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5 Tips for A Dazzling Smile – How to Look 10 Years Younger Series

Bright white teeth dazzling smileDid you know that as we age so do our teeth – and they too show the awful signs of advancing age? Even if you don’t smoke you could find yourself with dull, yellow teeth, and in some cases you may even find that your teeth are shifting. All these dental signs of aging do take time to come about, but when you finally “discover” them it feels like it happened overnight. So what to do when you are faced with yellowing, teeth and gaps between teeth you definitely didn’t have “last night”? What you do is follow these five great dental anti-aging tips:

1. Start with the basics. Brush with an excellent electric toothbrush (at least twice a day) to really get teeth and gums clean. I like Philips Sonicare the best – it gets the job done and it also has gotten high marks from New York based, renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jennifer Jablow – she says “I tend to prefer the Sonicare. I feel it removes stain and plaque build up better. I see my patients with healthier gums and brighter teeth“. I use a whitening toothpaste but for one month, every quarter I use an enamel building toothpaste (my choice: Sensodyne Pronamel) to help keep my teeth’s enamel nice and strong. Floss – really it is important and it should be done after every time you brush. My favorite manual floss is Glide and favorite “automated” flosser is Hummingbird.

2. If you notice your teeth are shifting and gaps are developing – it’s time to see an Orthodontist. The sooner you seek dental correction and alignment, the sooner you will have a straighter, gorgeous, younger looking smile. As a teenager I wore braces for what seemed like an eternity but once they came off I had an amazing smile for years- that is until I hit my mid-thirties. My teeth had started to shift and gaps were developing! I did a bit of research on braces for adults, and frankly I didn’t want to be a 36 year old metal mouth (Retainers weren’t an option)- so I was beyond thankful when I learned about Invisalign. Invisalign are almost invisible plastic braces (they look like bleaching trays) that used over time help get teeth straight and close up gaps. Truly a scientific breakthrough! I talked about the Invisalign option with my Orthodontist and he said that I was a good candidate, so I signed up for the virtually self-guided treatment. It’s expensive, nearly $6,000 and it takes a whole bunch of discipline to switch out the trays every two weeks, but after 14 months in Invisalign my smile was gorgeous again. So if your smile is less than straight and gap-free, consider orthodontic treatment. There are a multitude of options: retainers, conventional braces, invisalign – all of which will give you a perfect smile.

3. Whiten and Brighten. Dr. Jablow recommends using an electric toothbrush to help remove up to 84% of coffee and cola related stains over a four week period.

I have tried several tooth whitening toothpastes and can tell you that the best product for the money is SuperSmile – expensive yes, but effective and great for those of us with sensitive teeth. If you need white teeth fast, then consider a professional bleaching treatment. Dr. Jablow suggest professional bleaching (specially if you have sensitive teeth) but if you prefer to use an over-the-counter at-home teeth bleaching system, Dr. Jabalow recommends that you avoid “the one size fits all trays because the peroxide is contacting the gums which cause irritation. They all have their drawbacks but [Crest] Whitestrips seem to work the best“. I also like the Crest Whitestrips over the one-size fits all bleaching trays, but the whitestrips can be messy and do move about. Recently, I had the opportunity to test a new at-home dental bleaching system (debuted in April) with ZERO sensitivity from Luster 1-hour White; and I love it! The Luster 1-hour White system uses a blue-light technology (like at the dentist’s office) to get teeth white; no trays, no mess, and like they promise zero sensitivity.

4.Dr. Jablow recommends, preventing future teeth stains by staying “away from cigarette smoke, cherry and blueberry pie, sugary foods and soy sauce, as well as drinks like red wine, coffee, tea, dark-colored juices, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, energy and fitness waters.

5. Get regular dental check-ups to keep your beautiful smile dazzling, youthful and healthy!

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9 Responses to “5 Tips for A Dazzling Smile – How to Look 10 Years Younger Series”

  1. 1

    Angela Says:

    Good article I think I’m going to pick up an electric toothbrush now

  2. 2

    Team Building Exercises Says:

    Those are great tips. I will have to use these and make sure that my smile is always bright white.

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    Pages tagged “blueberry tea” Says:

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  4. 4

    Eric Says:

    Great post, I think it is about time I start using an electric toothbrush too

  5. 5

    Michael Says:

    and if that wont work, photoshop can also help hehe! :D

  6. 6

    Aromatherapy Essential Oils Says:

    no cherry pie?! i dont think i can live w/o that… i guess my teeth will just have to bite the bullet :/

  7. 7

    Cosmetic Dentistry Beverly Hills Says:

    Some excellent advice, but I’d like to remind people to watch what they eat. Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, etc. etc. can have a significant impact on the shade of your smile. Try to avoid indulging in these as well as other acidic foods and drinks. When brushing, you want to remember to take it easy and not brush hard. You may end up removing some enamel from your teeth, effectively making them darker in shade.

  8. 8

    annakat Says:

    Tomorrow afternoon I’m getting me an electric toothbrush. I’ve heard of people using peroxide to rinse their tooth brush with and go over their teeth with to keep them white. Wonder if that will hurt the enamel of the teeth. I’ve noticed that both of my daughters have real white teeth naturally and my sons teeth are not. The eat approximately the same thing and brush the same. Could it be genetic or something?

  9. 9

    Spy Gear Says:

    I started my Invisalign treatment about 4 months ago at the age of 26. Best thing I ever did. I suddenly became aware of numerous gaps in my teeth and thought I should have it fixed. An orthodontist gave me an estimate for braces: 3 years, looots of appointments, metal mouth look, $6,500. So I got a second opinion — invisalign: 7 months, 4 appointments all together, the look of instant results (read further), $5,500. The choice was easy!! First thing I noticed, due to the refractive properties of the invisalign plastic, my teeth got magnified and the gaps disappeared immediately. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for all the tips :)