing whatever I wanted after epilating — it was just a task to me and there was no special after prep. Last night I epilated my underarms and then after my shower I put deodorant on, same as always. No waiting to do anything special.

  173. 173

    Jennifer Says:

    Quite funny….

    My roller on the No!No! is sticking. I wrote tech support and they told me to take it to where it was bought for “support”. Now I have to wait for my mom to find the receipt (she got it for me as an Xmas gift).

    I don’t know if they mean that the Sephora people will send it for service or they’ll give me a new one, but this is good in a way as growing the hair out for a week or two while this is taken care of will allow me to really see just what bald spots I do have on my legs. Once I’m ready to go again, I’ll do a once over of my legs and will post here about the results I can see I definitely have.

  174. 174

    Mario Says:

    Still no word on use for men? I gotta hairy chest and I want to make it go away!

  175. 175

    Lizz Says:

    Is the No!No! ok to use on the neck and chest and sideburn areas?

  176. 176

    Tara Says:

    It’s ok to use on the neck and chest. You’re not supposed to use it on facial hair, so no to the sideburn area. However, I have used it on my face, even though you’re not supposed to. I think the no facial hair reason is probably a liability issue- it the nono malfunctioned and caused a burn, ect. it would be much worse if it was on the face.

  177. 177

    sarah Says:

    I’ve been contemplating buying the NoNo system because I choose not to buy products that use animal testing. A lot of razor blades use animal testing. But I was wondering if I could get their company website from you. I didn’t notice it listed on here and I want to ask them specific questions.

    Do they use animal testing. & Does the nono system affect tattoos.

    If you know any of these answers, that would be great. Otherwise I can email them directly.

  178. 178

    1halfdozen Says:

    Sarah, as far as I know Sephora doesn’t sell ANYTHING that is tested on animals.

  179. 179

    Alona Tamir Says:

    I’ve been using the No!No! for a few months now and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried numerous devices in the past but nothing has done the work as this one. I have significally less hair now. It’s completely painless and requires no time at all. My skin is smooth and silky.
    The best $250 I’ve ever spend.

  180. 180

    kelly Says:

    I have been using an epilator non-stop w/out ever shaving for about 12 years now. My hair is dramatically softer, finer and a lot less than before. But I don’t think it’s ever going to disappear completely altogether. But so far it sounds like the results of the NO!NO! are basically the same. Can anyone out there who has used both tell me if they’ve seen a difference b/w the NO!NO! vs. the epilator? I can’t see putting up w/the expense, the burning smell and the stubble if it’s going to have the same results as an epilator. What I’m after is having the hair disappear forever and never having to do any of this stuff again. And it sounds like that doesn’t really exist anywhere – even costly laser treatments at the docs office. Thanks so much for your willingness to inform us all so much about this before we think about buying it.

  181. 181

    Jan Says:

    I’ve been using the NO!No! for close to two months now. I have been faithfully using it 3xweek and it takes close to 30 minutes to do my legs. The directions state that the blades last about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. As you can see that adds up to 4-5 uses or only one and 1/2 weeks. So it get expensive. However I did note that if your stubble is over 1mm (not very long!) you should use the long hair blade first which I wasn’t doing. I never really get smooth legs with this and its very time consuming, but I only have shaved once since starting it and did notice that the smoothness from the shave lasted into the second day. It’s too late for me to return it but I’m hoping by summer it will have been worth it. I do use it on the underarm, but find it chafes more there.

  182. 182

    Tara Says:

    I found some info online from a clinical study done with the NoNo- “Methods: Twelve of the 20 enrolled subjects underwent 6 supervised and 6 unsupervised self-treatments of their lower legs and umbilicus-bikini areas at twice-weekly intervals for 6 weeks. Follow-up visits were scheduled at 2, 6, and 12 weeks after the final treatment. Results were evaluated by pretreatment, post-treatment, and follow-up hair counts.
    Results: For legs, the median clearance percentages were 48% post-treatment and 43.5% at 12 weeks. For the umbilicus-bikini area, the median clearance percentage was 15% at 12 weeks.

    Conclusions: The efficacy and safety of the no!no! Thermicon device for hair removal of the legs appear to be comparable to those of laser devices.”
    (Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, August, 2007 by James M. Spencer)

    Almost 50% reduction in leg hair sounds pretty good, but I was disapointed to read about the 15% bikini area. Of course, this was after 6 weeks, so I assume
    (hope) that the results continue to improve. I really want a good result in the bikini line area because I have a tendency to get ingrown hairs from waxing.

    The difference between the NoNo and an epilator is that
    the NoNo actually reduces the amount of hairs that grow back- on my legs I have a third to a half less hair that grows in. Honestly, If I had good results with an epilator I wouldn’t have bought the NoNo. If the epilator works well for you I would stick with it.
    I got had awful ingrown hairs from epilating so it wasn’t an option for me.

  183. 183

    JMW Says:

    Hey I was just wondering how often is best for using the No! No!, and for how long each session, I started using it on my face, but I only use it for a few minutes each time, does it take longer to yield results? Is using it everyday a little much? Thanks.

  184. 184

    Rachel Says:

    After some contemplation (and some persuasive conversation with my mother about the fact that it’ll pay for itself in waxing visits) I got my no!no! about a month and a half ago, and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t hurt at all, I have dramatically less ingrowns than I used to get from shaving, waxing or epilating, and over two months after my last waxing, my hair is still growing in sparser than normal.

    Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’m getting the optimal results, due to my living in a college dorm with a roommate who’d be pretty weirded out if she saw/smelled my no!no!ing, so I usually only get to do it once or twice a week when she sleeps out of the room. Even so, just for hair removal purposes alone it’s worth it. I have no pain anymore, no razor burn, and I can do it just about as often as I need to.

    One thing about the buffer – don’t be afraid to really rub with it. In the first two weeks or so of using the no!no! I was a little frustrated with the stubbly feeling left behind, even after I used the buffer, but later on I realized that I just wasn’t rubbing hard enough. I have pretty sensitive skin, so I was reluctant at first, but the buffer really is very gentle, and once I started really using it more vigorously, my legs ended up feeling smoother than they would after shaving! I just put some lotion on my legs when I’m all finished and I have no problems with irritation.

  185. 185

    kelly Says:

    Thanks Tara. I think I will stick w/the epilating for now. After 12 years, I have 0 stubble, very soft, fine hair and less than half the hair I used to have. I only have to use it every 2 wks. (every wk on underarms) in summer and can stretch it to every 3-4 wks in winter. I have been lucky not to have many problems w/ingrown hairs, but maybe it’s b/c I epilate/use scrubs a lot. I can’t see going back to stubble and I definitely can’t see having to do something 2-3 times/week. If it gets rid of 100% of hair, then I would do it. But if not, I think I am better off epilating.

  186. 186

    Thursdays Tools of Attraction | singleparentwealth.com Says:

    […] have not tried this product but you can head on over to Distressed Derma where you can find a complete hands on review of this product. Distressed Derma has been testing […]

  187. 187

    Mel Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for this review – it’s excellent! I have been intrigued by this product, but was reluctant to spend $250 if it doesn’t really work.
    Did the company give you any idea when/if they will release a new version?

  188. 188

    Opinions on the No!No! hair remover? – Specktra.Net Says:

    […] Hair, & Skin. thought this might help… it’s from distressedderma’s blog, which is here "Of course, the strong point of the no!no! is that there is also much less hair that pops up […]

  189. 189

    April Says:

    Thank you for your unbiased honesty. I’ve been following this website for months. Though I have been skeptical of the science of heated hair removal, and I’ve been trying to convince myself out of spending $250, I’ve decided I’d love to buy the No!No! system. However, I was wondering if I should wait for the Product Development Team to come out with the “great second draft.” Do you have any insight whether or not there is plans for a revised product, and when???

  190. 190

    foreverwaxing Says:

    i cant believe how amazing your in depth product review is! I am definitely going to buy it. my main goal is bikini. I wax often. Would you recommend doing brazilian style with the no!no!

  191. 191

    Sephora No!No! Hair Removal System – MomGrind Says:

    […] interesting review of this product can be found at the weblog Distressed Derma. The writer gives a *very* detailed review of the product and is generally recommending it, saying […]

  192. 192

    Sabrina Says:

    Great review, very informative and complete! My decision is made, i’m gonna buy the no!no! with my next paycheck!! Thanks

  193. 193

    tina Says:

    I bought my No No from HSN , home shopping network, they allow for the 250$ to be paid as $50 a month! but the only way i could find it on their website was to use their search by typing in NO NO. This payment way doesnt feel like such a commitment for something i want but still unsure about its abilities! i have used it for a week so far!

  194. 194

    KG Says:

    Thanks for the great review!

    I do have a couple of questions:

    1) How much are the replacement blades, and are they easy to change?

    2) Does use on hair that is very coarse cause the blade to wear out faster?

  195. 195

    lisa Says:

    A Question, when you tried it for your under-arms, did it hurt??? because thats the area where i want to get rid of the hair from the root n i can’t tolerate the pain from waxing lol

  196. 196

    Vanessa Says:

    Thank’s for your in-depth review of this product !

    I have been considering the no!no! for quite a while now, but was nervous since it seems too good to be true.

    I am currently getting my lower legs lazered by a professional. It is expensive (over $2000 in total), it hurts, and it takes a while to do per session. It has reduced the density and amount of hair, though, and takes MUCH longer to grow back.

    But now I would like to tackle other areas of my body -without all the trouble of getting them professionally done. So I am praying that the no!no! will be the solution to improve my hairy situation!

    Just a few questions: Does the no!no! make any noise while using it? Is there any redness or irritation of any sort after use? Would the no!no! be a good option for smoothing the stubble in between shaving and waxing? Also, if you wax the area you have been no!no!-ing, will that ruin the process? (I ask this because you are not supposed to wax the hair after having it professionally lazered.)

    Thanks :)

  197. 197

    foreverwaxing Says:

    just used it today first time. I can see it might work- easy to use, can do it while chatting on the phone. smell is very manageable ( i sorta liked it:) )

  198. 198

    Fernanda Says:

    I would love to get one for myself, but it’s too much dough. I’m used to waxing and usually spend only 12 bucks on a big jar that lasts me over a month… I’m sure no-no is much more practical since there’s no waiting time or mess; however, i’m not ready to spend that much yet!

  199. 199

    JB Says:

    I got the No No for Christmas 07, and used it 2-3 times a week until mid Feb when I just got too busy, so I started to use it 1-2 times a week (it’s March). I can say that I haven’t seen much in reduction of hair. I think my problem is that I’m not changing blades enough so I’m going to try that and see if the results are better.

    I really wanted this for my bikini and underarms because the hair there is much thicker than on my legs. I have so say I’m sorely disappointed in the results. The No No just isn’t taking the hair off these areas and I get red painful bumps the day after.

    I have to say I’m really disappointed, I’m still using it in the hopes that I will start to see improvement but so far I don’t think this was worth it.

    Has anyone else had problems with their bikini and underarms like this? Did you find a solution?


  200. 200

    Tara Says:

    I haven’t tried it on my underarms but I have been using the NoNo on the bikini line. I think the hair is more resistant here- if you see the study I quoted above the reduction is 15% after 12 weeks for this area versus 48 percent for the legs. I would say I have a 20% reduction for the bikini line. That’s using it 2-3 times a week since the end of dec.

    I do get some irritation if I use the short hot blade for the bikini line area. If I use the long blade I don’t. However, I prefer using the short blade bc I think it’s more effective in reducing hair growth. I would try tend skin for the red bumps. I use a homemade version of tend skin, which is basically just
    alcohol and aspirin. Google tend skin recipe if you want to try making it.

    I try to use the new hotblades on the bikini line first. This way it’s most effective and I get less irritation than if I was using an older blade. I can definitely tell a huge difference in effectiveness with
    newer blades vs older. Try to use the brush on the blades often- it really extends the life of the blades.

  201. 201

    Tara Says:

    Just a few questions: Does the no!no! make any noise while using it? Is there any redness or irritation of any sort after use?

    Very little noise. Just when you roll it too slow the
    blade moves down and makes a rackety sound, but it’s not a loud sound when that happens. Some people have reported redness and irritation. The only irritation I have from it is if I use the short blade in a sensitive area, and only then if I use it quite a lot in that area.

    Would the no!no! be a good option for smoothing the stubble in between shaving and waxing? Also, if you wax the area you have been no!no!-ing, will that ruin the process? (I ask this because you are not supposed to wax the hair after having it professionally lazered.)

    Even after I use the NoNo I still shave my legs bc it’s
    easier imo than using the buffer. The NoNo, in my experience, isn’t really for easily removing hair. It’s more for reducing hair density. The payoff comes when you actually start having considerably less hair.

    I don’t know about the waxing, but you could try emailing the company. They have responded to several
    questions I had.

  202. 202

    Susan Says:

    So I got this about a month ago – I use it on my legs and bikini area 2-3 times a week. My first use was horrible. I had painful burn marks all up and down my leg – the short blade was imprinted on my legs. When I went into the shower, it burned!

