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December Skin Care Product Reviews

The MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser is a creamy cleanser which is extremely gentle and effective. I used the MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser while I was using Retin-A. My skin was extremely sensitive due to the daily use of Retin-A and I dreaded putting any products on my skin – specially cleansers that contained cleansing agents that would cause burning and stinging which eventually would cause my skin to look visibly red and raw. MD Formulations Non-Glycolic cleanser proved to be just the perfect cleanser for me to use while undergoing treatment with Retin-A. (read more: MD Formulations Non-Glycolic Cleanser review )
Many distressedDERMA readers have been emailing me anxiously awaiting my review of the Zeno MD. The overwhelming majority want to know if the Zeno is yet another over-hyped product that really doesn’t work or if it’s the miracle product they’ve been desperately seeking. You can decide if the Zeno MD is for you after you read my December Skin Care Product Review :

The Zeno MD Acne Clearing Device has been widely promoted as a powerful tool against acne blemishes. In October I decided to take the plunge and pay the $200 for the Zeno MD. The primary reason I decided to give it a try was that my skin was an absolute mess and I was desperate to clear it up without further damaging it by using irritating products like Retin-A or Benzoyl Peroxide. My hormones were out of wack again (i’ll spare you the female problem side of this story) and toward the end of September and the beginning of October my skin freaked out in a big way. I had awful, really awful clusters of two to three blemishes. Some where little pimples, others were the terribly painful csytic acne variety and they were popping up everywhere.

I was quickly getting depressed because no matter what I did the acne wasn’t going away and it just kept getting worse. No sooner had one cluster resolved itself then another mini-cluster erupted nearby. I wanted to just hide from the world because I felt hideous. By the time I ordered the Zeno MD my skin was in pretty bad shape and by the time it arrived a few days later I had even more flare-ups. So that’s the condition my skin was in when I started reviewing the efficacy of the Zeno MD. (read more: the Zeno MD review)

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 28 December 2006


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