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Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color

I colored my hair with Clairol Perfect 10 permanent hair color last month and it was a WOW experience. Perfect 10 took all of 10 minutes and delivered rich, high-gloss, multi-faceted color. Just beautiful. Typically, I get my hair colored at the salon but I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately and salon time is far and few between. I’m lucky to squeeze in a 45 minute cut and style appointment – so I decided to color my own hair.

I’m not an at home hair coloring virgin, I’ve colored my hair in the past (at-home) and truth be told was never quite happy with the less than professional results. That’s why I normally opt for the more expensive professional hair color route, but like I mentioned time was an issue so on a recent trip to Walmart I picked up Clairol’s Perfect 10 in a shade close to my current color.

The application was so simple and so fast and it didn’t stink – that alone was a wonderful treat as I can’t stand even the slightest of odors. After the coloring process, my hair felt so soft and looked fabulously healthy. I was happy with the job I had done but if that was the extent of the WOW factor of Clairol’s Perfect 10 hair color, I wouldn’t be writing about it.

No, the reason I am raving about this product is because two top-notch hair stylists asked me if this was my natural color – it looked that perfect with subtle highlights and beautiful overall richness. When I told them it was hair color – they then asked who was my colorist’s because it was an amazing color job. Now that’s something to get excited about!

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Monday, 23 June 2008

7 Responses to “Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color”

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    Tom Weaver Says:

    I too went for “dark brown” I now have a lovely shade of purply dark black! Hopefully after a few showers it may lighten up. I also made a crazy mistake on my first box, the tubes of color and conditioner look pretty similar haha.. I guess I picked the brown one up thinking automatically it was the color without reading it well and squeezed the conditioner in the color activator oops. Well I might give this product one more try in a lighter color but I have to say it wasn’t really a good experience. It just seems to be strange that there seems to be no shade of brown in my jet black, and with the marketing of this product to make it seem closer to professional color it really fell short for me.

    Maybe one day I’ll find the right color, I usually use Feria Espresso but it seems to only really last a couple weeks. So I’ll keep searching.

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    Julie Says:

    I couldnt agree more with this. True that it dosent give that smell which most of the colorants give, the strong smell of the colorants is something that I wouldnt really like. But this one is so good gives a feel of leaving healthy hair.

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    Diana Says:

    I have used Perfect 1o 3 times now. Twice on myself and once on my daughter. I agrere that the results have been as good or even better than a salon color. I used dark brown the first time on myself and found that I loved the intense rich color but it did lean towards black side. It covered my grey and my high-lights and it did not fade off like I expected. My sister got her hair colored from her hair stylist the exact day I colored my hair at home and my color lasted as well or better. That is amazing because in the past I have colored my daughters hair at home and that is normally not the case with at home color.

    The 2nd time I colored my hair I wanted the intense color but not so much black so I got dark brown and medium brown. I used half of each color and mixed it in one activator bottle. I wasn’t sure it would work but I have watch my stylist mix colors forever and thought I would risk it,,,I love the color and I have the rest of the color tubes for the next color so I’m not out any money. It is still deep and rich but a really really dark brown not black. I’m not suggesting anyone do this but it did work for me.

    I have also used medium Ash brown on my daughter. She wanted a rich dark brown but her hair was dark blonde with high-lights and normally will take on an orangey color. I use nervous because my teen daughter, like most teens, doesn’t take color mistakes lightly! It worked :) and her hair is beautiful without any orange or red tones coming through!

    We have tried several brands in the past but nothing has compaired to the quality of Perfect 10. If there is anything to caution avbout Perfect 10 it’s the colors might be a little darker than shown on the box. I believe that is due to the amazing quality of the pigment in the color, you might want to choose a shade one step lighter to be on the safe side.

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    Tracy Says:

    Coloring your own hair can be tricky! I like to go blonde and then when I actually do get it looking good I forget and go swimming. Then I end up with the lovely shade of green.

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    aimee Says:

    im going to buy this hair dye this week, as it looks very nice and dark ( dark brown) ive been trying loads of different hairdyes, but has gave my roots looking ginger, i hope it works nice and dark. any more reviews about perfect 10 dark brown please write a review,x

  6. 6

    ms. distressedDerma Says:

    Hi aimee,

    Perfect 10 works well for me. What’s your hair color? If your at home hair coloring is resulting in a shade you are unhappy with – then you may want to see a hair color professional. They can help get the hair color you want.

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    sara Says:

    Perfect 10 dark brown was amazing. My hair feels healthier and shiner than ever. Even though the dark brown is DEFINATELY closer to black than dark brown…but I wouldn’t want it any other way. It looks great. Also, it actually looks more dark brown than black in the sunlight so thats fine with me as long as it doesn’t look brassy. I had medium brown hair before with alott of red tones, which is the common problem with using brown hair dye, but perfect 10 took All the red tones out. It looks super natural, at least on me. I would definately recommend it. Just hoping it doesn’t fade too soon..also scared that once I redye it, it would not look like a dull jet black wig as some people have claimed..too scared to mix dyes myself as others have had their hair fall out by doing so.. BUT definately go out and get it!!