    After a week of pain, I finally realized how to properly use it. So the first week is tough but once you learn – it gets better. I don’t really have any pain anymore (and the burn marks went away).

    What I have been doing is using the No!No! to get as much hair off as possible – I start with the long blade then go down to the short blade. I’ve been doing this on my legs and bikini area. After I get as much off as I can – I go in the shower and shave. This gives me an ULTRA smooth area.

    As the hair grows in again – I’ve been noticing now (after about a month) that I have bald spots on my legs and my bikini area. I do believe in this product – it just takes time and effort. I’m curious to see what happens in 2-3 months from now – it’s exciting!!

  203. 203

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Tara thank you so much for answering no!no! questions and sharing your experience. I really appreciate it!

    Susan, I’m also a big believer in this product. It’s not a 100% solution to hair removal as some hair will come back. But the difference between where I started – really hairy and where I am now – very light hair covering that takes weeks and weeks to even begin being noticeable – well it’s more than I had ever dreamed was possible.

  204. 204

    Anon Says:

    You weren’t kidding about the smell, but it is tolerable or at least I’m willing to put up with it. The No!No! is the best hair removal device I’ve used so far, it beats waxing, epilators, nasty nair or shaving. It doesn’t hurt or leave behind nasty irritated bumps and ingrown hairs. The one thing that bothers me is that it’s hard to use on bony areas like shins or knees, especially being a skinny person. I also wish the hot blades were cheaper because they don’t seem to last very long, or at least in the beginning they don’t. I haven’t been using it long enough to know if there is any hair reduction yet. I’m hoping there will be because I’m willing to be diligent with no!no!ing since there isn’t any pain or mess involved.

  205. 205

    Courtney Says:

    Im seriously considering ordering this. So it leaves no ingrown hairs or razor bumps??

    so you could use it on the back of your leg and all around ur leg up until your bikini area? because i tend to get razor bumps there the most

    could you use it on your butt

  206. 206

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Anon, I agree with you 100% – I love the no!no! because it really works and it doesn’t hurt.

    Courtney, I haven’t had any ingrown hairs at all. It’s not a razor so it doesn’t irritate the skin like a razor would.

    You can even do your bikini line. No!no! shouldn’t be used on the genital area. When you say derrière, do you mean like a brazilian? That would be a big No!No!.

  207. 207

    Ms. V Says:

    Do you know if it is harmful to tattoed areas?

  208. 208

    Tara Says:

    ms.distressedDerma, I’m happy to help answer questions because it only takes a few minutes. This was the only site I could find with a really detailed review of the NoNo, and it helped me make the decision to buy one.

    Courtney, I haven’t had any ingrown hairs from using the NoNo on the back of my thighs, and I def get razor bumps there. You should use the longer hot blade at first on the bikini line, bc the short blade could cause some irritation. The short hot blade isn’t IME going to causes razor bumps like a real razor would, but use the longer blade to start.

    I wish the hot blades were cheaper too, esp bc the NoNo works so much better when the hot blades are newer. I wish we could get a discount for buying a couple packs at a time.

  209. 209

    JoJo Says:

    so it looks like this works pretty well on arms… but i am still skeptical. Do you have to do the nono for the rest of your life once you start on your arms (like shaving), or will it all go away eventually. Also, when the hair grows back in, is it stubble untill you treat it with the nono again??
    Also, i have keratosis pilarus… with this effect it, and make it act up??? PLEASE HELP!!

  210. 210

    Millie Says:

    So….have they came out with anything newer, or more updated, yet????

  211. 211

    JoJo Says:

    so it looks like this works pretty well on arms… but i am still skeptical. Do you have to do the nono for the rest of your life once you start on your arms (like shaving), or will it all go away eventually. Also, when the hair grows back in, is it stubble untill you treat it with the nono again??
    Also, i have keratosis pilarus… with this effect it, and make it act up??? PLEASE HELP!! i reallllyyyyy need to know if i should spend money on it, and if i will just make my kp WORSE

  212. 212

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    JoJo, The no!no! works well on all areas treated: arms, legs, bikini area, etc. I promise to post photos of my arms and legs soon. It’s taken much longer for the hair to get long enough to show up on camera.

    My legs have vast bald spots – no hair at all(it’s been four weeks since I stopped no!no!ing for this part of the experiment) and once the images are up you can compare the areas where the hair came in. That should give you an idea of the effectiveness of the no!no!.

    The hair grows back but the stubble isn’t like the stubble we are used to seeing from shaving – it’s more like hair regrowth from waxing. It doesn’t feel so sharp because the hair wasn’t cut at an angle as occurs from shaving.

    As for the KP – check with your dermatologist before buying the no!no!. Off topic a bit – regarding the KP, my friend has it on her arms (actually had it) she’s been using DERMAdoctor KP treatment and she raves about it. DERMAdoctor will send out free samples. You can ask them to send you a sample to see if it works for you.
    Millie, I haven’t got any news on a second generation of no!no! nor one for the face. As popular as this product is I’d think that variations of it would be in the works – at least I hope so.
    tara, I’m glad the review helped. When I was looking into buying the no!no! last summer there was so little information – other than a few beauty blogs/websites with a very cursory review all of which recommended the product – but at $250 I needed more information. I wanted to know that it really worked in the long term but none of the sites had done long-term testing or documented the usage. So when I got one as a review tester I decided to share my experience with the no!no! over the course of weeks (going on six months of usage so far).

    Six months in, and I really love this product. I love that my arms aren’t man hairy anymore. I am no longer self-conscious about my arms. I can enjoy wearing arm-baring fashions! I love that my legs have lots of glorious bald spots and I love that I don’t get those terribly, itchy bumps as the result of bikini line hair removal.

  213. 213

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Ms V,

    I don’t know if the no!no! would harm a tattooed area. Anybody here try the no!no! on tattooed skin? Please comment and let us know.

    I also recommend checking with your dermatologist and letting him/her know that you are considering the no!no! – they can tell you if you can use the no!no! or if you shouldn’t.

  214. 214

    JoJo Says:

    thanks so much for your help!!!!
    now i can be more confident about the purchase of the no!no!
    i will def. check with the derm.
    thanks again!

  215. 215

    News » Blog Archive » By: ms. distressedDerma Says:

    […] Comments on: Sephora No!No! Review wrote an interesting post today on By: ms. distressedDermaHere’s a quick excerpt … got any news on a second generation of no!no! nor one for the face…. […]

  216. 216

    JoJo Says:

    i forgot to mention this in my last post… but i wasnt sure about another question i had asked….
    if i start using the no!no!… will i have to use it for the rest of my life (like shaving), or will it eventually all go away, because i have dark MANLY hairy arms, so i dont want it to come back!!!
    i know it reduces hair growth, but will it eventually all come back, if you dont regulary use the no!no!???
    ALSO… if anyone was wondering the same thing as i was (about mixing the no!no! and keritosis pilaris) and has already talked to the dermotologist about it…PLEASE POST HERE!!!
    – jojo

  217. 217

    Sunny Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this review…it was great!
    Just have a quick question….do you know of any other product that works well on the face?!?!

    Thanks so much!!

  218. 218

    Dee Says:

    thank you Ms. Distressederma for such a thorough and candid review! I got my NoNo three weeks ago & have been using it diligently, but unfortunately no noticeable results yet. I’m still hoping though….
    I have two questions:
    –If you shave afterwards, do you skip the buffing? My legs are definitley not smooth enough to just NoNo alone, so I have to shave afterwards, I’m thinking I could skip buffing if shaving is doing the same thing?
    –Do you all think that the NoNo is still “treating” the area even if hair isn’t coming off? There is a lot of hair that is not fazed by the NoNo, I’m wondering if it is doing anything to those hairs…..?

    thanks so much!!!

  219. 219

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi JoJo, I can only speak about my experience here, but the results aren’t 100% permanent hair removal. It makes manly hairy arms – see my photos- less hairy. Doesn’t remove all the hair, at least not at this point in time. I did see the developer of the no!no! on HSN and he has no hair on the back side of his arm. He said it was from constantly demoing the product. I gather he’s been using the no!no! for more that a few months.

    I use the no!no! once a week – unless I’m letting the hair grow back to record the results, as I have been doing for a few weeks now.

    Sunny, You’re welcome. I don’t know of any products like the no!no! for facial usage. I’ve used it on my face and it was very uncomfortable. I would love to use it on the upper lip because I’ve seen how effective it is elsewhere.

    Dee, The no!no! still treats the hair, even if the hair doesn’t fall or burn away. I think shaving is okay after no!no!-ing. I don’t think you will need to buff if you shave.

    I have some resistant hairs that no matter how often I treat them they come back. One thing though, they come back finer – not as coarse as they used to be. I don’t know if that is as a result of the no!no!.

  220. 220

    Courtney Says:

    This review has been really helpful and I have researched this product extensively and thus there is no more information for me to read about this product, so I must make my decision based on what I have read so far. This has in fact been the most extensive review and is probably the biggest deciding factor for me to purchase the no no. If I don’t get it, I will always be wondering if it would have worked for me or not. I suppose the worst that could happen is that it does not work and I lose my money on shipping and handling.

    I’m still so sketipal about all of it. From what I have read results vary from individual to indivdual. Some people say it’s a good product while others say to save your money… and this product did receive a very poor customer rating in total (2 out of 5 stars) and that makes me suspicious of the product.

    I hate body hair so much though I guess I would be stupid not to try it. Currently my biggest problem right now is not necessarily the time it takes me to shave (although that does take up a lot of shower time in the morning) but the fact that I get afternoon stubble and ingrown hairs and red bumps and on a lot of spots on my body you can see the hair growing back in no matter how close I shave in the morning. If shaving produced flawless, smooth skin then I would do it no matter how long it took. But shaving is time consuming and producers mediocre results.

    Im hoping this product will make the areas that I shave look more smoother, free of red bumps and ingrown hairs, and of course not produce that afternoon stubble. Especially on my inner thighs and the back of my legs, right after I shave it is smooth but isn’t too visually pleasing due to the red bumps and what not because that skin is particularly sensitive. Also, if I shave while using the no!no! do you think my skin would be extra super smooth? I am willing to put in the effort and work most definitly.
    So I guess my question is would shaving while using the no no produce optimal results?

    Also, I live in Canada so is there a Canadian place I can order that would be cheaper (for shipping purposes), and also is there a Canadian place to order the refills?? I suppose I will just order off sephora if not but I’m just wondering.

  221. 221

    alex Says:


    I would like to thank you for your review. It really helped me, much more than other beauty websites or even the manufacturer’s!

    I live in Europe, so it was a bit difficult getting my hands on a nono (I finally managed to discover that I could only buy it by telemarketing), but I have been using it for a month now and I am thrilled with it.

    The reason why I bought it in the first place was to try and get rid on ingrown hair (I have quite a bad case of it, using rasors or silk-epil) and it really worked, I can’t even remember what an ingrown hair looks like anymore. The fact that it is painless is also a plus, and the treatment takes less time than I imagined.

    I have also discovered that using pharmaceutical lotion for burns instead of regular moisturising lotion afterwards makes nono-ed legs look better, since treated areas can get a bit red (in my case, at least).

    It would however have been better if the buffers were another shape, oval perhaps, as it can get tricky to buff in areas like underarms or bikini line because of the round shape. Something narrower would be more easy to use.

    Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  222. 222

    Ms. V Says:

    I sent my tattoo question to the no!no! website and here’s what they said. “no!no! does not use light and should not affect tattoos. However, since there is not enough clinical data to support this theory, we do not recommend using no!no! on tattooed areas.” Hmm, what do you think?

  223. 223

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi, Courtney, Alex and Ms. V,

    Courtney, results do vary by individual – for almost all products from diets to hair color and everything in between. The same is true of the no!no!, I’ve also read several reviews in which the no!no! wasn’t effective, by the same token I have read many others where it has been effective. I really wish it would work for all women. It’s made a huge difference in my life. My legs are less hairy (yeah!) but the no!no! has left my my arms quite a bit less hairy, for the first time ever in my life I am not embarrassed of my arms.

    I think Sephora has stores in Canada. Before you buy make sure the 60-day guarantee is in place. You should know if it works for you within 45 days – at least I knew by then that it was effective, hopefully you will too. If it doesn’t work for you, take it back.

    You can shave off the no!no! residue and it will leave your skin softer – specially if buffering doesn’t get the skin smooth.

    Please return to distressedDERMA and share your review with us.

    Alex, Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the no!no!. I love your oval shaped buffer pad idea! Oval would definitely be more ergonomic.

    I love that there are no ingrown hairs with this product. I’ve almost forgotten what an ingrown hair looks like, LOL ;)

    Ms. V, I’m sorry to hear about the no!no! and tattoos. As disappointing as it may be, I would follow the advice from the no!no! manufacturer . You may also want to check a dermatologist and get their expert opinion.

