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ecoTools Makeup Brushes – Foundation and Powder

ecoTools makeup brushesCruelty-free make-up brushes made from renewable materials like bamboo and some recycled materials that also happen to be affordable ($2.99 to $7.99), is how we can best describe ecoTools brushes. ecoTools is a recently launched brand from Paris Presents. EcoTools focuses on the eco-beauty and cruelty-free products market, with products ranging from cosmetic brushes to bathing sponges.

We liked the foundation and powder brushes in spite of the brush bristles being made of synthetic materials – we love our red sable brushes and didn’t think we would like using synthetic bristled (taklon) makeup brushes. Us liking a synthetic bristled brush was our first surprise but then we were pleasantly surprised at how well made these brushes were for being a “drugstore” brand. I know it sounds like we are being beauty snobs with the “drugstore” comment. But really, when’s the last time you’ve found decent makeup brushes at a drugstore? We haven’t. The one’s we’ve encountered shed like a long-haired cat in summer – they’re inexpensive for a reason.

The ecoTools foundation brush ($5.99) did a lovely job of applying foundation without leaving little reminders of where it had been. No detectable streaks and, we think,  we even used less foundation than normally gets sucked up into our foundation sponges. Personally, I liked the ecoTools brush better than a Prescriptives foundation brush I had previously tested; which left me with a trail of facial hair not my own. The ecoTools powder brush ($7.99) is nice and fluffy, not as luxurious feeling as a sable powder brush, but it gets the job done without shedding all over your face as some synthetic and, yes, even natural bristle brushes are guilty of doing.

For those who want their eco-friendly to be accompanied by animal friendly, then ecoTools brushes are a nice Green solution at a really good price. One other thing we like about ecoTools is that they donate 1% of their annual sales to “1% For The Planet” – impressive. So indirectly when you buy from ecoTools you are helping better the planet through the 1% of what you spent. It’s a feel good purchase all around :)

ecoTools makeup brushes and bath tools can be purchased at select Walgreens, Kmart, or Ulta stores. ecoTool brushes also available online at drugstore.com.

Submitted by Ms. distressedDERMA on Thursday, 24 April 2008

4 Responses to “ecoTools Makeup Brushes – Foundation and Powder”

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    Poker Rakeback Says:

    I always support these kind of eco-friendly products.
    Keep going towards this direction …

    Don’t hurt our Earth, which is used to be very lovely, anymore…

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    Claire Makeup Says:

    Thanks for the info. I personally prefer mineral makeup and other organic makeup free of parabens and chemicals.

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    Lilina Says:

    I just bought my first eco friendly brushes today.

    Feels good in every way! Thanks for the info.