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The Body Shop Coconut Feast Gift Set

The Body Shop has been one of my favorite bath and body stores since 1995. They create the best body products in the most exotic fragrances and textures that I’ve ever had the pleasure of lathering on my skin. It also doesn’t hurt that they share my love of doing good and helping others via their corporate philanthropy, philosophy and their mission to leave the world a better place. A good company all around.

I was gifted the Body Shop Coconut Feast Gift last month and it simply blew me away. This charming bath and body spa set includes:

1 – Coconut Shower Cream
1- Coconut Body Scrub
1- Coconut Body Butter
1 Cream Chenille Bath Scrubby

The Coconut shower cream really is creamy and its warm, tropical coconut fragrance transported me to another world free of stress and turmoil. I used the Coconut scrub on my arms and legs targeting two of my body’s “trouble spots” – my rough dry elbows and knees – after a nice invigorating rub with the deliciously scented coconut scrub my elbows and knees were looking smooth and feeling so much more hydrated.

The coconut spa treat doesn’t end in the shower. Thankfully, The Body Shop has packaged the tropical and warm aroma of coconut in a decadent, rich, thick cream that will quench your skin’s thirst. I love it, love it, love it. In one word the Coconut Feast Gift set is, heavenly. The coconut body spa set left my skin glowing, soft, silky smooth and smelling seductively tropical (just ask my husband :) ). After the first use I felt pampered and incredibly relaxed. I liked it so much that I will be buying several gift sets to gift to others come Christmas or Birthdays (whatever comes first).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with The Body Shop here’s a bite-size information morsel:

The Body Shop is committed to environmental protection and respect for human rights; we develop trading relationships with communities in need; we are against animal testing in the cosmetics industry; and we encourage education, awareness and involvement among our staff and customers. In addition, The Body Shop supports national causes, such as our ‘Stop Violence in the Home’ campaign and our commitment to AIDS research with our sales of the ‘Until There’s A Cure’ Jelly Bracelets.

The Coconut Feast Gift Set available at The Body Shop

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