  224. 224

    Female Personal Hygiene – Page 619 – Forums – Islamica Community Says:

    […] Re: Female Personal Hygiene Congrats zakk and Asvi! zakk, you’re crazy to be on islamica right now lol sumiyia, i know you posted about this awhile back. i can’t believe you like it! i bought a 2-pack of the pink ones from target. IT MAKES ME SMELL LIKE PLAY-DOH!!! and i have TWO of them. i’m trying to get my brother to use it so it finishes faster. plus it has a weird interaction with my deodrant and i smell like i sprayed perfume on sweat. i don’t know if anyone posted this. i searched in the thread. it a hair removal device called no!no! and its sold by Sephora for $250. basically burns your hair off. and this reduces hair density after a couple of months of usage. i think i’ll buy it after the recession. on amazon, i think its rated 3 out of 5 stars by users. here’s a detailed review Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA […]

  225. 225

    Jenn Says:

    For all those who are wondering about Sephoras in CANADA, I’ve been to the one at the Eaton Centre in Toronto and at Square One in Mississauga – I believe there’s also one out West in Calgary or Edmonton, but you’d have to check. It’s easy to order online, but the exchange rate is pretty ridiculous considering the value of the CDN dollar right now, and paying for shipping on top of everything is a pain. I’ve also seen some no!no!s at Shopper’s Drug Mart in the GTA! I haven’t purchased one yet because I’m a poor student, but I’m definitely interested in hair reduction and think my mom might split with me and my sister over the summer if we all get our own blades :) I’ll keep you posted on results if I get one!

  226. 226

    Van Says:

    does the nasty burnt-hair smell go away once you take a shower, or does it stay? I don’t think the smell would be a big deal for me as long as it would come off in the shower right after I used the product, but if I had to walk around with that smell for several hours or days afterward no matter what I did, then I don’t know if it would be worth it. I can’t tell from any of the comments how long the smell lasts. thanks.

  227. 227

    Miley Says:

    I don’t mean to repeat someone else’s questions, but i was wondering a couple of things:
    – If you shave after using the no!no! will the hair grow back like stubble (after shaving normally)??
    – Has anyone heard anything about the no!no! and kp??
    – If you use the no!no! and then stop for some reason, will the hair grow back to it’s original length eventually??
    – When the hair grows back after using the no!no! (in between treatments), do you experience the small “holes” or bumps in your skin, where the hairs are coming through like after shaving (course, and “spiky”), or if not… how does it look (i know a weird question) lol.
    – Thanks!
    Miley C.

  228. 228

    Mel Says:

    when using it on your arms, did you go over your wrists/wrist bone and hands? Is so, did it burn? I ask because on another blog the person wrote that they burned themselves going over the wrist bone. If I treated my arms, I would have to go all the way down onto my hands :(

  229. 229

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi all,

    Van, the smell goes away immediately after showering.
    Miley, The hair won’t grow back like stubble since the hair was removed by the thermal activity of the no!no! – shaving just gets the skin smoother, its not removing the hair.

    I haven’t heard anything about using the no!no! and KP. Another commenter has the same question about the no!no! and KP. I recommended to her and really anyone with skin concerns to see their MD first before buying the no!no!.

    Hair length isn’t affected by the no!no!. The hairs that did grow back on my legs,arms and bikini line eventually grew back to full length. The no!no! reduces the amount of hair on the body – so I have lots of “bald” areas where there used to be hair.

    Excellent question about the holes – when I first used the no!no! on my arms there were lots of “holes” where hair used to live. I noticed it; but when I would show others they couldn’t see the holes – but we notice things about ourselves others just don’t notice.

    After using the no!no! for awhile, about 3 months, those holes closed up since there is no hair there any more. Not sure how to explain that but no hair no hair hole. I assume the pores just shrunk since there is no hair to push through it. There was never any spiky or coarse hairs – the ones that came back were softer and I think finer.
    Mel, I did use the no!no! on my wrist all the way down to my fingers. I didn’t get burned, but on some areas it did sting, like someone snapping a tight rubber band against my skin. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and it did turn red but it definitely was not a burn. With practice I’ve been able to work the boney areas really well but it did take me a while to master it – specially using my left hand to no!no! my right arm.

  230. 230

    Courtney Says:

    I just ordered my no!no! from the shopping network and it went as a canadian purchase so if anyone is wondering where to get it in Canada just go to the shopping network. it came to 290.00 including taxes and shipping and handling (which was only 6.95) and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. it should be here in 7-10 days and I cannot wait!

    I have a question.. so the hair on my arms i usually have waxed when it bugs me and i have never shaved my arms. just say I use the no!no! on my arms, how long before the hair starts growing back in? is it like waxing? will it be thinner?

    Im still just so confused as to how the nono really works lol i cant quite grasp the concept sicne its so different than anything ive ever tried. Also I have to shave around my belly button and even when i shave closely and get out of the shower you can still see the hair because its at a jagged angle and within a few hours there is stubble. with the nono will this eliminate one’s ability to see the hair (almost like it was waxed?). because thats one of my major issues with shaving… it never gets “close enough” to the skin.

  231. 231

    vl Says:

    Do you know of any long-term side effects of using the no!no! ? For example, skin damage, wrinkles or anything?’
    And is it okay to use a loofah or exfoliating gloves + soap and water instead of the buffer?

  232. 232

    I Hate Hair Says:

    I LOVE THIS!!! I hate being so hairy. Home hair removal kits are so difficult to use and take so much time and effort… But going out to get your hair out through laser or wax is such a pain too. Honestly, I’ll take all the physical pain you give (Just to get the hair out.), but constantly having to show your hairiness to complete strangers… Paying so much… And just having to deal with the fact that I’m so freaking hairy wears me out. So now I wax RARELY. Thank the Lord for jeans. I seriously want to try this no!no! out. And if only I lived in the US, I’d go and get it right now. But it’s pretty risky spending that much money and not be able to return it in case it doesn’t work. Could the extremely hair people keep posting? I have coarse hair on my legs, too. So damn manly. And I’d love to rid myself of the hairs on my stomach.

    Just one question, though. Since I don’t live in the US, I’ll probably get my friend to buy it for me then ship it. How many extra blades should I get? I wouldn’t want to run out in the middle of the treatment and have to pay for shipping again. Let’s say I want to work on my legs, arms, and tummy..

  233. 233

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi All,

    Courtney, I think the hair regrowth rate is based on the individual. The longer I’ve used the no!no! the longer it takes for the hair to come back (for the hair that does regrow). I’d love to hear from others who’ve used the no!no! regarding their regrowth rate.

    I no!no!ed the fine hair from belly button down and it left the area smooth – not at all like shaving which leaves an angled pokey hair right at the skin’s surface. That area is very sensitive (at least on me) so do take care when buffing so you don’t rub the skin raw.

    Please come back and review your no!no! experience.
    Vl, I’m not aware of any long-term effects. You may want to contact Radiancy (the makers of no!no! ) and ask them.

    I haven’t tried the loofah or exfoliating gloves instead of the buffer, so I don’t know if that method would work. The no!no! buffer is basically an ultra fine sandpiper like tool – kind of reminds me of the Conair (I think) Buffing hair removal tool from a few years back.
    I Hate Hair, I understand how you feel. My arms were a source of embarrassment to me for such a long time. Tough feeling pretty and feminine in a cute dress or suit when your arms look like they belong on a manly man.

    I also want to stress that the no!no! is not a miracle product – it doesn’t remove all hair. I still have hair on my arms and legs but there is a tremendous reduction from what I had to what I now have. There are days when I forget how hairy my arms used to be and I lament the fact that I don’t have totally hairless arms; then I take a look at my starting before photo and I have a quick attitude adjustment because the improvement is beyond words.

    Where are you located? I think the Radiancy is sold in most European countries, South America and Canada – perhaps buying locally will be cheaper. If you can’t, definitely stock up on the hot blades – those are the key to the hair reduction. When they aren’t working at full power the hair will not be treated as it should be. I’d say you need new hot blades every 2.5 to 3 months – but as you continue to use the no!no! you will find that you don’t have to no!no! 2 to 3 times a week. That reduced usage will mean more time between hot blade replacements.

    One other thing before buying the no!no!; you may want to check with your doctor to rule out any endocrinological or gynecological issues in which excessive hairiness is a symptom. Sometimes being hairy is just inherited but it’s best to eliminate any potential health related causes.

  234. 234

    Sandra Says:

    Thank you for such a comprehensive review of your experience with the Sephora No!No!

    I just heard about it today on GMA: they reviewed 3 different devices for hair removal. Among them the No!No! was preferred for women with darker hair.

    I googled to find more info. I was hoping the No!No! would be my answer for hair above the upper lip. At this point, I think I may wait because if something goes wrong there, it would be difficult to hide. Hopefully, with the success that seems apparent w/ the No!No! the manufacturer may advance the technology and offer a Yes!Yes! for the more sensitive areas.

    One question: Where you’ve used the No!No! for a while now, is the skin dryer or have you noticed any change in it’s elasticity? Just wondering.

    Thanks again for a really great review of what I think may be a great product: No!No!

  235. 235

    Van Says:

    I have really thick, black, coarse hair all over- really, I have never seen a hairier woman than myself. Even most men are not as hairy as I am. My arms, abdomen, legs all look like a gorilla- even my feet look like hobbit feet. I get stubble 12 hours after I shave (which is hardly ever close in the first place and leaves stubble and a shadow and bumps). This has been the bane of my existence, and I have never known what to do except shave every day and cover up. I don’t have a hormone problem either because I had that tested. (I was bummed too! I wanted a pill!) I am just really hairy. I just tried the nono for the first time last night, and I shaved afterward and had the smoothest shave I have ever had in my life. Also, there is no stubble yet this morning (more than 12 hours later, which has never happened to me). There is a shadow, so I know the hair will come back, but I thought I would share some tips since it seems that other coarse-haired women are having problems with it. (keep in mind that I have only used it once so far):
    1) just like with shaving, you will probably have to go over parts way more times than normal women with finer hair have to. It took me about an hour and 15 minutes and I went over my body several times and religiously buffed and cleaned the blade over and over again. I noticed that my body stubble started to feel a little more sparse at the end of that time, but going over areas just once (or even twice) probably wouldn’t have done the trick for me.
    2) push down harder when you run the blade across your skin. Maybe this is junk science, but it seemed to work for me when I pushed harder as I glided. It didn’t hurt. I also noticed that since my stubble is so coarse, it acted like an obstacle course for the blade, and it would throw the nono off balance causing the light to flicker! when I pushed down harder, the blade kept steady.
    3) go against the direction of your hair. My hair grows in every direction imaginable, so I glided the no no in every direction imaginable.
    4) pull your skin taught (like shaving)
    5) I also did a brazilian on myself. Now, I shave that part every single day, so I’m pretty used to how to be careful there and glide over that area with a razor. If you usually go to a salon and have a professional do it, it might be more dangerous to do this yourself- especially at first. I’m good at being able to avoid the genetalia, though. I had no pain, and the way that I figured it was working (because I obviously couldn’t see the light), is that it makes a little rattling sound when it is off balance. If it wasn’t making that sound, then I figured it was gliding the way it was supposed to.

    So far, I’m pleased enough with the measurable results after just one time to keep using it and see what the long-term results are. I figure that I will have to put more effort into this than a fine-haired person would, so I am prepared to give it more of a commitment. I figure I will easily wear out a blade after the third use, so that will probably cost more- especially at first. (I wish they sold stubble-only blade packages!) I’m pretty optimistic that I will see some good long-term results, but I think it will take longer sessions and more weeks than people with normal hair. So, that might be helpful for all the coarse-haired women out there who think this might not work for them. I’m going to on a beach vacation in 2 months and I’ve been dreading the stubble/shadow/bumps that will populate my entire body if this doesn’t work by then! I will keep everyone updated on my progress.

  236. 236

    Jasmine Says:

    has anyone tried it on their feet and/or toes ? One would think I was related to Bilbo Baggins.

  237. 237

    Miley Says:

    Van…. i know how you feel!!! My arms are really hairy like a gorilla/man… so i would love it if you kept posting your results on this page, so i/we could get an opinion of 2 people (you + mrs. distressed derma…)… PLEASE!!! i really wanna know if it works for someone with the same hairiness as me!!!

  238. 238

    Kris Says:

    I am really intrigued by this product now! I have been using epilators on and off for ~ 8 years now and have a serious problem with ingrown hairs no matter how much I exfoliate. Will this hurt if I go over my ingrown (dark) haris with the nono? They are too deep for me to do anything about them, but to wait for them to come out on their own. I don’t want to burn myself because of them though.

  239. 239

    Tish C. Says:

    Hey all!
    I was reading about this product and I have a question…
    What happens to the hair?
    Does it come off in little hairs (like when shaving)
    Does it burn up and there is no residue?
    Does it burn up and leave little burned leg hair corpses behind?
    … lol
    [ :) ]

  240. 240

    Candy M Says:

    After seeing a quick mention of the No No on the “View”, I Googled for info regarding this new device and ran into your site- great work!!!
    I loved the before and after pics and step by step explanations- I just ordered through HSN, I’ll take some before and after pics for my own curiousity.
    Thank you for the great information!
    BTW, how are the results so far?

