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Stressed Skin? Learn to let go and relax.

Your skin is one of the first indicators that something is not quite right with your life. Whether it’s overwhelming pressure at home, the strain of of being overworked by a tyrannical boss or being in a taxing relationship. All tough on the soul and tougher on the skin.

Learning to let go of (or to at least minimize) those stressors can help tremendously in minimizing acne breakouts. It’s not an easy tax but it’s certainly doable. I’ve been reading some excellent books on how to get control of the every day pains that lead to stress. Another thing I am doing is performing Yoga, Pilates and Mediation. Since I’ve been working on reducing stress, I’ve noticed that my skin is looking less stressed and is healthier.

What do you do to manage stress in your life? Do you notice that less stress means clearer, healthier skin for you?

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Friday, 27 June 2008


4 Responses to “Stressed Skin? Learn to let go and relax.”

  1. 1

    Resume Says:

    Hey…to remove stress you can go for movie, listen your favorite music or go for outings with your loved one.

  2. 2

    Filippa Says:

    Hi there, what are symptoms of stressed skin?

  3. 3

    Ryan Liao Says:

    Agree totally, in fact, having acne is a warning for a potential illness.

  4. 4

    paula quilts Says:

    Hello ladies –
    I just wanted to recommend something that really worked to relieve my stressed skin and stressed brain!! I started usuing chemical free skin care and ran into the Lavender Calm Body lotion, from the made from earth skin care line…i love it…

    i never knew lavender had such a calming effect on my skin and my personality.,. i use it ona daily basis and it just makes me feel fresher and I can tell my skin is looking fresher…its definitely calming..since its organic, it doesnt smell like those perfume lavenders you find in the stores…

    i recommend it if you are stressed and that is making your skin stressed…its an over all stress reducer…the healthy way!

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