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Love Free Stuff?

StillaGirl is a fantastic blog that I stumbled across. Can’t remember how I got there but boy, am I glad I found it. StillAGirl’s tagline is “a positive place for women/girls” and after reading a few posts I whole heartedly agree. One of those posts that really caught my attention had the magic words “free” and “makeup”. Here is a tiny peek at one of the tips:

Meet a professional- If you go online to your favorite vendor and type in “stores and events”, or something similar you’ll find out when professional makeup artists will be in your area. Not only do you get great beauty tips and makeup advice, a lot of the time you will get free makeup samples. (you can read the rest http://www.stillagirl.com/?p=861)

I will be putting those tips into action and will report back soon – hopefully with a treasure trove of products (and you can expect reviews on all of them too! ).

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 26 July 2007

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