  241. 241

    Mila Says:

    My name is Mila. Thank u for your report, it’s very informative.
    I’m very intrested in this device, but i have a very important question. Is it skin cancer-safe? I mean whether it was tested and approved by dermatologists and oncologists. I know that lazer is not the same with radiation and sun-effect, but still. I see a lot of moles on you arm, just as much as i have, and in the guide it’s said to avoid using no!no! over moles.. how did u manage to avoid usage over moles if u have so many of them? either there will be no!no!-uncovered places, or u’ll have to use it over moles..

  242. 242

    Win A Sephora No!No! Contest | distressedDERMA Says:

    […] Sephora -no!no! Hair Removal DeviceCalm, Cool and Corrected, DERMAdoctorZeno MD Acne Clearing Device […]

  243. 243

    Rachel Says:

    I’ve used this for 2 months, but no apparent result. I have a question: can I use this product in China? I’m going to move there for 3 years. China has different power voltage…

  244. 244

    Van Says:


    I use it on my feet and toes (I have hobbit feet too). It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a lot harder to make the blade glide smoothly since the top of the feet are so bony and curved. What works best for me is that I grab my foot from underneath and pull the skin taught on both sides. It seems to flatten out my feet enough that the light stays steady. I also nono in different directions because the hair grown in different directions on my feet.

    so far, I have only used it twice (in four days), so I’m hoping that the results will get better over time. So far, every time I have used the nono, I get a really close shave afterward and it takes about a full day for the stubble to grow back (which is twice as long as usual for me- my horrible black gorilla stubble usually comes back in 12 hours). After the stubble comes back the next day, I will shave again without using the nono first. I have used it every other time I would have shaved. The times that I don’t use the nono first, everything seems to be the way it has always been- not a very close shave and the stubble comes back after 12 hours. What I’m hoping for is that after a couple weeks go by, I will get the close shave and 24-hour no stubble period EVERY time I shave, not just directly after using the nono. I think my first blade is almost worn out and I’ve only used it twice!
    Tish C.-
    other people might have noticed something different, but what I noticed was that I didn’t see any black stubble like the kind that is left behind with shaving. There was some white powder on the blade that I think was “burned hair corpses”, and I saw what looked like dry skin or powdery dandruff dust coming off my body when I used it. I assume that was more of the same burned little corpses. it was a really tiny amount of “powder” overall, which surprised me. I’m not sure if that’s because the size and density of the hair is greatly decreased when it’s burned so it doesn’t look like its as much as it really is, or if its because the nono doesn’t get nearly as much hair as a razor would. My guess is that it’s a combination, but someone who has been using it longer might answer that better.

  245. 245

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi All,

    Sandra, I’ve not noticed any dry skin or loss of elasticity. I used to have my legs waxed and after waxing my skin was raw. Even when shaving I would suffer knicks, cuts ingrown hairs and bumps.
    Using the no!no! has actually saved my skin from the abuse of waxing and the inevitable butchering from shaving.
    Van, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences using the no!no!. The more information that is available on the no!no! will help other women who are looking for a decent hair removal method.
    Jasmine, I took the no!no! all the way to my feet and toes. It worked well as far as reducing hair density but it’s not easy doing that area and it does hurt (at least it did for me). I just breath deeply, stay focused and no!no! away.
    Miley, I just posted a contest to win a no!no! – join the contest for an opportunity to win. Good Luck.
    Kris, I don’t know if the no!no! will hurt areas with ingrown hairs. You may want to treat the ingrown areas with an AHA – that works really well at exfoliating thick, stubborn skin.
    Tish C, The surface hair burns up and the hair in the follicle is heat treated causing it to lose communication with the gland that tells it to grow.
    Candy M., Keep us updated on your results. I love the results I’ve experienced so far.
    Hi Mila, I do have moles (lots of them, LOL) on my skin and they have not posed problems using the no!no!. They are flat, kind of like freckles. I’m not sure if it would be okay to use the no!no! on raised moles or areas surrounding raised moles. I don’t know that it was tested by dermatologists or oncologists. You may want to contact Radiancy the no!no! manfacturer with your question. Here’s the website http://www.my-no-no.com
    Rachel, I’d check with Radiancy, the no!no! maker. http://www.my-no-no.com.

  246. 246

    Dee Says:

    I’ve been using the NoNo consistently for about 5 weeks. There is absolutely no difference in time for hair re-growth–I’m still getting the usual stubble hours after I shave (yes, one of those unfortunate people who never really have smooth legs). My arms don’t stay smooth for more than a few hours either, but the look & feel great right after NoNo-ing. My question is has anyone else had a simlar experience? Did it ever slow your re-growth?
    I keep using the NoNo hoping for it to finally slow things down. I have noticed a few spots where the hair isn’t coming back, but am getting frustrated with the constant stubble (I was epilating before this & had ingrowns, but at least no stubble). Any comments?

  247. 247

    Van Says:


    do you shave right after using the nono? I have the same problem you do- I never really have smooth legs either, and 8-12 hours later, it feels like I haven’t shaved in months. At least for me, shaving right after doing the nono made my legs and arms really smooth for almost 24 hours. But like I said earlier, the times I shave without using the nono first are just like normal. I am hoping to see better results after 5 weeks than you have, but I have also assumed that it might take longer sessions and more weeks for hairy people like us to see the same results that everyone else sees. The other possibility of course is that people like us will never see really good results. I’m going to keep trying for a while, though. I haven’t had time to do it more than 3 times a week (it takes me an hour or more each time) but if I did have the time, I think I would do it about 5 times a week. Do you think that would make a difference?

  248. 248

    Fran Says:

    When I use my no no there are times where the light seems steady, but still flickers slightly…Its never 100%, absolutely steady. However, there is a huge difference between this “steadiness” and flickering. Can anyone else give me some input on the steadiness of their LED light?


  249. 249

    Have you bought a No! No! ??? – Page 2 – YorkieTalk.com Forums – Yorkshire Terrier Community Says:

    […] a pretty good review: Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA __________________ […]

  250. 250

    Courtney Says:

    I just got my no!no! a few days ago and tried it for the first time tonight.

    I’m kind of disappointed. I run it over my skin but it does nothing to the hair? am I doing it wrong?? it flickers green and sometimes it is steady green.

    Ugh I’m gunna be so pissed if this doesn’t work. Isn’t it supposed to be make the area smooth? It gets like one hair out of 20.

  251. 251

    Courtney Says:

    Okay I’m officially pissed off. I have been trying every spot on my body and the area looks exactly the same after running over it with the no!no!. No smoothness, just me getting burnt and pissed off.

    Hopefully it starts to work.. this product is a crock.

  252. 252

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi all,


    The light definitely needs to be steady. Flickering is not good. For me it flickers bad when I go over boney areas making it more difficult to get the hair “burned off”. And not to mention it hurts like rubber bands snapping like crazy against my skin.


    You can shave afterwards to get the surface smoother. The No!No! is working at two levels: the surface level on which it burns the hair off and the root level where it effectively disrupts the required communication which tells the hair to regrow.

    The no!no! should be “burning off” the hair that it is glided over while treating the hair root at the same time. Some hairs may be missed, but 19 out of 20 is just awful. So I can understand your frustration, I’d be on the other side of mad if it happened to me.

    From my experience I’d say that for every seven inch vertical strip of skin with hair (and as wide as the no!no!) I see about 3 to 5 hairs left behind in differing states of being burned during the first pass. On the second pass there are none left standing.

    The light does need to be steady green. A flickering LED means it’s not treating. You did write that there were times it was steady and didn’t zap the hair – the only thing I can think of that I had experienced that’s close to that is: when I would hold the no!no! completely down and not at the recommend angle, but even then it still burns off a considerable amount.

    Please let me know the answers to the following so that I can help.

    When the no!no! (using either blade) comes in contact with hair there is typically a puff of smoke and then the smell of hair being burned. Are you experiencing any of that?

    The no!no! shouldn’t burn the skin – there should be a bit of warmth but that’s all. I’ve had what felt and looked like burn marks in the past when I used the short blade for stubble while going over the same area a few times – specifically the boney areas. Can you tell if the burns on your skin are heat related – no!no! too hot or if they are more like rug burn?

  253. 253

    Courtney Says:

    Hmm well I just tried it again. Getting a better handle of it but it only works slightly on my fine arm hair, and removes nothing of my leg stubble, which is very thick. there is sometimes a sench of burning and it doesnt burn really only when i got too slowly (which i originally thought u needed to do).

    The blade pulses sometimes then other times it doesnt im not sure if it is supposed to?

    Ah I don’t know. I’m returning this. Completely not what I expected :(

  254. 254

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Courtney,

    My no!no! blades pulse when I’m going over difficult areas (like bony or when I’m trying to remove hair from a weird angle). Mostly it’s just smooth and the hair just gets burned off. When it does pulse, is when it feels like I’m being hurt by snapping rubber bands.

    I use the no!no! stubble blade on really, really short stubble so I don’t think that could be the problem.

    I wish I could go help you get this thing working. It’s made such a difference in my life, and how I feel about myself. I hoped that it would help you too.

    Did you get it via Sephora or HSN? I think both extend the manufacturer’s warranty of 60 days.

    If you decide to give a go for a few more days and have questions please email me directly at: msdistressedderma@distressedderma.com. I check my email more often than I can check the blog for comments – so that’s the quickest way to get a hold of me.

  255. 255

    Anne Says:

    I bought my nono about a month ago and have been very good about using it, and taking my time to get each spot while I use it, every other day for the past month.

    I am hirsute (possibly PCOS), and am currently OFF of any medications that help control my hormones.

    I have gone for the past couple of days without shaving or nono-ing, and realize that it doesn’t seem to be helping me at all. My hair seems to be be unaffected by my efforts with the nono.

    I was under the impression that it would be somewhat effective regardless of hormones being under control or not, but now I find myself in a bind wondering if I should keep on trying and wasting my money buying new blades or returning it and getting my money back…

    I’m wondering if ANYONE on here is in this same situation as I am has seen positive results for themselves?

    (Also as a side note, I have used this on my neck/face area and although it doesn’t seem to be lessening the amount of hair, however, it does take longer for the hair to grow back, and I don’t have as much razorburn. A very positive improvement for me…just a little heads up for other hairy ladies!)

    http://hairyreview.blogspot.com/ (my nono experience)

  256. 256

    Mimi Says:

    I prefer waxing than shaving but when I’m lazy or in a hurry, I shave. I’ve always noticed that after shaving, my legs don’t look stubble-free as women on shaving ads or other girls on the streets (although they do feel smooth to the touch). Lately, I’ve been cutting my legs alot while shaving and now I have numerous tiny scabs (size of seseme seeds) where the hair grows out of. I believe they were in-grown hairs and I damaged them so they bleed and form a scab (?). If I were to purchase the no!no!, would I still see stubbles after using it and the buffer? Also, if I have these tiny scabs on my legs, would the no!no! not work effectively?
    Thank you for helping!

  257. 257

    Van Says:


    I don’t have PCOS, but I am in your same camp of extreme hairiness. My body hair is black, thick as tree trunks, and tons of it everywhere- even where other women (and many men) don’t have any. Most of my hair shafts have 3 to 4 hairs coming out of one shaft! I definitely do NOT see anywhere near the same results as msdistreddedderma (only 3 to 5 hairs left after the first run!Wow!) I might see 3 to 5 hairs LESS after about 4 runs, but I don’t notice any difference in reduced amount of overall hair yet. The only difference that I do notice is that when I shave right after doing the nono, the shave is very smooth and the hair takes a little longer to grow back. I have only been using it a few weeks now, and I hope that eventually I will have less regrowth overall, but for now the smooth shave is at least something, and I’ve never had that before. Based on my experience, I would recommend that all the hairy girls shave immediately after using the nono, and try to use the nono more often than the 2-3x per week recommended. I only have time to do it about 2-3x per week, but I wonder if using it 5x per week or more would make it effective for people like us. I’d be curious to hear from someone really hairy that has the time and uses it that often.

  258. 258

    Fran Says:

    I wondered the same thing…whether using it more than 3 times per week would make a difference. Also curious, how long do you treat each area for ie. How many runs/minutes do you think you do?

  259. 259

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Anne, Mimi, Van and Fran,


    I didn’t see mid- term hair reduction results until after 8 weeks or so from when I started and then not no!no!ing for 8 weeks thereafter. Some of the hair grew back but it was markedly reduced (see the photos on that part of the review). After using the no!no! for over six months the hair that does come back takes quite a while to come back and when it does it’s in small patches. Mostly I have bald spots and islands of hair. Those hairs that refuse to die drive me nuts :(

    I’m not sure how the no!no! works against hair caused by hormone imbalance. If a medical cause is suspected for the excess hair growth then seek an MD’s help. There are wonderful medical drugs that can help. One is Spironolactone ( I think this takes 6 months to work), another is Yaz (contains spiro) and I’ve read that Metfomin can also help keep over active androgens under control in some cases.

    Your doctor can tell you if using the no!no! in conjunction with anti-adrogens can help reduce the excess hair, as a complementary treatment.

    Your blog is nice and informative. I will link to it from this review, if you don’t mind. I think your experience will be helpful to other women who have similar issues.

    You may see little black dots, like dirty pores for a bit. It took a few weeks of treatment on my arms and legs before those little “dots” stopped appearing. I don’t know if you can no!no! over wounds until they heal. Personally, I wouldn’t, I’d just wait to do those areas, but I’m a big chicken when it comes to anything that can be remotely painful.


    From what I’ve been reading, I think fine hair versus coarse hair is a definite factor in no!no! efficacy. I have very fine hair, lots of it, but it’s very soft and fine, and burns right off.

    I think the 3X use per week is just a suggestion. I don’t know if using it more than that will be more effective. You may want to contact Radiancy with that question :http://www.my-no-no.com.

    If you have multiple hairs coming out of one single hair canal (aka pore), then you may have what is known as “pili multigemini” (aka compound hairs) where multiple closely situated hair follicles combine their hair strands which then emerge through one “pore”. Your dermatologist can tell you if it is or isn’t. I’m not sure how that would affect the no!no!’s efficacy. I’d recommend contacting Radiancy for information on that topic, if it does turn out that you have pili multigemini.


    I no!no! about a seven inch vertical strip by width of no!no! on my legs and arms and it only takes me at most two passes to get that strip hairless. Bikini line takes longer and sometimes three passes but I blame that on location and difficult level of angling the no!no! just right in that area.

    I haven’t timed each pass, but I will if’d you like me to. Typically, I glide slow and steady, but I don’t know how long each pass takes.

    Don’t know if this matters at all, but I also buff between passes. Out of habit at this point, but it may actually be helpful.

  260. 260

    Anne Says:

    Hi Miss dD,

    I used to take Yasmin (same deal as Yaz regarding the Sprio) and recently had to go off due to graduating and now no longer having insurance :( … Hopefully I will be back on something with the next couple of months, at which point it might be a neat little experiment to see if that makes a huge difference. I’m going to remain positive in the meantime. But actually, I have found that when I burn myself by mistake the hair follicle is destroyed. Talk about pain for beauty!

    Van and Fran,

    I used the nono on my legs everyday for about a week, and while I felt like I was being more pro-active towards eliminating hairs, I found myself getting burned and irritated skin a lot. I have kind of sensitive skin, so take that as you will…

  261. 261

    Pandora Says:

    Mimi#63 and Millie#66 I’d love to hear more about your progress with the No No! (x-pandorasbox-x@hotmail.com)I bought it and have been using it on my full thick course beard for 2 weeks now(approx 7 uses). I regret not taking before and after pictures as that would have helped me determine if the product was actually working or not. I’m undecided at this point. On the left side of my face it does appear that I have had some hair reduction….a minimal amount, or perhaps the hair is just a bit finer then it was but every morning the full beard is still there. On the right side of my face I don’t see much of an improvement and I wonder if this is because I am right handed and connot seem to get a really good flow on that side. Also, I have very sore red bumps similar to razor burn on my right side. The sore red bumps are not a few by the way….pretty much every hair is irritated. On my chin I have burns as well as the irritated hairs and cannot seem to get the hair off in that area. Under my chin and onto my neck I am very sore, but this is where I seem to be seeing the best results. My face looks more hideous then ever but I continue to use the No No! in hopes that over time the hair will be removed. I was hoping the product was going to completely remove the hair, even for a short period of time, but it does not remove it at all at this point. I do get a much closer shave after using the No No and can cover up most of the redness and visible underskin hairs with make-up, but by supper time I have regrowth and am still not confident to have someone look closely at my face and God forbid TOUCH IT! I bought the No No! from the CHSC and it cost me $300.00. I’ve had laser treatments that provided no results at a cost of $300.00 each so I figure the No No! will be worth the money and time spent if it will give me a hair free face, even if only for a few days at a time. My constantly sore and irritated face made me consider returning the No No! at first, but now I think I have decided to keep it and continue regular use in hopes of an improvement as I only had a 30 day money back with the Shopping Channel and feel 30 days isn’t long enough to decide seeing as I have been living this way for about 20 years and it effects every aspect of my life! I need to be persistent with this and pray it works.

  262. 262

    ms. distressedDerma Says:


    Using the no!no on the face hurts quite a bit (it’s not recommended for use there I think because of the sensitivity issue – just my opinion nothing official). Based on your comment about the pain and after affects of using the no!no! on your face, I’d recommend taking it back since it’s not working for you.

    I can understand how devastating it is to have unwanted hair where it shouldn’t be, but it’s simply not worth the pain you are going through to remove it using the no!no!.

    When you underwent laser hair removal how long was it before the hair came back?

    The kind of hair growth you describe on your facial/neck areas is typically indicative of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) – which affects many women in differing levels of severity. Most MDs don’t diagnose it correctly and it takes a well trained endocrinologist or OB/GYN to detect the syndrome via a battery of bloodwork, Ultrasound (in some cases) tests and thorough questions about your medical history.

    Even if your not diagnosed with PCOS you may have hair follicles that are super sensitive to androgens and that can possibly cause the male pattern hair development ( stubble by supper you mentioned). Your MD can / should be able to prescribe an anti-androgen like spirolocatone or BCP like Yaz and then see how your hair problem responds to the treatment. One little note: anti-androgens can not be taken if you are pregnant or are considering getting pregnant. BCPs must be used at all times when on anti-androgens. So if that is an issue, you can discuss other hair growth inhibiting options with your MD.

  263. 263

    Pandora Says:

    Ms. Distressed Derma,

    Thank you for such a prompt reply. I don’t want to give up on the No No and return it. I am still very hopeful that over time it will start to make at least some of the hair fall out. When I had the laser treatments not a single hair fell out at all! There was no difference what so ever. I am willing to put up with any amount of pain to be rid of this hair! I am even willing to trade scars on my face for the hair, but I don’t want to end up with both :( .
    I know I should see a doctor about this problem, but I don’t have a family doctor(have only lived in this city 2 1/2 years) and I am on a waiting list for one…..it doesn’t seem that is ever going to happen and I don’t think this is a problem I can or would take to the ER.
    I have tried everything out there on the open market for hair removal and nothing has removed or even lessened it. When a person is going through something like this and feeling like they are the only woman in the world with a beard thoughts of suicide can’t help but creep in once in a while. As I stated before…This affects every aspect of my life. Just reading your board and seeing that I am not the only person suffering with this problem made me feel a bit less like a monster and gave me a renewed hope that the No No will give me the life I have always wanted but had to watch from a distance.

  264. 264

    4 Must Have Beauty Tech Tools | distressedDERMA Says:

    […] Sephora No!No! Review […]

  265. 265

    Van Says:

    Ms. Distressed Derma,

    Thanks for your suggestions about the hair follicle issue. There is pretty much nothing on-line that I was able to find out. Also, I wrote to the company with a few questions (including my question about if it would be more effective for hairy people like me to use the device more often), and they never returned my inquiry. It has been almost 2 weeks. Have you found that they are difficult to get a hold of?

    Update: This is my third week of using the nono (see my previous comments about being one of the hairiest women around). So far, I will say that the stubble is not coming back as fast. It used to be that 12 hours after shaving, it would look like I hadn’t shaved in 3 or 4 days. now, if I nono and then shave right after, the shave is really smooth and there is pretty much no stubble for 24 hours or more. And if I shave in between doing the nono (I do it about 3 times a week), my shave isn’t as close as it is right after the nono, but my stubble still takes longer to come back full force. My bikini area stubble is still the same, though. And for me, that’s really disappointing because that is one of my most embarrassing places since my “bikini” line basically extends from my mid-thigh all the way up past my belly button and covers my entire lower abdomen. I still haven’t resigned myself to this being the most I will get out of it, but since I haven’t seen even one hair not grow back, I am getting more doubtful about how much it will reduce my regrowth overall.

  266. 266

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Pandora,

    I’m glad that this site has helped.

    Excessive hair issues occurs more often than many think among women. It’s tough not being perfect or darn near perfect when everywhere we turn for standards (magazines, tv, movies, etc) show hairlessness and flawless perfection. But we all have to remember that those images are digitally enhanced. Even men are now being held to an absurd hairless standard. MEN! is that crazy or what. I live in South Florida and there’s an entire industry here dedicated to man-scaping – I kid you not. Men now are supposed to be hairless.

    There are mega stars like Madonna and Alyssa Milano who have very hairy arms but in most photos they are airbrushed out. Same for stars with less than perfect complexions like Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham.

    A really good website for women with PCOS or those who think they might have it is: http://www.pcosupport.org/ – they have forums that tackle the hair issues related to PCOS.

    I hope that the no!no! brings you the relief that you are looking for. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

  267. 267

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Van,

    I haven’t corresponded with the company outside of questions through their PR firm and one email they sent me about future product improvements. Others who have commented here have contacted the company and had replies in a timely fashion. You may want to contact them again, just in case.

    It sounds like you are making progress. I know how excited I got when I had smooth skin for 24 hours after no!no!-ing. I was bouncing off the walls. The only time, prior to the no!no!, that I had smooth skin after hair removal was when I was waxed. Waxing, thankfully, is now a distant memory :)

    I started seeing results around days 30 to 45 so it may just take a bit longer than 3 weeks to see better results. The bikini line is a tough area to treat. I think much of it has to do with the location. I’d try (if you haven’t already) a control side with the no!no! and another with a razor and then see if there is a discernible difference between the growth rates.

  268. 268

    Chris Says:

    Reading about your experience with the No-No has been a big help!

    What I’d still like to know is how this is different from salon laser hair removal. Permanent removal takes several sessions at a salon also, but does the No-No also reach all the way down to the root of each hair? If it does, then this could also “eventually” be permanent hair removal, right? (Even though I know that it can’t be advertised as such…)

    Thanks for your help!

  269. 269

    Trish Says:

    Do you know if people that are tanned/ brown skinned can use the no!no! safely? When I went to the dermatologist they told me I should not get laser hair removal because what it does is burn the pigments to get rid of the hair which is fine for light colored people but can result in blotchy spots for colored people.

  270. 270

    shawn Says:

    What about using it on the face? is That suggested?

  271. 271

    Aromatherapy Essential Oils Says:

    any update on whether or not it has worked? it would be nice to have something like this, especially since laser hair removal can costs in the $1000s.. :/

  272. 272

    Fran Says:

    Hi all,

    I bought this in April and have been using it as much as I felt like since then. I dont recall the exact date, but I used it in the latter half of April, so I’ve probably been using it about 6 weeks. I probably use it every other day, at the least 3 times a week. I do a few runs, buff, do a few more, buff, etc. until I’m satisfied. It is smooth, but not as smooth as a shave, so I usually shave with a razor if Im going to be baring my arms, just to ensure that if anyone brushes up against me they don’t feel prickly hair.

    I have olive skin, with a tan now, and have not experienced any difficulties or skin discoloration whatsoever.

    I have burned myself a few times, but I have really sensitive skin, and i’m clumsy. By burn I mean got a red mark from using the No! No! at the wrong angle or too fast.

    That said, I’ve used it solely on my arms. I decided to focus on one body part at a time. I didn’t take pictures or do a control arm or anything. I think that it does slightly slow down the growth. I also appear to have some small bald patches. I had pretty hairy arms, so I can actually tell.

    One thing I noticed is that there seemed to be some very very small shiny white dots on my arms. I have had electrolysis done, and my electrologist told me once that when hair follicles close up it has this effect. I don’t know if that is a fact or not. I’m going to continue with the No! No! until the end of the summer and then check out the results. Then I might move on to other areas, who knows.

    Also, I have very coarse black hair on my legs and bikini…I’m not a fan of using the No! No! on that type of hair. I may give it a try on my thigh though, where the hair is finer. I think it works better on finer hair.

    I have realistic expectations. No! No! does not promise miracles, or that it will work the same on everyone. It’s a crapshoot, and I took it. I think I will see some results, and some is better than none!

  273. 273

    Van Says:

    Well, I have pretty much given up on getting a response from the company. A salesperson at Sephora did tell me that hair on the bikini area was only shown to reduce by about 15%, as compared to other body parts that have been shown to reduce by up to 60%. Since my “regular” body hair is similar (well, worse even) to a normal woman’s bikini area, I pretty much took that to mean that I wouldn’t see more than a 15% reduction overall. Of course, I have to point out that this salesperson didn’t really know very much about the product. Also, for about a week, I tried using it daily, and I had the same problem as Anne. Bumps and irritation everywhere. I decided it wasn’t worth it to keep up that schedule and have a terrible daily rash, even if it causes faster results down the line. I really have not seen any overall hair reduction at all, not even a tiny bit, which disappoints me after a month. I still have a surprisingly smooth shave right after I use it, and that’s something, but my hope of being less hairy is definitely waning.

    To Pandora, Even though I haven’t dealt with the beard issue, which must be extremely difficult, I have terrible unwanted body hair almost everywhere else, and in places where most women just don’t have any (or it’s babyfine). I have more than many men, and thicker and darker too. moustache, Hobbit feet, gorilla belly and arms, Borat derriere, and the LEGS- oh god. By the time I was in the third grade I was being called a freak for it, and I started to shave. not even to act older, just to try to look more like a normal 8-year-old. But I could still never get rid of black stubble, shadow, and red bumps everywhere, so it wasn’t exactly a mission accomplished. I have never felt normal, and i still cannot look at a woman wearing summer clothes without obsessing about how wrong and gross my gorilla skin is in comparison. It’s hard when you’re that self-conscious all the time about every normal interaction, (not to mention intimate ones). god forbid someone sees your arm or accidentally brushes against it at the table because it’s covered in black stubble and red bumps! So you are definitely not alone. Man, I will be PISSED if I’m 75 years old and then they finally come out with a pill that gets rid of body hair! In the meantime, I will continue trying this.

  274. 274

    J.M.W. Says:

    Has anyone thought of waxing or using something like Slow Grow IN CONJUNCTION with the No No! for possibly boosting its results? Just wondering, I am a male who has been using it on my arms, legs, and face, without any trouble and I’m considering buying Slow Grow to help.

    Also, how often do you use the device? I use it once a day, is that too much? How long should one session of use be?

  275. 275

    Mimi Says:

    the no!no! is pulled off of shelves in toronto. does anyone know why? i was hopeing to get one in time for the summer…

  276. 276

    george Says:

    what about the follow up on body/back hair for men? any more info? this hair can be much thicker, so i wonder what the results would be like.

  277. 277

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    JMW – Using the Slow Grow with the no!no! to further slow down hair growth is a good idea.

    I use the no!no! once a week for maintenance. Session time is very dependent on the individual – so there really isn’t one typical length of time.
    Mimi – I’m not sure what’s happening in Toronto, this is the first I’ve heard. As far as I know the no!no! is still available in Sephora stores and at HSN.
    George – The token male at Sepora Blog was reviewing the no!no! for – here’s the link: blog.sephora.com.

    Fran and Van – thank you so much for keeping us updated on your usage of the no!no!.

    I agree that it isn’t a 100% perfect but as far as I am concerned the difference in levels of hairiness now to what I had prior to no!no! is just amazing. I sometimes do get angry that it’s not 100% hair free – I guess I’m getting greedy, but all it takes is a quick look at my before pictures and my current level of non-hairiness and I am filled with overwhelming appreciation for the progress that has occurred.

  278. 278

    Avanti Says:

    “Even though I can’t see the hair my leg skin feels stubbly by day three or four but there isn’t any hair there.”
    When this happens, do you go over the area with the no!no! again, or do you wait until you can actually see the stubble?

  279. 279

    ms. distressedDerma Says:


    I just buff the skin when it gets that weird stubble feeling and there is no hair. What’s strange is that it only happens on my lower legs, the thighs and my arms don’t get it. I’m wondering if there is different hair on the lower legs as opposed to the thighs, tummy area, hands and arms.

  280. 280

    No!No! Hair remover – Keratosis Pilaris Community Forums Says:

    […] long time use. This person wrote a long-term review for this product if you want to check it out Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA I’m just wondering if anyone with KP has tried it and has seen good results because so far all […]

  281. 281

    flossay Says:

    hi :D loved ur test results and im still debating i have to ask tho .. i see u tried it on the face even tho it stated not to so…. did you try any genital area to see? im def a brazilian type girl :D but I hate the bumps so what do u think?

  282. 282

    Anna Taylor Says:


    I saw this product on Rachel Ray’s show and wanted to do some research on it. I have read comments about this hair remover and am a bit curious about it. I have a lot of unwanted hair and am looking for something to help. I would really like to know if it TRULY works. I have been lead on so many times in the past only to be left dissapointed and frustrated. Can someone who has used this product for a LONG time please let me know if it truly works?

    Thank you,

    Anna Taylor

  283. 283

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Flossay – no just bikini line. I wouldn’t dare try it on any area that’s prone to moistness. Other’s have not been so scared – google no!no! brazilian and I believe there is one or two comments here from brave gals who used the no!no! for a brazilian.

    Anna – I love it and it has greatly reduced the hair density on my arms, legs and other areas I no!no!ed. I’ve been using the no!no! for 8 months. It’s worked for me and others – search the comments, but by that same token it has not worked for others. There’s a 60 day money back guarantee and in my case I saw results of less hair in about 45 days.

  284. 284

    Hello=] Says:

    Hi I was just wondering if I can use No!No! on razor bump skin??
    I’m anxious in removing my leg hair because I’ve stopped shaving..(because of my stupid bumps) Not that it hurts me i just dont see a point in shaving when i dont show my legs…(because of the bumps)

  285. 285

    HairyGirl Says:

    Wow, I read every single posting here. Thanks so much for your commitment distressed derma! You are such a caring and intelligent person. I just purchased the NoNo at HSN. hairiness has been my curse in life. I’ve tried shaving, bleaching (belly, lower back) with rasor bumps and 12 hour stubble for years. Also did some electrolysis on belly and breasts. Two years ago I was so excited to finally be getting laser hair removal. I had EIGHT sessions on my legs, bum and lower back. I found it very painful, time consuming and EXPENSIVE. And, after ALL that, it didn’t work! I do think I have “pili multigemini” that I learned about for the first time from you. So perhaps it killed some of multiple hairs emerging from my follicles. Laser should have worked well bcs I am very fair skinned with very dark hair. All I know is that when I let my leg hair grow out, I look just as hairy as my very hairy husband!! (no hormonal imbalances have been found) So frustrating! And what’s worse, I developed terrible itching every night for the past 2 years since getting laser. I take Allegra and heavily lotion twice per day and it is under decent control. About a year ago I puchased an epilator. Yes, torture device and I’m a whimp. But, I slowly forged ahead with it due to my desperation. I am actually pleased bcs after several sessions I can now do it with much less pain. And it leaves me hairless for a few days. But, still so time consuming for smoothness for only a few days. In the past couple of months, I ventured on to try waxing. Painful but not horribly in the areas that I have epilated. I thought this was going to be my mediocre solution to my hair problems. The problem is it is really expensive due to the multiple areas I need waxed. It is also embarrassing for me bcs of the areas I need waxed. A lot of pain. And I still have hair regrowth in less than a week. Using the epilator in btwn helps but still only a mediocre solution to my hair problems. I am excited about the NoNo as I hope that I can at least have some hair reduction so that waxing and epilating will be more effective. I hope that since I didn’t respond to laser, that I won’t respond to the NoNo. I will be so disheartened if I spend all the time and wasted even more money for no results. I know it isn’t a miracle treatment but I will be happy with 20-30% reduction if I have to epilate less often. Also, I figure instead of spending the time epilating, I can spend the same time NoNoing for possible long term results! So, even if I have to do this once a week for years, if I eventually have a lot less hair, I will be thrilled. Thanks for listening to my hair woes and wish me luck! I feel for all you hairy women out there. It sucks!!!

  286. 286

    Kimber Says:

    This is NOT supposed to be used on your face! The merchandiser notes this and I do not know what may happen, but after reading your notes above had to be sure you discontinued use in this manner.

  287. 287

    Sarah Says:

    ms. distressedDerma,
    thanks for your wonderful review! i decided to purchase the no!no! to use on my very hairy arms. they’ve made me intensely self-conscious for my entire life, and i figured i’d give the no!no! a try, since i definitely don’t have the funds for laser treatments right now.

    the problem that i’ve run into, is that even when i use the no!no! so that there’s a solid green light, and with the head/blade appropriate for stubble removal, the no!no! doesn’t seem to remove stubble. even if i let three or four days go by in between uses, so that the stubble is fairly long – long enough for even my epilator to remove it – the no!no! doesn’t seem to have any effect on it.

    i’m concerned that this lack of stubble removal means that the no!no! isn’t sending the thermal pulse (or whatever it is!) to the root of the hair, and i’m doing this all for naught. do you think that’s the case? its difficult enough to have stubbly arms in the summer heat, but i’m more than willing to put up with days of visible stubble if i can hope to eventually see results. but i’m worried that its just not working. do you think it could still be having an effect even if its not removing the stubble?


  288. 288

    charli Says:


    from your experience with no!no!, do you think that there’s a possibility that it will permanently remove your hair where they were nono-ed?

  289. 289

    hot_momma Says:

    Van, HairyGirl, Pandora….

    you are ALL awesome!! I love you all.
    You hit the hammer on the nail!!. Except, I am the FREAK…nevermind! I would shave my legs and still have prickles! Especially if I got cold… watch out!

    I have been trying to no!no! my chin hairs (goatee), and so far the hair growth, amount whatever is worse. I mean come on, I am only 25… I have more hair o my chin than most 90 year old ladies!! I also have PCOS as many of the gals here have reported…. But seriously I am not a happy camper!

    I truly appreciate ms. distressedDerma because when hair is a problem it inhales your life…. who the heck wants that!!!!

    I would like to invite gals who are attempting to try remove face hair to email me ( skibumbjp@yahoo.com ), because…. We need to put our heads together & figure this out!

    I am also interested in the ‘at home’ Salon Laser Hair Removal System. It is now sold at the Shopping Channel in Canada for $299.99 CAD, unlike the no!no! it only targets one hair at a time. Has anyone tried that device? ms. distressedDerma have you heard about it? It’s from the UK….

  290. 290

    nono reviews Says:

    […] reviews and really, really want the no!no! but for some reason or another you haven??t been able …http://distressedderma.com/sephora-nono-review/SUPPLEMENT CRITIC.COM – MUSCLETECH NANO VAPOR REVIEWSDietary supplement reviews, ratings, and […]

  291. 291

    Marge Kane Says:

    Can you use the no!no! on stomach hair?

  292. 292

    July 18th, 2008 at 3:59 pm

    Hi,I have read most of the reviews on here and i am very interested in Buying one of the nono’s.
    But the problem is i live in the UK and as of yet the only other place i can find that sell’s the nono in the uk is Selfridges but it does not seem as though you can buy it on-line from here only in store.
    Unfortunately i live miles away from this store.Why is it that the nono is so difficult to get hold of in the UK?.
    I have read that quite a few people have returned thier nono back to sephora does anyone know what they do with them all?.

  293. 293

    mercola Says:

    i have hair problems all over my body. reading the comments looks like a good product. i’ll try to consider no!no!

  294. 294

    Cerise Dubois Says:

    I discovered a sensational product pulsed light, the better on the market, this is E>ONE, only sold on Internet.
    This is a French product, made in France 100%.
    You can see it on internet site/ http://www.e-swin.com

  295. 295

    no-no newbie Says:

    Hi there,

    I loved your detailed review so much I decided to finally purchase a no-no. I’m on the fence though regarding my first experience. I’m not sure if there is a problem with my no-no or if it’s just user error. I was a little aprehensive also about applying the no-no to my leg for the first time but when I did the hot blade in the no-no started to jut in and out and made a stuttering sound. I felt a little pain as though something snapped on my leg multiple times. I tried a few more times and when I finally applied the no-no with more pressure I got it to work without doing that but my skin was a little sensitive and eventually developed a little bit of a rash. Heat sensitivity? Anyway, is this normal? I really thought this would work well for me since I don’t have much hair on my legs (just on the outside of my calves). Even after treatment and buffing my legs I still had short stubble that would not go away. Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks so much,
    no-no newbie

  296. 296


    This is truly an amazing product, easy to use and is truly worth.

  297. 297

    JustOneQ Says:

    ok so ive been using this pretty faithfully for about a month & a half but for some reason i never get a completely steady light. it doesnt usually flicker heavily, just a little, but its never completely steady. Do you know if this normal or does it mean its not working?

  298. 298

    Gixxer Says:

    In the infomercial, they said you can use it from the neck down, but never make mention of Chest and Back. Do you know if this product can work on man’s chest and back hairs?

  299. 299

    Michelle Says:

    Thanks for this great review….. I have only one question. Now that you have been using this for awhile, does the hair come back thinner? After time does it stop or inhibit the hair growth?
    Thanks and Have a Great Day:

  300. 300

    London Says:

    Hi All

    I purchased the NoNo about 2 months ago now but have not been able to use it as my boyfriend is very concerned about the side effects. He beleives this is very unnatural. Usually I am a natural girl but when it comes to hair removal I really don’t care! Whatever takes the pain out of constant hair removal I will be willing to try! As far as I’m concerned any hair removal is unnatural be it ripping it out with wax, applying cream that dissolves it or scraping sharp metal against our skin to cut it off!

    Anyway, I live in London and came across this product in Selfridges and basically grilled the sales lady for a good 45mins before buying it. This is what she said, I hope you all find this useful:-

    – The NoNo does not cause ingrown hairs;
    – It must be used on clean skin (I suppose this means a shower before and one after usage because of the smell?!);
    – The light changes colour when a new blade is required;
    – It’s painless;
    – Fine to use on sensitive skin regardless of allergies etc;
    – If you stop using it, hair will eventually grow back the same;
    – Most people tend to lose faith after about a month of usage and the kind lady said if that happens then to just give her a calll for a pep talk! She said you just have to think of it as treating the hiar rather than an actual form of hair removal.

    To be honest I’m not really sure what I make of this device but I recently made the decision to just use it despite what my boyfriend says. Hairiness really is the bane of my existence so I may as well give it a go. This site has been more than useful and I shall definitely pass the link on to my boyfriend as he wants to do “research” on the NoNo!

    I am both excited and apprehensive but will keep you all posted (candidly!)on any progress.

    ms. distressedDerma this is such a wonderful site, very kind of you to share your experiences…

  301. 301

    London Says:

    Oh, she also said that the reason it is not recomended for use on the face/sensitive areas is that the device does not curve properly and so it’s difficult to manouveure and more likely to burn….she did say though that she knows plenty of women who have used it on their facial hair with no problems…

  302. 302

    niki Says:

    i’m not sure if this site is still being updated because it seems like no one has touched it since octoer ‘07, but i was wondering, when using the no!no!, will there EVER be a time, even if it takes as long as (lets say) 4 years…. that you will be completely hairless and will not need to use the device anymore?

  303. 303

    niki Says:

    also, does it work on arms?

  304. 304

    niki Says:

    opps i was wrong.. i didn’t click “view all” for the comments! sorry about that, but my question still applies (see above)… and when i say arms i mean pretty hairy arms…. (ew i know)

  305. 305

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi niki,

    The no!no! works on the arms.

    Based on my experience, I don’t think that using the no!no! over several years will make all the hair disappear permanently. In the ten months I have been using the system (on and off – due to experiments for this review)I have noted that there are areas of hair that simply don’t grow back(at all) over months but there are also other areas in which the hair does come back.

    The hair growth that does occur is softer and finer, not so coarse and dark looking. The no!no! isn’t a permanent hair removal solution but it does reduce overall density so those of us with very hairy arms have an option.

    I’d definitely recommend the no!no! to those who are interested in reducing the overall hairiness. However, if you’re looking for a 100% hair removal solution the no!no! is not it.

  306. 306

    niki Says:

    okay that sounds good too, but when you say there are places it “doesn’t grow back”, does that mean the hair is “patchy” (and when i say this i mean noticeably patchy)…? And also, after a certain amount of time, will the hair become so fine that it is hardly noticable even if it is dark hair, or does it just get “thinner”… and also I was reading the other comments, and wanted to know if you or anyone else has heard anything else about the use of the no!no! with KP?

  307. 307

    niki Says:

    oh yeah also (sorry for all the questions)
    if you use the no!no! faithfully for a couple months, and then you STOP using it, will the hair grow back the same, or THICKER, LONGER and COARSER than it was originally (like if you faithfully shave, then stop)??
    And also, I was just wondering, have you gathered all your information from your experience alone, or other sources such as commercials, online sources, etc.
    (please understand, I am no way questioning your “authority” or experience).
    Thanks ;)

  308. 308

    cordelia Says:


    The nono seems to remove hair like a classic epilator but how long it takes in minutes ( 2 legs)?

    It seems that hair come back three days later as we need to use the nono 3 times a week. Is that correct ?

  309. 309

    jessica Says:

    the nono is the biggest piece of junk i have ever purchased. i returned it to sephora. when i used it, it didn’t evenly “singe” the hair. i went over the same section 5 or 6 times to no avail. it is completely worthless, and a waste of time and money. buyers beware!

  310. 310

    Thomas Says:

    This review, amongst other things, convinced me to buy a No!No!.

    As a guy in his mid 20s and relatively body conscious I have been quite frustrated with my hairy genes! To make it worse my brother, at 20 has no body hair at all. I have a hairy stomach and chest right up to my neck and hair on the back of my neck, shoulders and top of my back. I have tried shaving, depilatories and waxing. Shaving although quick, painless and effective is obviously very temporary and the thick hairs grow out and are prickly (annoys women to no end) and unsightly. Depilatories are similarly temporary, result in chemical burns and are messy. Waxing although effective hurts like hell and can get expensive if done professionally. Its also a temporary fix which makes the pain even worse when you are a hairy guy – refer Steve Carrell in 40 Year Old Virgin!

    Laser I have been quoted $500-700 per treatment for the area I want covered and with an expected 8-10 treatments making it not affordable for most people, myself included. If it was walk into the clinic, ZAP, all hair gone forever wahoo it would be a no-brainer but obviously this isn’t the case.

    I have been searching for an effective home hair removal/reduction device and now my No!No! has arrived I have hopefully found it! I think the big problem that a lot of people have with the device is they perceive it to be an alternative to creating the immediate aesthetic results of shaving. It definitely is not an alternative to shaving and in no way markets itself or purports itself to be. I am disappointed that alot of the poor consumer reviews, such as on Amazon, hold this incorrectly against Sephora. However, after one use I can see it is much more time consuming and attention hogging than shaving. I’d say to treat my abdomen, chest, shoulders and neck it took me 5 times the time it would take to shave those areas. This was using the long blade, stubble blade and buffer at a slow, steady pace. The No!No! was completely painless with some varying warmth. It rolls over your skin smoothly like a paintbrush roller, even in dense hair areas. Rolling slower seems to burn more hairs. People have complained about a bad burning hair smell, but really this is a very minor inconvenience and barely worth mentioning in a true critical review of efficacy. On areas or patches where I took my time (such as at first), slowly going over repeatedly with the long blade then doing the same carefully with the stubble blade, and then vigorously buffing I was able to acheive a very close and smooth finish. Probably similar to shaving with a good blade. However, given the time it took to do this it was impractical and I instead sped up the process and wasn’t able to get a close finish.

    I think the key here for guys (and gals) trying to cover large areas is that if you just want to look good for a night out to dinner then grab a razor! This is a slow process to reduce hair density and growth in the medium term so treat it as such and don’t be dissappointed if your legs/chest etc are still unsightly after the fact. The official website claims that it is a Hair Removal Device, which it undoubtedly is, and that it achieves hair density reduction (which it reportedly does over time), and it states that it is NOT a razor!

    I will report back after some time to see if hair reduction is apparent.

  311. 311

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi Niki,

    I’m just a regular gal who’s used the no!no! and it worked for me. I don’t have any experience outside of being a user. I don’t work for any PR company, or the no!no! company so this is just my complete unbiased opinion of the Radiancy No!No! – both the good and bad. I have linked to other reviews (check comments and the post) with info on the no!no!. Some users love the no!no! others hate it. I personally think the good it does outweighs the fact that it isn’t perfect.

    The hair regrowth were it does come back is finer – never coarse, again that is in my experience. I’ve been using the no!no! for quite a long time and I now have more hairless spots on my arms then there is hair. I don’t no!no! as often, I’ve let the hair grow back over several months now and the regrowth is very slow and my arms have very little hair. Truth be told, I’d love to have hairless arms but that’s not going to happen. However, thanks to the no!no! my arms look presentable now even with a light hair covering. Previous to the no!no!, I had hairy arms that rivaled the hairy arms of many men I know.
    Cordelia, the no!no! is a slow process relative to shaving but in my opinion comparable to waxing. The more I’ve done it the faster I’ve gotten but it’s still slow and does take patience.

    The hair regrowth depends based on the individual. After using the no!no! for several months with varied frequency, I can now go several weeks without using the no!no! and still have very little hair growth (on my arms) – hair growth on legs is faster and I do have to continue no!no!ing with more frequency than my arms.

    Jessica, sorry to hear that the no!no! wasn’t effective for you. Thankfully, it has a wonderful return policy which makes it really a risk free trial.


    Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us. I know that your review will be a valuable asset to those looking to buy the no!no!. I get lots of emails from guys hoping to get more info on the no!no!, so I know they will be delighted to read your reviews. If you have a blog, then please add your link or email me at msdistressedderma@distressedderma@com with the info and I will add it to the post here.

    I saw that you mentioned waxing. UGH!!! I will never ever go back to waxing after using the no!no!. Waxing is barbaric and all of the hair grows back. The no!no! (Stink-maker that it is – burning hair is a big turn-off) really works at reducing hair density. This was the first summer in my entire life in which I was not ashamed to bare my arms! All thanks to the no!no! – no pain, no mess and no hairy arm shame :)

  312. 312

    Linda Says:

    is it necessary to use the smooth cream in order for this process to work?

  313. 313

    Annette Says:

    Thanks for the great review!
    I just have one simple question, how many times have you replaced the hot blade throughout this entire time? I just wanted a rough estimate of how much more I’d have to be spending on the product ON TOP of the cost of the device.

    Much appreciated!

  314. 314

    Zippy Says:

    I know it’s not meant for facial, breast and etc but i have more noticeable hair in those areas than others and i really need to get rid of them..
    is no no good for it?

    also i heard some people got burned by no no and how does it look like after getting burned?

  315. 315

    ak Says:

    Hi there,
    I have really sensitive underarm skin. Just recently I had my 3rd cyst removal from my underarm and it was a very painful procedure. The main cause of this cyst was due to the open pores after waxing. I got waxing done at a professional salon on a Friday, and by Sunday I could barely move my arm. My doctor had banned me from shaving 4 years ago when I had a similar situation and even now I am taking a risk if I continue to wax.

    This is definitely a pricey object, but I have read through your blog in detail and it does seem like it works perfectly fine for you. Any special advice for my case? You can just send me a private email, thanks

  316. 316

    Jan Says:

    Have you tried it on your chin or cheeks? I have nasty hairs on the chin area and cheeks in front of the ears. I know it says not on the face but that is where I have the worst visible problem. Wondering if it would be as painful as the upper lip which I would also want to try.

  317. 317

    no! no! hair removal treatment – Specktra.Net Says:

    […] Ooh, I read a pretty extensive review of this a while back (they included photo evidence too!) Sephora No!No! Review | distressedDERMA I think in the long term it could be a good solution, but it looks like it requires a lot of […]

  318. 318

    Barbara Says:

    Just bought the No No and I have been using an epilator for many years. I have grown accustom to the pain but found the No No to be much more painful. Aside from the burnt hair smell, my arms have been stinging with much the same pain as a bad sunburn. I found on my legs, when the appliance hit a hair the result was painful. As I said, I am used to the epilator and the speed at which it pulls out the hair is less discomfort than this. Has anyone else experienced the same result? any suggestions before I return it?

  319. 319

    stacie Says:

    I’m still not 100% clear, maybe because i’m just a bit on the stupid side, but when you use the no!no! does it completely remove all the hair? even from the root? or is it just like shaving??

  320. 320

    Valerie Says:

    Hi ~ I just bought No!No! on Saturday and have done two treatments. It takes me quite a while, since I have very, very course and thick hair. The best way to describe it is like a mans beard. Very gross. I have to shave every day and by noon, I have a 5 o’clock shadow. I’m hoping that it will work for me long term, but for now, it is not getting all of the hair off no matter how many times I go over it. Do you think it will eventually get better? I get the impression from reading other reviews not as much hair was left behind as I am experiencing. I know it is early on…but I am afraid to put all this time into and not see the results down the road. I literally worked on my legs for over an hour tonight. Very tiring….

  321. 321

    havealocomoco Says:

    thank you im definatly getting one!

  322. 322

    Pumpkin Says:

    Hi! Great review! Just wondering if anyone has heard if No!No! can be used over a flat coffee or wine-colored birthmark. I imagine that if we asked the manufacturer they would say that it hasn’t been tested enough on birthmarks and they wouldn’t recommend using it on one. However, I’m wondering if anyone has actually tried using their No!No! over their birthmark.

  323. 323

    r Says:

    Hi Ms. distressedDerma,

    Thanks so much for this comprehensive thread on no!no! Based on it, I bought one from HSN, (4 pmts of $50) which came with 4 ounces of the no!no! lotion. The lotion contains Capislow, which is an ingredient which is supposed to slow down hair growth and make it less coarse and easier to remove. (A note – Noxema has Hair Minimizing Shave Gels which also have Capislow, and obviously much less expensive. I don’t think they have a lotion though.)

    I got the no!no! on Tuesday and tried it that night. I had shaved a few days before, so I only had stubble, which is easier to work with. It took a while to get the stroke right, so the light was a steady green, but once I did, it was great. For people who aren’t having good results with this product, I think that taking the time to carefully get the stroke right is absolutely essential to making the no!no! work, and if you want to get the best results, you really have to take the time to get the stroke right. I know it seems a little frustrating, especially to people who have been shaving for years, but the no!no! can’t be blamed for not working well or causing burns if it’s not being used as recommended.

    I didn’t get it right for the first 10 – 15 minutes or so, but careful practice fixed that. I’m emphasizing this because I can be really impatient with things like this, and get it wrong and not understand why until I go back and really follow the directions.

    I had great results. Working from stubble, all the hair was gone and my legs felt smooth. I took Ms. distressedDerma’s great advice and cleaned the no!no! blades frequently with the brush, and buffed often – generally after 5 – 8 strokes. Also following Ms. dD’s advice, it helps to hold the skin taut, as it gives a much better glide.

    I’m wondering if some people had trouble with the no!no! because they were not using it on completely clean skin – and that means no lotion residue, etc, on your legs before using the no!no!. If you’re not sure, perhaps run a cotton ball with alcohol over the areas 10 minutes before using the no!no!

    While it’s recommended that the no!no! is used 2-3 times a week, I noticed that some people have asked if they can use it every day. I tried to use it the day after I first tried it, and shortly it became clear that daily use could cause discomfort and probably burns. There seemed no reason to do that, as it was working well without discomfort the first day. Basically, it’s probably too harsh to use daily and I expect one would see (and feel) negative results doing so. Also, the short blade for stubble specifies that it is for stubble over 1mm long. Less than that would probably be both inefective and a waste of time, effort and blades.

    I defintitely recommend this product. Thanks again for providing this forum and some of your excellent tips for making the no!no! work at its best!


  324. 324

    Jasmine Says:

    Can guys use it on their face?

    ms. distressedderma writes:

    I don’t know how it would work for a guy. i tried it and hated using it on my face. it hurt and i discontinued usage on my face. works fantastic on arms and legs…

  325. 325

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    hi r,

    no!no! does take patience but it is effective when used over time and correctly.

    I once had the misfortune of using the no!no! on my face – which was oily and i got burned. It was a terrible experience and I’m pretty sure it was because the skin was not perfectly dry and clean. A painful lesson but one that I only had to learn once, thankfully ;)

    I tested the no!no! smooth and wasn’t happy with it for the price – too expensive for the same results I had achieved with a hair growth inhibitor from sally beauty supply. now having said that my friend used it (she’s still testing it) and loves it more than the sally product. The No!no! review post will be coming soon…

  326. 326

    amy Says:

    I’ve read every single post on the 33 pages here. That being said all questions have been asked and answered, over and over again. So please just read instead of re-asking already asked questions. It is nice to hear from posters who have been using for months. I was going to buy this from the HSC but then found it was way cheaper here. Only 175$ now. I’m Canadian but still I can buy a few extra packets of razors and buffers when I order plus get the 60 day guarantee. My hair is pretty fine, so I’m assuming it will work as other fine hair people here. They have videos you can watch here to get the 90 degree green light process down. I have waxed before and found areas never grew back on my legs. Very expensive and painful though. Never used an epilator but I bought the body shaver online by bodworx and found it didn’t work, turn on, all the time. So they replaced it for me, after I had to mail back the old one, then I dropped the new one and ripped the screen. I did have great fun using the bodworx in pubic area while it worked. Very close shave. No nicks or cuts or ingrown hairs. I’d probably buy hair erazor if I decided to buy one of those again. Looks tougher and cheaper than bodworx. Did not bother to use on my legs, to time consuming. I’m going to buy nono today though even though it looks to be just as time consuming. I plan on using it on my lower legs, back of upper thigh, lower pubic area, bikini line, lower stomach, upper lip and chin. I have flat moles and tattoos I plan to just glide right over them no probs. I think it will reduce regrowth time and I will enjoy much less hair over the long term. I’m not worried about cancer or other such stuff. If it doesn’t work on my sensitive skin I will return it. Thanks so much for all the great stories. I’m always on the lookout for good products for skin care. Thanks for posting the link for the zit zapper thing. I’m going to search for Tanda to see how that is working for people too. I have acne every @#$@# month. Plus get zitty hive things from wheat and other food allergies. I also use the nuskin galvanic spa treatment tool. I really like it. I don’t like having to buy the creams every other month though it is worth it my skin feels great and much tighter after using it. If anyone has any questions or wants to share some of their own favourite tools I’d love to read about them. you can email me at proofplease@hotmail.com. I’ll post how I do when I get my nono. bye for now. :)

  327. 327

    Keisy Says:

    Thanks for the testing, I’ve been looking for something like this for days. I’m really excited to try the no!no! soon.

  328. 328

    Caroline Says:

    This product has just arrived in Australia and I’m doing research on it. Thanks for your thorough testing. My question with bikini line – have you been able to remove most of the hair around the pubic bone area or get as close as possible to the private part?
    I’d like to know why it can’t be used on/around the private parts – we can get waxing done there and I currently epilate that area aswell (yes it hurts, it hurts a lot but I’m getting used to the pain).

  329. 329

    meg Says:

    hello. can the No No be used on the neck?

  330. 330

    Jackie Says:


    I was wondering how I can get my hands on the refills blades ever again if both places that used to sell them in Canada are fully discontinuing the blades combo. The rest of them only ship to the US.

  331. 331

    MiMi Says:

    Hi Distressed Derma,
    Just wanted to find out how the density of your hair is like now. How long have you been using it for and how often per week?

  332. 332

    NO! NO! Says:


  333. 333

    sabrina Says:

    i used the no no in the store and i have these little red lines all on my arm. will those go away? i was also not using a gliding motion, i kept starting and stopping, could that be the reason?

  334. 334

    mariana Says:

    hi, i was wondering if you can use No! no! on your face for unwanted hair?

  335. 335

    Mia Says:

    Love the review, and I’m considering purchasing the product.

    I was wondering if there are any ingrown hairs at all or not that you noticed when you used the item? Or maybe you had some and they disappeared through the use of ‘no!no!’?

    I have extremely sensitive skin, and only recently got the problem of ingrown hairs to which I am deperately trying to find a solution to before they scar my legs permanently! If this product takes them away, I would be so happy!

  336. 336

    Georgia Says:

    hi- just wondering- how often do the blade thingys have to be replaced? thanks!

  337. 337

    Smooth Says:

    I noticed that you can’t use the NO NO on our genitals – why not?

  338. 338

    mia Says:

    Thanks so much for your review. I did read a lot of mixed reviews before I decided to buy – but then Sephora lowered their price to $175 and I couldn’t resist. Though they seem to be out of hot blades and I don’t really see them in the stores anymore so wondering if they are not going to carry anymore. Anyway, I have only no no’d 3x and usually have to shave my legs everyday so I was really surprised to see when I got to the top part of my leg after 4 days there was still only stubble. I agree – it does leave a stubbly feeling – but I had that anyway. Even if this thing only helps me to cut down on shaving – to me it’s worth the money and the time – but I could see why this product might not appeal to someone that only has to shave once a week anyway. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I also didn’t think their buffer worked that well – I went to CVS and bought a pack of Smooth Away for $9.99 – you get 5 big ones and 5 little ones and I think they work much better – in any event it’s better than $7 for 2 pads. Now I hope I can continue to find the hot blades somewhere.

  339. 339

    Brad Says:

    Wow Ms. DistressedDerma,

    That’s really neat! My girlfriend had been talking about the No! No! system for awhile now, wondering if it really worked, or if it was like the infomercial one that’s pretty low quality. I’m glad to hear it works, and will recommend her to pick it up! Or, actually, maybe I’ll pick it up for her as a surprise. :)

    Thanks again for the well put together review and photos!

    – Brad (Acne Research & Product Reviewer)

  340. 340

    Sara Says:

    Hi ms,.distressed
    Are you still using the no no?? I have brought one today and find it so slow I do lack patience and am wondering if it is worth the time v results as opposed to speedy shaving. Wondering if you can pls spare me your thts.

  341. 341

    April 14th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    i wanna buy dis so bad i always want 2 buy every new product dat i c.
    but most dont work :/
    question: can u use it in ur face by ur lip?
    and ur belly and anywhere in ur body?
    does it work?
    email me plz thanks i want info!

  342. 342

    lola Says:

    i was wondering if i can tolarate the heat can i use the NoNo on my face ?

  343. 343

    mia Says:

    Posted a few weeks ago – have now had my no no for almost 2 months and am pretty happy with the results so far – definitely slower growth and with a razor my legs have not been this smooth in years. Not perfect – but much better than what it was. I’ve noticed that Sephora is still out of blades – I’ve signed up to get the email when they get their stock replenished. The product is really pretty useless without the blades and I can’t believe they’ve been out of stock since I bought the thing. You can get the blades directly from no no – I noticed that they added Canada and there now appears to be a euro store as well – but alas no free shipping like Sephora if you spend over $50. Website is http://www.my-no-no.com/nono-Accessories/nono-Accessories.asp. Also, Dillard’s also had some on their site still in stock http://www.dillards.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=301&storeId=301&langId=-1&productId=501706968. I haven’t ordered from Dillards yet but may try them if Sephora doesn’t get them back in stock.

  344. 344

    Tasha Says:

    Thankyou everyone for your wonderful reviews! I brought the No!No! a week ago and did a patch test and left it for 3 days then did a full leg and bikini line run today.

    I live in Australia, and the No!No! is fairly brand new here. I have very bad bad bad problems with ingrowns, and have very sensitive skin, and I am praying that this product does its job without giving me those horrible ingrown hairs.

    I waxed for a year then had to stop. In my opinion, it was nothing more then a waste of time, money and I believe that it ruined my skin. I now get very bad ingrowns from any form of hair removal that never occurred before i tried waxing. There were nights when i couldn’t sleep for all the pain of the ingrowns covering my legs and bikini area (i used to get brazillians :S). Not to mention it was extremely taxing on my emotions.

    I tried the depilatory creams, which only gave me chemical burn + ingrowns. And shaving, which i had to do WITH the direction of the hairgrown.. hence i still had prickles and still got a few ingrowns and razor bumps. Ive used Tend Skin, exfoliate like mad all the time, and make sure my skin is always moisturized to allow the hair to push through easily but to no avail.

    I stopped all hair removal and went hairy for a while, just so my skin can repair a little.. and I’m still getting ingrowns coming through from the past…

    In exactly 6 days I’m traveling overseas to meet a man I met on the internet a year and a half ago and whom i love and hope to spend the rest of my life with.. and so I’m desperate to find something that i can use that helps with reducing my hair but doesn’t give me ingrowns. I’m not looking for a miracle, I’m just looking for something that wont make my skin worse. Its very important to me that i get off that plane feeling like a million bucks.

    I did the patch test and left it for 3 days. It grew back much much slower already then shaving, so far no ingrowns, but seems to have bald patches… I’m hoping these are not hairs that are going to stay under and become ingrown. So today i did the full lot. It did take me a while to master the slow glide, and i only did the long hair blade for those parts. I used the stubble blade in the patch test, but I’m fearful of cutting it too close due to past experiences. So I do have the stubble still, i can live with it, and the smell of the burning hairs wasn’t a factor at all for me. It’s just so much easier then all the creams and lotions I’ve spent so long rubbing over me in hopes to fix my skin. I’m hopeful. I’ve read every single review on this site.. several times.. and on others too. If after a few days I dont have ingrowns i will be so very happy.

  345. 345

    הסרת שיער לצמיתות Says:

    I only trust clinics, and not home products. They are too weak to really make a difference, in my opinion

  346. 346

    Jane in England Says:

    I hope my No No experience can help…I’ve been using my No No for a year now and use it about twice a week. (It’s not half as scary to use as you think, once you get going!) I have thick dark hair everywhere (or so it feels!) and the No No was my last chance saloon, except for laser treatment. I’ve found that where the hair is sparse, such as my feet or the small of my back, the No No has made it almost disappear, as long as I keep up with the treatments. Those areas feel a little stubbly, but I can’t see anything with the naked eye. Where the hair is thicker and coarser, such as on my legs, the hair seems much the same as it was before I started No No-ing, although I think a few bare patches may be emerging (hopefully that’s not wishful thinking!). The No No doesn’t ‘cut’ as close to the skin as shaving, so I have to shave my legs as well if they’re on public view! But I’m just glad to have less hairy legs than I did before, with no pain, no ingrowing hairs and no shaving rash. And I’m really pleased with my back and feet. Put it this way: if my No No broke, I’d buy another!

  347. 347

    Peter Says:

    How many blades have You used since you started?

  348. 348

    diana cabrera Says:

    hey =]

    i wondering if you could tell me if it does actually remove hair permanently and if so, after how many times of using the product? does it leaves patches of hair?

    also, will the rays in the lazor, or whatever that is, damage your skin? because i know you can get skin cancer from some light rays? or does it leave your skin darker in some areas?

    sorry about all the questions, i am just really curious, because i might purchase it. thnx in advance.

  349. 349

    Lucy Says:

    hey! ive just purchased a nono recently. i noticed this blog was started many months ago, was wondering how ppls results were after a few months?

  350. 350

    mia Says:

    Have had mine for 8 months now – just had to order some new blades and noticed they’ve come out with a new model that supposedly does curves and narrow spots but at $220 not so sure – somehow the site says that one gets rid of 94% hair while the original only 64%??? I would like to see the hard evidence to support those claims. They already get you on the cost of the blades – you would think they could make the device itself cheaper. Overall – while it’s not perfect – I too would buy another one if mine broke. There is definitely some patchiness – the hair on the backs of my lower legs has responded the best so far – very sparse there. I would say maybe a 50% reduction on the rest of the leg but there’s still a lot there. The good thing is I have not had an ingrown hair in 8 months and I can go longer in between – which for me is not very long but still a relief. In 8 months I’ve gone through 6 5-packs of blades. As to the person that asked about darkening of skin – the no no works by burning the hair with heat not by laser/light so there are virtually no side effects except the smell of burning hair – I just use mine next to an open window and light a match after to get rid of the smell. You really do get used to it. Other than that, you do get stubble so you really do have to use a razor in between if you want to be really smooth. I’m going to continue. Will report back at the one year mark if this site is still up